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Supply of Induced-Fresh-Air and Your Common sense is the Best Mode of Survival in any Fire Incidence

It is the most important process to undertake which is to stay mobile, sharp and agile during those life and death moment while finding your shortest way out of the place where an incidence of fire is in its sweltering heat, dusty and darkest atmosphere nobody wished to get into.

The fire that engulfed the London high-rise apartment, Grenfell Tower and the fire instigated by a lone deranged man in Resorts World Manila brought out more questions that answers. A lot of experts have inner thoughts with the characteristics of wide spread fire that had beaten the precautionary installations expected to function any-moment-in-time a fire or extreme heat  is detected. NFPA has a lot of written standards and so does the local fire code of the Philippines. Did the owner respected or abides by the rule book,? of course they did as they wont be able to operate with the final inspection of these agency as part of the safety and security of life and property. Then…  where does the milliseconds of  error could’ve possibly started fail and cost the lost of lives and properties in less than an hour?

It’s high time that we carefully specify or select materials that’ll will bring the same visual and comfort effect but of high level resistance to flame, gas-induced-fire, sparks or blast. That’s one. Constant air-exchange controls are next. Were these buildings expected in one way or another to perform or engaged the suppression’s or multi-fire-defense methods as per installations that was approved by the local authorities? High ceiling spaces are a great recipe for easier spreading of fire, why? it is due to the fact that the placement of that basic sprinkler heads are far above the potential source of fire just in case. But what about the smoke that really kills more than that of the fire or burns due to suffocation’s? A negative air pressure system is one of the best option available to limit number of injuries and fatalities during chaos. Thick black smoke will easily block the luminescence of any exit sign placed overhead, in fact this should take a new level of thinking for those manufacturing such signage, an idea no other . A performance based design that should emit odor, high beam luminance once a smoke-screen is detected for an easier visual guidance inside the big complex buildings.

Let us always remember that fresh air inhalation is the primal component to survive once trap in a fire just like those that engulfed the two edifices located world apart. Perhaps making sure you knew the way out is best started through familiarization of the exit passageways down-ward and going upstairs till you reach the deck.

Never underestimate any incident, for it brings the same agony once you get injured or worst dead for good due to negligence and your inability to plan your way out in the nick of time. Paquito 





The world is envelope in a society where we are supposed to enjoy the benefits of advance technologies, food, places and people. But just like in any movies, twisted minds and bigotry… the ideal everyday living has somehow going back to ages where nomadic thinking and acts of barbarianism with the recent incidence happening in our country and around the world.

Whenever we heard of such type of incidents, we tend to react and we always do the same all time long. Today’s lifestyle driven by and bridge by the power of technology have made it easier for those people of ill-refute to plan and execute their evil deeds. So how do we see ourselves living the scenic views of the city while carefully on the look out for possible undue or unrest which could ruin the day and lives of unwilling victims.

Practically speaking , being ALERT at all times is the first line of defense we all have right now. Our common sense and bright approach to a certain chaos will determine our chance of survival. Do you get nervous whenever and wherever you witness public accidents or incidents? Or do you have the  guts to extend help and lead to safety those number of people like the old’s, women and children to a better secured temporary places once challenge? Your mental and emotional quotients will play vital role in those split seconds critical chaos, that you got to think faster than your common responses. Your safety and security is still at your own hands and at your own will. I hope these several suggestions will help us all in deterring these extreme incidence that has been becoming a part of our daily lives. If you got additions to this, thats better be heard and reach those people who are now living the stark effect of lawlessness.

  • Being alert means you has to have these 3 things in your bag or pockets. WHISTLE, FLASHLIGHT and  BOTTLE of WATER.  We need not to elaborate as it is pretty obvious why and how are we gonna use these in times of trouble.
  • Wear COMFY and AGILE clothes as its hard for you to stay or run away from incidents of huge damage, run and walk calmly with your senses “on” not when you’re experiencing mental blackout. REGAIN first your senses before you react properly and you  can do this when you’re wearing a comfortable get-up.
  • NEVER USE EAR-PODS when in public especially in a crowded places, you’ll never know what have just happened and you’ll be the last to react once there is after seeing people scampering in all directions.
  • Observe People around you, PATTERN THEM as them say in the military parlance. People with ill-motives tend to act DIFFERENTLY THAN NORMAL and you are sure bound to notice them through your instincts.
  • NEVER or REFRAIN to MENTION the “BOMB” “TERRORIST” words, these will create panic and commotion or worst stampede in a crowded places. And if you’re the one who hear these words, look around the see for yourself who is yelling and run away from there and go directly to the NEAREST POLICE STATION or Security manning the area. It pay’s to be quiet and be vigilant as well.
  • Planning your day ahead is another great way to ensure your safety and security, looking up through google maps where to park the nearest coming from your destination and determining the duration of brisk walking if needed are now a great tool to shorten your outside trip.
  • Al fresco dining experience is very common among us, great food and seeing people walking around create a different mood but nowadays it with the recent series of incidents involving vehicles ramming pedestrians relentlessly and most probably establishments glassed walls to inflict damage. Try to reconsider eating alongside the busy road unless it is a well guarded facilities.


    Staying safe is everybody’s concern, my  concern, your concern…. all of us who wanted to live a happy normal daily lives. And being vigilant and practically ready to react the proper way will somehow I hope gonna thwart the evil minds of those recidivist of crime.


Nobody wanted for sure to end his life in a tragic way, by all means we must protect it from rouge and terrorism . Stay safe everyone. – Paquito


Paquito Answer for the Day 33

Are you ready for the Big One ? – Anonymous

Manila, Philippines – May 30, 2017

The numerous earthquakes here and around the globe have been so prominent that the feared Pacific Rim of fire have a record high significant magnitude and devastating effect within and surrounding the said rim of fire. Recently another not so strong earthquake were felt in the evening that it has created an undue commotion especially to those living in the high rise building where the intensity was at least 15% to 25% stronger given the building design and expected reaction it may have during the ground shake. The local and international agency have made known to the public their prediction of something most of the people should be well prepared for, which is “the Big One”. Damages of colossal scale and hundreds and thousands or millions of casualties are something people are fearing about.

Why, How and What…  to do things are the common questions they all think about. It is the survival they’re all have in mind. A lot of tips are shown in local televisions, social media are flooded with useful and irrelevant post pertaining to it. And one thing for sure is bound to happen, the dreaded Big One, are you ready for it?  Your comments please…

It is the smallest preparation that will make you ready for that big one. – Paquito

Post-Earthquake Alert! Check your Place

Earthquake again struck the country and everyone’s going gaga over it.  Whether you’ve felt it or not, the next series of actions you need to do is to check your place. Starting with your house from inside going out, if you find something “new” to the normal thing that you used to, take a photo, measure and ask for an expert opinion and advise to determine if it’s life threatening or not. Here are some you can do to ensure everything’s working just fine…

  1. Look for cracks on the floors, walls and ceilings if your house is a multi storey. And if its more than a normal width of a hairline  cracks seek the expert opinion.
  2. Check the service entrance of your electrical supply above that post if still as tight as before, wobbling cables could pulled those connections during strong shakes. Ask for the tape re-insulation to rule-out loose connection.
  3. Did you hear a burst of water somewhere? Check the water meter, running fast? Busted pipe somewhere or faucet came loose as whenever there’s an earthquake water pressure reacts and cause the pipes to struggle with a load more than it can hold.
  4. If you’re house is like an aquarium, call the service providers to put corrections to portions that mis-aligned and re-apply sealant if needed. Of course broken glass panes need an outright replacement.
  5. Bring down those heavy mementos placed above head until after no aftershocks are recorded, this way… injuries will be prevented and losing that memorable souvenirs is abated.
  6. Look carefully around, is the house still standing plumbed relative to the floor? Use a level-bar to ensure vertical alignment if its not, call an expert to get insights and make a thorough actual inspection how to do the necessary repair.

As man is no match with natural disasters, what we can do is to lessen if not eliminate the unnecessary things that can continue to contribute to potential injurious damage once a ground shake occurs. Take care Everyone !

Your common sense is your best tool in every disastrous event. – Paquito