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Nursing Care from the Heart of the Champ Final Series

We just read the two parts of the three series shared article from one of our avid reader who’s currently based in the middle east and living the dream he once said as an inspiration that now turned into a reality. Away from the tempting world but within the arms of his loved ones. He comes from a clan of medical professionals who, like him have had memorable stay in other parts of the world. Our contributing writer is also a sports buff specializing in basketball… He plays solid defense at 1 or 2 position and skilfully attack the basket at 1 or 2 also, happily married and looking forward to put up a small clinical laboratory in his native country one day.

Third part of the three series, final

It was, Mid day, our head nurse took time to sit with us and discussed or rather counsel us with what has just transpired, we shared one by one our thoughts, emotions and we listened to what each one of us had to say. We were remarkably attached to the patient in different ways, there was good rapport built with the family, and for us nurses it’s likely to witness such an event  of losing a loved one , but this one…. was very special, I saw our unit moved and performed as one, helping each other, even with the minuet details as to the whole workload schedules that gone throughout the duration that saw some gone covering for the rest of the unit while the others were busy with the child, some ran around to get things like a simple stretcher for transport, everyone has had a fair share of contribution. We had all the same question in mind during and after the incident, is there something I could’ve done better for him at that certain moment, yes! there is and I saw that within my  pair eyes, TOTAL and UNWAVERING SUPPORT! as we were all physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially supportive to the patient and the family all throughout the process, from the time the patient was diagnosed, to carrying out the proper treatment regimen for the child, from admission till palliative care, We provided not just total patient care but genuine care, we gave not just medications but compassion, comfort, empathy and love …. these all are just some few humble traits that nurses gave without avarice, that it instill great pride and honor as we are all aware of the limitations our formal educations provided to us.  We have grown the mutual respect that seemed hard to achieve at first glance in culture rich environment. It was indeed the universal language of love and dedication as a nurse that caught all of us during the eleventh hour and no other words could describe my feelings after this experience but simply say….. ….. I am proud to say that I am a part of that unit.  Quinro “Pampi” V. Sioson, RN

There’ll be a lot of ways to nurse the sick but there’ll be no other better way from a heart of a true Champ. – Paquito


Endurance in Willingness is the Key

Good morning my dear readers and fellow bloggers, it’s summertime once again here in the Philippines and everyone’s mind is preoccupied with white sands, blue salty waters and great sunrise and sunset. But for some who have no luxury of lengthy time to get away from work are satisfied with summer games. Yes you hear it right, summer games are the best time to hit open tennis courts, football field, oval tracks and caged courts. Sports buff from all ages are a pretty sight to see especially those past their prime of 60’s hitting the fields in their comfy bikes and joggers suit.

Though its not enough for others to do it with their motto of “the mind is willing but the body is not”  isn’t it our willingness that truly matters when it comes onto an activity requiring physicality and constant endurance? Chinese sexagenarians are a staple in every open halls doing their old rituals and forms of meditations, yoga and martial arts movement which is to stay fit not only mental but emotional and physical as well.

And for everybody to enjoy the summer, they must put in the same amount of enthusiasm in willingness to do things within their limited and acceptable level of satisfaction and prolong their participation and keep improving the mental and physical toughness we all wanted.

The itch to do it remains intact till the last sweat of willingness drops. – Paquito

Photo credits to owners as published. 

No More No Less

We always hear it, from people who are satisfied and couldn’t ask anything for more as for them they got the limit they’ve been expecting before. My curiosity drives me a bit higher thinking how those billionaires define the no more no less thing in their lives? The same questions when it comes to people like us who are just mere witness of their success. But if we are to take a closer look, there were those who’ve been born on the silver spoon in fact golden i must say. And there are those who’ve start from down under the rag and worked their way up to the echelons of the top 1000 world billionaires of 2017.

Since billionaires think simple, straightforward and strong, let me start the day with this simple statement…. No amount of effort is more than the possibilities could ever give if we seek less than the millisecond of time to think how we should try and keep on trying until we succeed.

For as long as you believe, give it a try until you find it. – Paquito

How a Sacrifice won a Championship

The Philippine Basketball Association’s Philippine Cup was won by the powerhouse San Miguel Beermen with 4-1 of the best of seven series. What was significant for this series are three things. The perpetual trophy, the runner up’s huge following with their never say die spirit and the back to back finals MVP, SMB point guard Chris Ross.

After receiving his MVP award from Cignal HD representatives, he was asked for some words for the PBA fans especially those rooting for San Miguel Beermen. He goes on to say that it was through great sacrifices of each fifteen members of the team that made it possible…to achieved two things… one in winning the championship trophy and next is why he won the MVP in a back to back fashion. And that everybody made the needed adjustment for him to be in a position to contribute more in scoring, share the ball more often and run the floor in a seamless offensive manner that made the team’s dynamism as a force to reckon with  and maximize their unique potentials both inside the paint and beyond the arc positions in beating the crowd favorite Ginebra San Miguel.

A team built around sacrifices has a greater chance of winning a championship.  – Paquito

Three Things I’ve Learned after Watching the Super Bowl LI

It was the greatest record deficit comeback ever made by any team in the Super Bowl history, down by 25… The New England Patriots led by Quarter Back Tom Brady forced the very first historic overtime and went on to win the 51st edition of the great American game 34-28 blanking the Atlanta Falcons to 31-0 rally. Allow me to share my observations and learnings after watching the game through a live satellite feed.

First is the –  Mental and Physical Toughness basically are traits a team player has, aside from a sound and wide peripheral view of the super-dome yard after yard. Focus is on the Ball not on the opponent makes this super physical game provide the beauty of the game where stronger more agile body and feet combination somehow guarantees a touchdown.

Second is an – Extraordinary trust to each member of the team, players are rarely seen whining or poking at each inability to match the forces being push as a resistance to get the upper-hand  of the game. I must admit that this is my first time  to witness the famous american sport. And the best thrust simply played the difference, the right force, direction and angle including its momentum to the catcher’s eye and hand and feet speed velocity to response effectively. Credit to the QB and and his team mates.

Last but not the least is the – Entertainment, Lady Gaga was simply Fanta-bolous!

Sports is like a religion, it has many believers and followers but the lesson is hidden at how they’ve played the game – Paquito

Continue to Learn from Your Mistakes

The lessons and experiences of the 83 unlucky  contestants in the recent Miss Universe 2016 beauty pageant will surely lead them to a greater opportunity in their home country. Apart from meeting new friends in every pretty soul the contest had, even the fans, spectators and followers of each contestants cannot hide the joy and satisfaction with the way their bets performed during the week-long pageantry. Many predictions were nowhere near the exciting part and pressures of what a true confidence of a woman should have in times of diverse adversities. Miss Andrea Tovar who’ve represented Colombia showed what she got amid the pressure to bring back the glory to her country which was once held by her countrymen before the controversial announcement of winner where the whole world learned the greatest lesson of truth and moving on convincingly. Miss Colombia finished Second Runner Up overall , a great feat looking back the remaining 83 candidates.

There are more mistakes than the right things around, learn how to learn from it. – Paquito

photo credit to rappler and miss universe press site.

Trekking the Right Path with God

Hello and Welcome to 2017 my dear readers and fellow bloggers…. Have you ever wonder why we keep on asking, what is the key element of a modest success a person has? I’ve got to use the description, modest… as we are not gonna discuss the likes of the top five billionaires of the world but those who find success at their own will, simple, doable and bring results on their table and dear life.

One of the best way to re-establishes our path is to remember to keep those people you’ve met in your first 20-30 years as the’ye gonna play some simple thing in your life on the way to success of your chosen direction, respect them and tell them how good they’ are in their crafts, hobbies and what makes them happy to stay motivated… chances are, they could be your greatest motivator or influences in the coming years. You’ll never know until you get there. Always bring or give your best call card, your smile as that is the best key to open up a tightly closed mind of your neighbor or co-worker. Everywhere you go, don’t hesitate to show that card,

This is how people see the kindness and inspiration from a man who have been getting strengths and motivation from his family and his master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Having started the realistic challenges of life at a young age… the man who’ve found life beyond scissors, wide table and sewing machines applied his utmost courage and beliefs in surviving the ruthless competition in the field of garment business in a little over 30 years of existence in providing quality and comfortable sports wear locally and for his international clients.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path… Psalm 119:105 

I keep on drawing guidance from Him ,  and of course with the unmatched help and devotion from my loving wife Marissa and our children. said Andrew

Man will always satisfy the four basic source of strengths to live a normal life…, family, spirituality, work and play. Most of the corporate life evolves within the Work-Life-Balance attitude, that there should be a demarcation line between the two in order to eliminate exhaustion in both aspect. Andrew has his hands full when it comes to indoor and outdoor activities. An active member of bike enthusiasts, he find relax yet recharge every time he rides his bike together with friends and church mate in trekking the slopes of the San Mateo mountain regions…. see the outskirts of the metropolis trusting safety in the Lord.

The bonding and the brotherhood simply provides a wonderful source of inspirations like what we have in a God centered activities at  JCSGO church, added Andrew.  Life never stop challenging us, everyone of us and in these challenges we make  commitment to be accountable for all our actions. And in trekking the right path with God everybody is assured of arriving in on our chosen life direction.

Brother Andrew Figuracion is married for 22 years to Marissa and a father of three boys… Arnel-26, Raymond-24 and Jhun-20; a businessman being the owner of Marvelous, a sports wear service provider, sportsman and a humble servant of God.

Find your pace and your place in a path God have created just for you. – Paquito

Paquito Montero Milestone Alert! 201st Article for the Year 2016

Whew! I can’t believe it, were now about to share the 201st story of the about to close year of 2016. A lot of unforgettable experiences are worth reminiscing. The blog world open up my eyes to appreciate things around me even if it was not the line of my interest. I really now understand how it works, on how to not to turn down things in front me and explore the unexpected God given talent upon me. Glory to God!

The next hundred stories and articles will cover so many great ideas and personalities of different interest. I hope excitement and forward looking feeling is all we got here as I am inviting you my dear readers to let your ideas, principles and experiences be read or heard throughout the four corners of the world as we are widely read globally.

To all of you who are very supportive and holistically following my blog site my heartfelt thanks and warmest greetings. Merry Christmas !

Figures are countless, thoughts create processes. – Paquito

Blurred Lines and Fine Photographs , The Wedding Art Photographer – Iyo Gaudite

Hello fellas ! Due to insistent public demand, i’m releasing for the second time. For your great photo needs and professional magazine like results, pick your date for this coming 2017 and start your journey with the right photos….

“Photography is my alter ego where emotions are best expressed. When everything’s seems too dim & dull to the most wonderful feeling of happiness and being in love. Two drastic emotions trigger to inspire me with my works on how I’ve embrace photography and let it be publicly appreciated by all ages. Of love & hate to beauty & the beast is where art do exist, pouring my passionate soul to click for the best ” IYO Gauditewhen asked what makes him bring out the best in him.

There are two lines of success ahead of us, the one which we’ve been dreaming and aspiring of and the other we transverse as the situation permitted it. A young man from the city of smiles have found both are true with his current career path that brought him to be the best and one of the most demanded photographer from the south. Multiple bookings filled up his calendar till the end of the year, some were penciled for the months of January till May 2017. Dubbed as the Wedding Art Photographer, born on November 20, 1987 he finished his college at University of St. La Salle-Bacolod and started to work part time as lineman in one of his friends film outfit, climbed the ladder of success through odd jobs where photography were most involved. It was when he was employed as a lay-out artist that he found his calling to seriously consider a career in photography.

Iyo who’s father passed away when he was one, growing up stronger than normal simple life, he always get his inspiration from his loving mom Rebecca and sister Lidiya now based in Australia who are very supportive and take their time to give constructive critique look to his works thereby making it a truly marvel work of art. “It was during my college years that i started shooting with the use of digital camera having my batch mates as subject” and skillfully tried his best shot after shot, click after click and frame after frames.

With the advent of digital and multiple technological advancement being created for a remarkable results of photographs, it is still the innate techniques and skill that makes a blurred lines a portrait of success as  one of the cornerstone  he believe in is , “two people who are in love need not to fake poses or good angles as their Love for each other are the best momentous  highlight of their whole story.”

Still, Perfect practice makes your craft perfect as he is in a beast mode to reach the pinnacle of his passion to create the most vivid and wonderful photos of all his subjects and continue to be known as the small town boy of Kabankalan City who is now making big waves in the country’s world of photography. “How would you like to have your memories taken Mam,” he always ask to his client and a row of a ingeniously clicked photos were shown to his client putting a smile as a sign of approval without any words to say as Iyo were able to capture the moment crisps and smooth and as long as the people are showing love and keeps on falling in love Iyo’s photography will continue to be seen in any place where and when you are not expecting it.

For a memorable photographs you can reach him through his Facebook & Instagram account iyophotography ; @imetmylovebeforeiwasborn ; send an email thru and directly speak to him at +63918 535 9984 . You can make your wedding occasion a true work of art by collaborating with one of the best and youngest shooter who knows the story you wanna share to your dear partner and relatives with every click, pan and zoom of the man of the hour who is truly yours who goes by the name Iyo.

Light to dark hues of black , photographs is nothing without storied art of anything. – Paquito 



Wonderful at 73

Happy Birthday Inang !

It was her beautiful penmanship written like a well stroked calligraphy in a small piece of paper that inspired me to write and decide to up this blog site for the consumption of readers around the globe. And that woman is none other than my mother who have just celebrated her 73’rd birthday yesterday December 05, Manila time. Thank you for the love and understanding that you’ve shared to us and Tatang. We are all proud to have you as our mother that if we are to be born for the second time, You are still our choice to be our Mother. God Bless you and our family.


We learned how to be who we are with our parents and there’ll be no us without our mother. – Paquito