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Sports and Hobbies – My 18 TDL

The Pacific Ring of Fire is reminding us that it is there to form part of the future shape of earth to come at the expense of natural phenomena such as volcanic eruption, earthquake of great magnitude that triggered a tsunami and even vast landslides claiming lives and properties. As a man, we can never be superior when it come to such nature’s willful way of maybe readying the planet to a kind of weather patterns that it is destined to. Are we off to a new beginning or we are doomed for good? But before we go to that wild imagination lest us go back and regain our senses as we gotta continue life no matter what. So here we go! Sharing to you another part of my to do list which am sure you’ll loved to do also…


The blood of a true champion flows right into your veins, runs with the family and will always be a part of your DNA, but you don’t wanna call it quits or go away for good. Why not get yourself or your sight to a new hobby or sports discipline that you’d never tried before? Meeting new people of great status of that particular hobby like photography opened up a new avenue of excitement or something to look forward to. Don’t dwell yourself to a sports or hobby that you’ve been doing for decades. Let that sportsman’s heart shout and go after a new one or set of discipline that will measure your skills and wits to its peak… again or for the nth time.

Participate again to compete and enjoy, that’s the real importance of doing this list. To get better and strive for greatness all throughout the process.

A whistle without a band is like a person without a life. – Paquito


Transition Period and It’s Importance

What a great college days it was, the summary of career paths are now prepared and its time to move forward to the professional world. On the job training, apprenticeship, mandatory applied training’s or whatever you may want to call it as long as it is the required acts to transitioned from being an entry level or beginner to an amateur status of the corporate world.

In this article we are going to set our focus in the field or getting professionally recognized as a full time Registered Architect, where the passing of a government official examination or city state exams is a part of the requirement to earned that prefix title before your name. Programs are dependent on each country or state but in the Philippines, a 24 months full time apprenticeship works is mandatory before an aspiring candidate can have his hand full with the 3-days board examination. Special studies both in the office and field site works are the two major requirements an apprentice must fulfilled.

Architecture firms with local and abroad commitments are the number one beneficiaries  of these graduates numbering to several hundreds if not thousands given the hard challenges to pass thru a series of battery test that includes thesis dissertation. Contractors and property developers are the second option where to earn and further nurture the actual studies needed to fortify the knowledge. Works covering CAD/CAE and or micro-station production drawings are just the threshold, materials and methodologies follows then quantity survey and project controls including overall project construction management. These are the technical side… and you’re bound to unconsciously learn the tricks and heirloom of the professional practice should you get the nod of your immediate superior to be given a task outside the program.

Though am sure that you got a pre-planned direction in your mind once you passed the board exam, i suggest you pick up the hardest and most challenging lesson you’ll encounter with during your stay with the firm or office as the work in the industry are somewhat a cycle of events that repeatedly transpire even if you dont like it. Have your notes handy to armed yourself with the basics and learn its complexities on a daily basis.

You’re bound to learn the inconvenient truth of going into a pro circle as you’ll come across the hardship of marketing the services that includes extended working hours to beat a deadline or presentation. Notice the way it is being done such as those back up plans and  strategies where the only goal is to left the door of war room victorious by means of a new contract of engagement. These are just a tip of the iceberg as no firms or offices are the same as all have their own mission and vision. The most important an apprentice like you to do is to find yourself within the organization, share your skill talent that you firmly believe are your strengths and further hone your weaknesses by continuously asking valid and varied questions in humility. That is the most important transitional way to pass thru the narrow gap of being an apprentice to a professional.

Learning the curve is the most difficult but  surviving it is the most rewarding. – Paquito

How to Sing like a Pro even without any Formal Training, 10 Practical Proven Tips

We’ve been watching reality TV search for singing idols from around the globe and it suddenly brings out the hidden talent in us, singing… All ages has this talent and you cannot discount that in every corner you go there is an outstanding talented individual, ready to belt out his favorite piece once asked. While some are only good in listening, most of us prefers to give it try in order not to be left out of the fads. I believe nobody don’t know how to, as am pretty sure all of us knew the national anthem with all our heart…. agree? Here are several tips on how to sing like a pro even if you haven’t set foot upon a studio or attended any formal training in vocalization.

  1. Listen Carefully – to all the songs you really wanted to cover. We call it “cifra”, which is to listen through a pair of headset before trying its first stanza. Carefully look out for highlight of the song such as diction, intonation and the proper timing. They say that a good singer always listen whenever they got time. Buy a pair of good quality headset for your best listening experience.
  2. Watch Video Tutorials – a lot of video links are browse-able in the internet. A lot of enthusiast are sharing their own version of each song they seem to perfectly imitate even if they’re from a country where mandarin is the mother tongue. Watch it carefully and pick up the salient point of the song.
  3. Perfect Practice Makes your Work Perfect – this requires patience and desire of the act which is singing… You can try that Japanese invention “karaoke” where many are honing their skills using this medium. Dont hesitate to try songs that you’ve been listening thru your iPod or Walkman during your younger years.  Try to “play first with the lyrics -on-” before serving your version afterwards.
  4. Record your Song and Play it Back – There’s no better way to know how good you are but to listen to your own piece. Be honest with your feelings and find the best adjustment needed to at least have it “near the proper version” or some call it “placado”… And you’ll hear it for yourself if you need to change songs later on.
  5. Know Your Voice Range – Do you possess a baritone,  falsetto, high pitch voice? The very main reason for this one is to acclimatize your voice range with the songs you are belting out. Elvis Presley’s voice was so different that he made great albums even during when the accompaniment sophistication were so basic that his voice truly brought justice to those songs he did. Until now some are buying his albums.!
  6. Exercise your Jaw – If you are able to watch most of Manny Pacquiao’s fight , you’ll notice he has done numerous jaw-turning exercises as part of his pre-actual-fight rituals… and he is not only a boxer but a good singer as well. Then do your own do-re-mi vocalization rituals before singing.
  7. Breathing is the Key – balladeers are so good with this that they carried out songs of difficult phase without a haste. Diva’s are the best using diaphragm power singing… give it a try while submerge in a pool, you’ll notice the biggest improvement once you deliver your piece.
  8. Proper Word Pronunciation  – like a customer sales representative, you got to speak the proper word, as simple as differentiating B from V…. F from P and so on. That way you’re simple delivery becomes a good sound to hear about.
  9. Fake your Voice – as the lead guitarist always telling me before, every time we have a session… “fake it” either accent you fake adds up substance to the song.
  10. Create your List of Songs – beefed up your arsenal of favorites by listing down the songs you really wanted to perfect. Variety of songs from greatest to latest hits and of different genres surely make you sound like a pro.

You still got a whole month to practice and make sure you wont decline an invitation to share your talent to your your co-workers and office mates this coming Christmas parties and family reunions. How about you? any suggestions to sing like a pro that can help others….. excuse me, it’s my turn to sing the “Hawaiian wedding song” – Elvis Presley’s version.

You are a great listener thus making you a greater singer. It’s the song not the singer. – Paquito 

The Power of being Straightforward

People always locked in disputes, conflicts, miscommunication and whatever you wanna call it. We tend to understand things way different from what is being told to us, why? how on earth we absorb things in a manner it is far the true thoughts or message it should be? Was it due to the fact that grammar have continue to evolve that it becomes hard for us to comprehend and understand outright the message being impart, or maybe because we don’t pay too much attention as according to some case study “people now have a very short attention span of only eight seconds,” i repeat a little under 8 seconds and we seek to focus to other things out visually and thoughtfully.

Enough of hyperbolic statement or shall we say let’s get back to the basic of communication which is the power of being straightforward. Easier to be understood, easy to get the message across and get the proper answer were expecting it should be. Social media are now flooded of messages that always get around the bush style that the one seeking information are ushered into other ideology and content before he could get the true essence of the story. Communication dates back the dark period using tablets and scribbles across the surfaces of cave walls, the use of scrolls and birds in sending the message to the other part of civilizations are shall we say, straightforward as it’ll be a heavy load to carry above enroute its flight of destination if it’s written in volumes.  Telegraph during the early 1900’s were sent in a concise and easy to understand manner to ensure the sense of urgency are well respected. SMS, emails and minutes of the meetings are the most dominant type of communication recordings of statement across an organization and the globe that we don’t wanted to be misunderstood or misquoted by the other party.

Then with the power of being straightforward is the available and viable option to avoid miscommunication, conflicts and disputes. We are all entitled to it and we must express ourselves freely in a more straightforward expression.  Are you always being misquoted or worst misunderstood, From now on you won’t as you are indeed allowed to always be a straightforward person.

Let us get straight to the point and get what we wanted pointblank. Paquito