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Let’s Soar Higher

That was a great ride with hump and bumps, am sure you’re all heading to a level up sort of stance come after the last remaining hours of the current year. While we are in deep prep come the first hour of the new year, let us not forget the reasons behind the failures and unsuccessful attempts we made to certainties. Let’s soar higher is all we can do to have a better year ahead of us.

I’d like to thank you all dear readers who’ve patiently took time reading or dropping my blog site and I hope to see you again soon, and it would be better if we cant interact .. am inviting you to use the comment box and share your thoughts or two for a good.

Cheers to all of us , Cheers to 2018 ! Happy New Year !

Behind every difficulty, there’s a lot of opportunity. – Paquito


October 2017

Time really speed up whenever the calendar folded the first three quarters of the year and the next thing that we can think about is the best remaining months we got to do things in a faster and meaningful way we could.

The month of October is a great opportunity to plan the doable and achievable goals with  the more realistic ones propelling a new start for the coming year.

October is the start of one of the biggest sports event in the world, the NBA season official opening month. The annual celebration of Halloween festival is the most significant event of the month.

Lastly , your very own Paquito is an Scorpion born on October!

Legends are born on October just like when Henry Ford’s T-Model universal car went on sale for the first time in 1908. – Paquito

Three Two One

What a great morning it is today, Monday … American time as I’m giving you the three hundred and twenty-first article of all time…. though the original plan was to bring you at least 365 articles per year I must admit that am two months issues delay. And to made up for these am setting it as one of my motivational anchor in sharing never ending topics that will excite you and of course learn from your comments and suggestions along the way.

While the most significant happenings today with respect to a large global effect was the breakage of a 5,800 square kilometers in size and heavy at almost over a trillion tons coming off from Larsen C ice shelf. While just recently a tsunami warning was issued in Alaska and Russia after a strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia and with a recorded couple of magnitude 5.0 aftershocks.

Why do numbers never ends ? counting seems a tireless process and no one bothers to complain if they’re counting moneys, dineros and gold bullion’s and even barrels of oil.

Let this 321’st article be a part of the history where a hundred years from now will be read by the race most likely engulfed in the most advance way of searching articles or blogs and may be readable in different terrestrial comprehension and command.

Let me remind you as well and to you who is reading this after a century old civilization that “behind every difficulty i saw a lot of opportunity” – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 35

We often find ourselves relying with what theories says of a certain circumstances that somehow put the wide array of probable solutions at bay instead of making it work then look for the expected parametric results as dictated through matrix of as we’ve mentioned, theories. Most often than not, we did see it fail, one by one the matrix of exponential figures and past results will never evolved unto exact expectations but way below or above “standards” …. Astronomers utilized mathematical theories to determine the distances of each heavenly bodies circulating the vast black space called the universe. Not until man was able to detached himself from the massive pull of gravity, we were able to determine and disclosed openly that the earth is indeed spherical in shape and not flat as what those forefathers have known.

Man never leave his sight of those floating mass..  thinking to colonize and set foot the humankind and start a “new civilization” far from our very own beautiful earth. Away from the pressures of society, common laws and proceed with desire of creating everything from scratch to perfect the flaws and errors that costed millions of lives emanated from war, famine, climate change and weapons of mass destruction. The thirst to start new is always there… left undone.

Theory is to a man, reality is to divine. – Paquito


cheers& beersto our anniversaryyears!

Akala Mo Lang Yun !

There is no denying that our traits are tested when it comes to controlling ourselves… somehow as loose as the lanyard of a coward dog. We tend to close our sight towards the obvious reasons and contemplation’s that could be better if we take down our intense approach and think things up before we plunge into the shallowest reasons we could ever had.

mahirap magalit nang walang dahilan, mahirap umintindi ng di mo maintindihan,mahirap masaktan ng wala kang karapatan,...

Words once said is as its slowest if we try to get it back. – Paquito

Throwback Thursday Literature

A piece of crumpled paper caught my attention and is worth sharing for you to appreciate how a piece of article done in a hush and with the used of an aged old typewriter , though it was written in both local and English you can always sought to check the net to translate it and help figure out how a seasoned retiree thinks in the midst of fast pace internet age. The writer is a former Customs Broker Professional who enjoys sunset and a glass of whine after office hours, known as Mang Ver.

FullSizeRender (32)

Let us give our toast to the veterans who have made significant contributions to the literacy supremacy of our country in the Asian region. Your thoughts and comments are welcome as always.

It is not the medium nor where it was made but the thought that it brings makes the reader rejoice through learnings. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 26

Good morning America, tough to hear that some parts of the US are still buried in deep snow while on the other parts of the South America specifically Peru are still submerge in muddy floods,… as for those teams that were eliminated in the US NCAA March Madness and unable to join the sweet sixteen must have switched teams to cheer at … of course most of my countrymen were rooting for the Creighton Blue Jays because of Kobe Paras. While the FBI have labeled the wiretapping issue as claimed by the US President, it is still as they say… that, life must go on… As there should be no event so small or big that should put halt to one’s life… no matter what.

C’est La Vie so the french says… – Paquito

Thank you 2016 , Welcome 2017 

Time made us stronger and better, with the ups and down together with the laughter and tears. We can’t and will never can …. beat time. We’ve used it the most we could but it hasn’t stop to wait for us or walk with us. Its is always the biggest and brightest shadows of whatever our hands or life are into.

As we bid goodbye to another year, another unforgettable experiences we don’t know if it’ll come across again in our time. Only time knows when, but never a man will. Thank you all the 15,611 important people who came to drop and read, you’re all fantastic!

Welcome back my friend, I knew it from the start that it is still you, …. you’ve just finished the full lap of track in tracing your path back to where you’ve started 365 days ago and now you’re on the threshold of it again, willing to start all over again and give another chance to those who are not or willing to do it once more. Another time of trying and experience it may bring. This time as we’ve always uttered to ourselves … I’ll do it better than last year. Ready to rise and fall to every circumstance our humble life might bring and be kind enough to accept the fate. And explore the new and it’s beginning for in every aim we miss a lot but learn from mistakes it took for us.

May tomorrow bring us new hope, stronger faith to accomplish things we love and hate. Believe in ourselves that we can do it, no matter what the odds are… that we are all born to win and humbled about it. Happy New Year Everyone !

Play it simple and you’ll live a hundred lives. – Paquito 

Merry Christmas Everyone

It was one of the oldest and greatest story of birth everyone knew all over the world. The greatest gift mankind ever received thru divinity. The birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Isaiah 9:6
For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.


I wish you all my fellow bloggers and dear followers the happiest moment of the tradition in today’s modern age that despite the unending miracles and banal works… hunger , war and terrorism continue to sow fear and untimely death amongst our fellowmen. 

Let there be the realization of a true peace and unity in all other nation and its people. Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Holidays

We are all saved thru the grace of our Father. – Paquito