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cheers& beersto our anniversaryyears!


Akala Mo Lang Yun !

There is no denying that our traits are tested when it comes to controlling ourselves… somehow as loose as the lanyard of a coward dog. We tend to close our sight towards the obvious reasons and contemplation’s that could be better if we take down our intense approach and think things up before we plunge into the shallowest reasons we could ever had.

mahirap magalit nang walang dahilan, mahirap umintindi ng di mo maintindihan,mahirap masaktan ng wala kang karapatan,...

Words once said is as its slowest if we try to get it back. – Paquito

Throwback Thursday Literature

A piece of crumpled paper caught my attention and is worth sharing for you to appreciate how a piece of article done in a hush and with the used of an aged old typewriter , though it was written in both local and English you can always sought to check the net to translate it and help figure out how a seasoned retiree thinks in the midst of fast pace internet age. The writer is a former Customs Broker Professional who enjoys sunset and a glass of whine after office hours, known as Mang Ver.

FullSizeRender (32)

Let us give our toast to the veterans who have made significant contributions to the literacy supremacy of our country in the Asian region. Your thoughts and comments are welcome as always.

It is not the medium nor where it was made but the thought that it brings makes the reader rejoice through learnings. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 26

Good morning America, tough to hear that some parts of the US are still buried in deep snow while on the other parts of the South America specifically Peru are still submerge in muddy floods,… as for those teams that were eliminated in the US NCAA March Madness and unable to join the sweet sixteen must have switched teams to cheer at … of course most of my countrymen were rooting for the Creighton Blue Jays because of Kobe Paras. While the FBI have labeled the wiretapping issue as claimed by the US President, it is still as they say… that, life must go on… As there should be no event so small or big that should put halt to one’s life… no matter what.

C’est La Vie so the french says… – Paquito

Thank you 2016 , Welcome 2017 

Time made us stronger and better, with the ups and down together with the laughter and tears. We can’t and will never can …. beat time. We’ve used it the most we could but it hasn’t stop to wait for us or walk with us. Its is always the biggest and brightest shadows of whatever our hands or life are into.

As we bid goodbye to another year, another unforgettable experiences we don’t know if it’ll come across again in our time. Only time knows when, but never a man will. Thank you all the 15,611 important people who came to drop and read, you’re all fantastic!

Welcome back my friend, I knew it from the start that it is still you, …. you’ve just finished the full lap of track in tracing your path back to where you’ve started 365 days ago and now you’re on the threshold of it again, willing to start all over again and give another chance to those who are not or willing to do it once more. Another time of trying and experience it may bring. This time as we’ve always uttered to ourselves … I’ll do it better than last year. Ready to rise and fall to every circumstance our humble life might bring and be kind enough to accept the fate. And explore the new and it’s beginning for in every aim we miss a lot but learn from mistakes it took for us.

May tomorrow bring us new hope, stronger faith to accomplish things we love and hate. Believe in ourselves that we can do it, no matter what the odds are… that we are all born to win and humbled about it. Happy New Year Everyone !

Play it simple and you’ll live a hundred lives. – Paquito 

Merry Christmas Everyone

It was one of the oldest and greatest story of birth everyone knew all over the world. The greatest gift mankind ever received thru divinity. The birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Isaiah 9:6
For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.


I wish you all my fellow bloggers and dear followers the happiest moment of the tradition in today’s modern age that despite the unending miracles and banal works… hunger , war and terrorism continue to sow fear and untimely death amongst our fellowmen. 

Let there be the realization of a true peace and unity in all other nation and its people. Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Holidays

We are all saved thru the grace of our Father. – Paquito

No to Fake News

We’ve been receiving news of dumbfounded ideas that agitate the innate peaceful minds of the common people triggering an unfounded dissatisfaction and drive that alter peoples mindset prevalent in the social media. These are the works of corrupt individuals who have nothing to lose and wreck havoc by tainting the mainstream legitimate news-bit and announcement. They don’t seem to care of the constraints it make in the beauty of internet success.  Be mindful of your accounts and read only news that comes from a reliable and legit news portals and websites.

Don’t be an unwilling victim to this by subscribing to the idea being shared or keep yourself indulging in the works of unscrupulous pretenders and deter the ill effect it may bring by outsmarting them thru proper utilization of your social media, don’t click that share button without thinking twice or a couple times if it will do more good than harm not only to the social platform but to your personal  account as well. The devils are waiting in the dark ready to attack those who open up to their ideologies and bring you rock-bottom to their works in the form of multiple clicks  being ask from you until they’ve sub-scripted your account pointblank.

Indulge yourself to winnable articles than those nothing but hollow cored news. – Paquito  

How to Plan your 2017 within the remaining 27 days of the year

Here we are again in the same atmosphere of cramming and juggling our remaining time of the year 2016 to carefully establish long and short term plans for the next one. Some of us must be relying on “what comes to us is destined to come” while for others its like “keep it coming and will do face it once its there” attitude… enough of it, as there is no surefire way to face the reality than by being at least discerning the future within the last 27 days as of this writing.

So how do we go about it, what i can give you is only my own way of process to do it which has been effective to me and i hope to you as well.. Here is how’d did it last year.

Identify your 5 major pain and gain things ahead for the next 365 days and divide the remaining 27 days of the year doing it… of course you need to write it inn whatever piece of medium you’re comfortable with.

These are the 5 major pain and gain things i always got in mind.

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Bread and Butter Booster
  4. Connections, Connections and long list of connections
  5. Wealth

See how life was created simple for everyone by putting your cerebral strengths to think of these only five majors and live a better one this coming year. On your first five days of the remaining 27, list down everything about your health, remember that your scientific age defines wellness and we must put in the same amount of consideration to ensure were fit and fab once we start facing the rigors and rigidity of life from the very first day of the coming year. We must stay healthy because we love our family, we wanted to share all our success and lead them to a happier life situation as compared to the current experiences we have, including spirituality for a better understanding of our purpose of the others. Then we list down everything in regards to our careers, sources of income and the like. We list down the prosperity plan of our leadership to boost our worth in the coming year, nobody wanted to settle for less right.

No man is an island and it is a nomadic way of strategy to not to expand our horizons, our breadth and depths when it comes to “who you know” It should be a never ending list to gain contacts and acquaintances… you might be talking to the next millennial millionaire without knowing it so we must make use of the promising way of communications in all medium, portals and clubs. Being old school should not be taken for granted in lieu of these new playground of the millennial brats.

Lastly lets have our biggest last 5 days listing all about W.E.A.L.T.H ! … oh c’mon we dont plan for nothing, right? There is always the ratio and proportion factor to consider whenever we are discussing bout wealth. It comes in many forms, either number of  friends or acquaintance, organizations, charitable or social responsibility…. you name it. We should have a balance sort of this mans best friend that will make us feel fulfilled and successful once were doing another round of planning by the end of the 2017. Think like the way the wealthiest people on this planet.. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg  and Richard Branson to name a few. Read their stories and analyze their philosophy in life. A fellow Filipino success story such as Jhet Torcelino-van Ruyven and many others that you can find from the books as written in the Go-Negosyo series of Joey Concepcion. And of course you must be one the wealthiest when it comes to the Almighty’s word and inspiration…

It only summed up to 25 days and what we gonna do with the last two days of the year? We must celebrate the life we had of this year  of 2016.

Dont fail to plan, if you do… you’ve just planned, to fail. – Paquito

Why Do People Write..

We learn to write things of our imaginations during our younger years, when we used to scribble crooked lines in any surface we seemed to likened… the visible the better. Communication is the rich and vital reason people penned a letter, stories or memos… even in notes. With only one thing in mind, to send an information. But sometimes it is not an obligation to return the gesture or respond as needed or deemed meritorious, depends on the exact situation. A clear message requires a clear writing even if it is …. your thoughts here. 

We must remember that the true essence of writing is just the beginning with certainty of getting be heard and send the message across and find fulfillment in the end. And please, don’t write to gain appreciation but write because you appreciate writing…. Send me your notes and correspondences by hitting that green follow bar and start appreciating things together.

All exploration have started in writings. – Paquito 

How Do You Offer Your Tomorrow

Planners, calendars, smart phones and many other mediums are a great tool for planning our days ahead and even for weeks or the coming twelve months. Tick listings are highlighted to avoid the derailment ahead. Good idea… isn’t it ? but i wanna ask you this, how do you offer your tomorrow… and why ? I remember in one occasion someone said that “as long as there are a lot of why’s that needs an honest answer, you got  to continue and keep on striving to reach your dreams” and how ?

Going back, do you realized that most of us are talking about tomorrow even if we are aware if it will come or not. A sincere heart of ours are mostly pre-occupied with our future taking no time or giving praise and thanks to what a day it had for us instead. Picking up from where we left is the best  attitude we need to let us move freely with our planned tomorrow…. again, what “if tomorrow never comes”  loudly we heard it from a radio.

Surrender we must, ourselves to the faith we believe in and act swiftly with the righteousness and norms of life, work and leisure days we gonna live for another day. This should be the easiest part of our life as we’ve seen the pros and  cons of for tomorrow in the acts we had… today. I offer my best for tomorrow as i did knew that i have a better of me today than yesterday.

A hundred times we fall and a hundredth one time we must… get up. – Paquito