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Boiling Point

It is not an unlimited thing when it comes to variety of expectations, there is always the so called threshold of failure or success that every people must contend with or else reach the boiling point. Outburst is the only appropriate description once a boiling point is in the works. Whoever invented it must have a series of personal experiences good or bad. Is it the pre-set of expectation we have in mind that we can determine if were about to be on it? This means that in order for us to manage our expectations we must set a “controlled” conditions upon us that we wont regret in the end.

This world is full of limited resources that even the resources itself have been manifesting its truest state of existence that seldom a man notice or take seriously about. Politics, sports, current issues and even the internet world are the dire victims of this phenomena that a single outburst could result to a domino effect to its immediate circle down to the sub-acquainted ones reeking our society of chaotic minds, finding the real from surreal and tirelessly exists with it unceremoniously . They’ve reach  the boiling point.

We are all limited  , there is no such thing as unlimited. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 15

Why do people find it difficult to accept results ?… in a sports game, medical laboratory clinical and diagnostics, academic exam and especially an election results !…. the primitive notions and nomadic way of understanding always caught us whenever the results seem not aligned with our predetermined expectations.

Acceptance without any  resistance is the next highest act of a man, anybody could give to any predicament after respect. The chance to explore new things and the chance to build new aspirations as a nation through the framework of a new beginning somehow holds a future new hope… that instead of resistance why not throw the needed support of the ideals and prospects being laid and reach new heights of progression as one nation.

Acceptance eliminates resistance if given even a tiny chance. – Paquito

Political Polarization

Philippines where the political viewpoints are abundant and defined as one of the richest in South East Asia due to great population of lawyers and public service scholars whose main reason of existence are to continue the restored democracy and safeguard the freedom of expression of the nation. Currently in the western side of the globe, the US Presidential election has just started to count the total of votes for each states. It is running closer that many thought.

Why do we need to have such particular exercises in order to  have a leader? In these modern times… hatred still do exist, wherever you go there is its presence as prominent as the air exist in the atmosphere. I wonder if it is possible to eradicate hatred for good…

Does starting it from the highest ranks will do the trick ?… The ugly part of election was its campaign period wherein candidates focal point of argument is to highlight an opposing candidate… can’t it be done by limiting it to their own political platform, long and short term programs… besides as they’ve been always saying that they want to serve the nation, safeguard every  lives and properties.

For until when our world will witness the proforma of dirty politics anchored through political polarization ? …. How great it is to live in harmonious way side by side with the other race, beliefs and culture. If ever someone shows the lead and provide the sincere act of nobility, i bet poverty and hunger is a thing of the past.

We breath all the same air, wherever place you might be.  – Paquito

Waiting Game

Now that the US Presidential Election just closed its voting centers, people are now immersed in these very important waiting game… where the results will somehow give them a glimpse of the next four solid years. We are also awaiting the results as it is by all means important to all its allies and the world. Will it be Republican Party’s Donald Trump or the Democratic Party’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? As of this writing the Republicans are leading the Democrats by a slim margin going through the required 270 to win.

Anything can happen until last vote count. It’s a waiting game in the west and the rest  of the world, and it is only for a little while..

By popularity we choose but by minority they opposed, a check and balance game is more appropriate. – Paquito 

Paquito Quote for the Day 11

We are now on the threshold of the remaining sixty one days of the current year and have we asked ourselves, What good things have we shared to our fellows? … Great things that made a huge impact not only for us but to others as well. Less talk, less mistake act has been misquoted couple of times and led to misunderstanding and sour relation in the end.

It is in the normal course we are always misquote, people whom are fast to judge others words or acts than the speed of light are real reason behind and there is nothing we can do but to simply ignore it. Killing the issue right there and then is the best option available to stop being misquoted. Refrain to highlight the whining rather move forward with the belief that nothing transpired of such encounter.

Words are like a sharp sword, the edge could create wound if not properly handle. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 10

I will grant all your wishes and i hope you’re fine about it and your wish is my command . In most of the children movies a fairy or a genie always give only three wishes, why can’t they have it at least five or seven? have we ever asked ourselves why is it so? Here are a very simple lesson about it and i hope you’re fine reading all but one about it.

In my own humble opinion the three wishes a fairy or a genie were expecting from us shouldn’t be about materialistic things that sooner than later are most likely gonna end up nothing just like a water dripping from your faucet that will dried up and go down the drain of your sink once you are thru with it. The fairy or a genie doesn’t also expecting us to wish for things that we cannot hold on or known to control about as it was never been a part of our life ever since we were born instead they’ve a readily listening ears that they are prepared to grant with which are the wishes in relation to Faith, Hope and Love.

As the three wishes are all anchored in our mind, soul and heart. It is still in humanity they’re aware of that we can be better perhaps the best since it is within our control and proper judgement and contentment that matters in the end. I wish there will be the strongest faith within us to believe in whatever situation we have right now by hoping that we can expressed the true kindness and receive what we have been expecting from the start and loved the results that situation and all the things involve without avarice or a second thought in the end.

Wishes do becomes frustrations in the end once you start to want what you dont need. – Paquito 

It’s a Trap ! Falling into Unreliable Detail

I’d like to thank YOU for making our blog site as the one of the most viewed site the past week. Your unending support has a lot of positive turns to every soul who were able to read and share these simple yet high impact articles to other side of the world. Keep on sharing and learn the art of powerful dictum of “behind every difficulty we saw a lot of opportunity.” Our latest topic is about overconfidence and no confidence at all, enjoy reading my dear friends from the seven continents of the world. Let there be peace in Syria and to all the nation experiencing the negative effects of insurgency and war.

People has the nerve wracking attitude to procrastinate. Their reason is very simple but most of the time were unacceptable that even the first grader will not heed upon hearing it. Why, How and When do people unintentionally push the button of  delaying tactics? Does is because they fear to fail as they’re aware of the consequences in the end? or is it due to being well informed that chose to delay the indicative decision to put out the fire up front? It is an attitude that was ingrained in every one of us, do you agree? It is the overly laden confidence we got that we tend to play around the bush before getting right to  it.

Many have fallen into this shallow trap of deeper consequences. Wrong decision making when it comes to simple things, blunder to ponder things right from the start thus creating a vacuum effect into the overall sequence of expectations. Can we manage it ? Do you know how to ? Or you just let the situation watch over itself to self destruct without feeling the wrath it has been doing ever since to your reputation. But to some it is the best tool available to establish the mastery of things to come.

We see things totally different and has our very own interpretations and magnifications that connect us to the valuable circumstances and  derivations ending up in the shorter stick in the end. Have you forget that there is more when losing ?   it is indeed the learning process in between the grains that makes up a rock salt within us. We tend to dilly dally when we shouldn’t and we used to it like no other being as it is only us or only you who can provide the best derivations of deviations whenever, wherever you are facing the blunt fact of challenges to come. Always remember that the devil is always in the details.

Dont’ procrastinate nor play devilish with it as its only the tip of the horn you were able to discern and be gored helplessly in the end. – Paquito

The 2016 US Presidential Elections

The United States of America Presidential election will be held on November 8, 2016, exactly 96 calendar days from now and the the US will embrace the new leader in the person of either Democratic party  official candidate, US Sec. Hillary Clinton, the wife of former US President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump representing the Republican party, a well known billionaire. Both hailed from the busiest state of the country, New York City.

Like a rockstar, they’re both a big hit in every state they land in, huge number of supporters both young and old put their solid faith attending each campaign. And the atmosphere and vibe are now escalating to its greater heights with both official candidates and their VP’s using their remaining but all the arsenals to win the majority votes of every states. This presidential election campaign period has seen a lot of drama and number of candidates with only one in mind which is to lead the most powerful country on earth and maintain the leadership in its homeland and allied countries. As both of them claimed their qualifications to lead and manage the country affairs, their future in the next 100 days to be the 45th President are still in the hands of the people of America who are expecting the continuity of an american dream that were sustained by the incumbent US President Barack Obama and his cabinet.

Even in this very advanced and powerful economic country, challenges are abound in the form of homeland security, migration, jobs, gun control and allied affairs to name a few bolstering the need to sustain and  ensure that the people of America will be as safe and good place to live in. Foresight to solutions and positive effects to its current and future challenge are the most important substance they need to think of once they decide who to vote for on that election day.

Let your voice be heard aloud silently in a piece of ballot and faith. In God We Trust.- Paquito