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Adventure, Adventure and More of It – My 18 TDL

I wanna ask you something that am sure you got a thousand answer or just simply none at all since you won’t be interested depending on what age bracket you belong to. This has something to do with your desire to explore, learn, experience and more importantly to establish a chain of personal or professional attachment to those who’ve been enjoying those and happy about with it.

Given the chance, What adventure will you consider the very moment in time if your were ask to? Where you wanna go and see right before your eyes that kind of unbelievable experience? With whom you wanted to share it with, do you prefer alone or in group? When you gonna do it, is there a right time or prompt schedule to do it? and a lot more questions that got into your mind once you hear the word “adventure” ?

Life according to many is an adventure already. Have you had one? The very situation you are right now while  reading this piece of humble blog article can be considered an adventure! Wait, pause for a while and take a deep breath… are you happy with the adventure you’re having right now? no… then you can take a 180 degree turn and have some that’ll make you happier than you’ll ever know!

Let those fierce mind do the exploration and decide which adventure you gonna take that’ll give you a great story line worth recounting for. You have the best navigation tool upon you that no technology have taken over yet and that is your “decision” the beauty of experiences that line up across your horizon are a sure feat of surprises and happiness no one could’ve ever gotten into… everybody has their own ideas that’ll make them happier than what they have right now.

Look out, get out and have one, two, three or more… It’s up to you on how you gonna wanted to start it, but one thing I tell you… have an adventure, adventure and more of it. Not yesterday or tomorrow but TODAY…. think about it.

Våra förfäder har uppfunnit kompassen för spådom och äventyrsinstinkten ledde dem till sjöfarten och allas in i den. – Paquito

Our forefathers invented the compass for divination but the adventure instinct led them to utilized it to maritime navigation and everyone’s into it, aren’t you wondering how exciting it was for them once they’re back ? – Paquito


Vacation and Revisitation of Roots – My 18 TDL

It’s been so long my dear readers and fellow bloggers, too many things had transpired and i wonder where exactly Starman and the red Tesla sports car is located right now in the universe after that successful launch led by the visionary billionaire Elon Musk and mind you in just a handful of million dollars way below the staggering amount any NASA launched had in the past. Are we gonna or our future generation gonna experience inter-star or inter-planetary visitation? Will man achieve the un-achievable feat of colonizing planet and start procreation away from the comfort of the Earth? Too good to be true but there is a very clear light looming along the horizon.

Let me continue the promises as am not used to breaking promises, here is another topic that’ll aptly shrink into you which is the act of going back to places where we do start to feel the comfort of our home, our roots and ourselves.

You’ were young when you first left your birthplace, too small to recollect what was used to be your kindergarten school, the old smell of town and seas .. the place where you spent most of your younger years are a place worth revisiting to reminisce those memories. It’s always the never ending excitement that send shivers just with the thought of it. Aren’t you feeling the same?

The needed vacation is an activity you must include in your bucket list for the year 2018, explore some new and those old places will rejuvenate your mind and satisfy the heart. Make it a long stay or a short affair but full of unexpected fun.

Man seemed to know where he does truly belongs… and that is to the stars of his own universe. – Paquito

Exploring Europe

Was ist der beste Ort in Deutschland? Planst du dorthin, wie sieht es mit Touristen aus, die den Beruf Architektur und Baumanagement ausüben? Hat das Fehlen von formellen Deutschkursen einen Einfluss auf meine Chancen, ein Touristenvisum zu bekommen? Bitte helfen Sie. Vielen Dank. 

Irgendwelche Vorschläge,

Gotta speak their tongue to fully understand the culture. – Paquito

How to Stay Productive During the ASEAN Summit

It’ll gonna be the longest forced-vacation ever for the students and working group covering the metropolis and some parts of the outskirts due to the country’s hosting of ASEAN Summit, an annual event aimed at strengthening bilateral ties not only in economics and security relative to terrorism and climate change holistic response. A five consecutive day’s holiday will start Saturday till Wednesday were imposed to the general public in order to ensure that the daily chaotic public order will be lessen specially the traffic congestions along the famous highway 54 or what they called EDSA.

People have booked several vacation spots and trip outside the city to take advantage of the rare chance and enjoy it with their families. You must be thinking how to spend it also in a most productive way.

Staying productive during such occasion is very challenging to those who keep to face the next 24!hours without adaptable preparation and concrete plans. We’re not to discuss here about the Plan to Fail / Fail to Plan thing but just mere suggestion which we all knew are very much accessible or available right into your nose.

  • If you are a student cramming to be abreast of your classes then this is a chance to catchup and keep pace with the class lessons and projects. Speed reading and analysis is what I can humbly suggest for you, read, read, read and you’ll be amazed in the end how fast you’ve absorbed the tail of your shortcomings. Do it but wait a minute, did I forgot to tell you to start first with where you are weakest at ? Simply saying spend more time with the difficult ones and a little to those easier ones!
  • You like to keep updated with your social media accounts, post significant photos relevant to the summit. Again, read the broadsheets and stream the news but avoid fake news. At least you’re on the same page with the happenings of your country.
  • Get in touch with your old pals and keep in touch with your current group even if or special your family decided to go out of the city … the most important is.. you are well connected.
  • Time to pick up those yoga mat and wear that sweat shirts, hit the gym ! Staying or coping up in shape can be achieve with the 5-day Short Training Regimen. Come Thursday classes am pretty sure that your classmates will ask you what on earth they’ve missed with that 5 days vacation. Call me if they’ve reached more than 10!
  • The All Saints & All Souls’ Day Holiday was too short isn’t it ? Now is the best time to spend it with your loved ones, have a picnic with them while remembering the dead this time without the stress of going back in a hush for the next morning work day. Just bring scented candles to complete the deal.

See there’s plenty to do that even the scheduled holiday is too short for so many options ahead of you. Now it’s a lucky day for you since you can map out the most possible and doable activity for the next Six Days… did I mentioned it right ? YES I did for today is also a No-Classes day! What a perks you got …

It’s doesn’t require you of an outcome of tangibles to label what you’ve done as productive.. it comes also a lot in intangible ways… – Paquito

Rock-Round the Clock Fun in Northern Marianas Islands! Saipan, Tinian & Rota

Once in our lifetime we deserve to have  an extreme off work time to revitalized, rejuvenate, explore things and places we’ve never done for the rest of our lives. Escape the concrete jungle of the commercial business district and breathe the freshest air that only an island could give, an infinite breathtaking horizons that’ll surely make you forget even your latest memo on your table back in the office. An island that is just less than 150 kilometers apart which you can tour around within the span of three full  round the clock time frame. Isn’t it cool and exciting ? Am gonna tag a friend who are all amazingly nature loving adventurers and explore the Northern Marianas Islands culture, food , sceneries and its people, go island hopping around and see for real the famous Banzai Cliff, feel the cold damp interior of the Kalabera cave, have a groupie taken atop the Forbidden island and attend a mass at Mount Carmel Church for an immersed spirituality in an island far from the noise of a city.

The au naturelle experiences will surely continues to the Tinian island where the long Broadway road is a totally new adventure to measure the breadth of the place. See and educate ourselves to the history behind the Japanese Memorial at the suicide cliff and appreciate the Torri’s majestic view point towards the Tatsumi’s reef. Climb down the stair of the Tinian harbor and be abreast of how this strategic island has been used to win the battle of the Pacific during WWII. Passing thru Aguijan lies within the 100 kilometer air distance is the island of Rota which is the nearest island to Guam. We wanna see for real exotic birds and kingfishers feeding from fish amidst the strong waves hitting the white fine sand of the beach shore  of the Bird sanctuary.

Relax, rejuvenate and revitalised in a paradise that awaits you in the form of both inland and underwater vacation activities as we are looking forward to learn and promote the conservation of the natural habitat and connect its meaningful importance to the mainland US in winning the war in the Pacific. And it’s gonna be a Rock-Round the Clock Fun once we hit the Northern Marianas Islands gems, Saipan, Tinian and Rota islands.

We are all part of the habitat, people needs nature and nature needs nurture, let us all be at the forefront of promoting the conservation and preservation of the mother earth. – Paquito 

Have a Break – 5 Simple Ways to Re-Organizing Your Days 

It was a super hectic workdays we have and we got so little 48 hours to plan the next 40 hours of work week ahead of us and the cycle goes on even if we decided to stall the task at hand the hour after hour will commence even if we are not looking at it. It’s an obvious 48/40 time management thing we have here and it will rely on how difficult or easy a job routine we have, add the preparation prior to the job hours itself including but not limited to waking up early, dressing up, sipping coffee to induce alertness, taking the wheel to work, park the car and hop in to the elevator and finally entering the workplace with your identity thin mark biometric recognizable data and there you go ready to start working For the next 8-9 hours of the day. Then you call it a day for work when darkness engulf the outside view of your seat. You hit the biometry, line for the lift down-ride, exit the building, unlock your car and drive home for the next 45mins – 1.5 hours of a less than 6 km distance travel that doubly drains you than the entire 8 hours work. It’s totally insane hearing those stories and repeatedly heared more to every smart guys outside the cafeteria. Seems not that smart for me. 

Let’s get it straight to the topic of breaking the rules when needed and realize the unforeseen rewards it can bring to your daily routine. Am sharing to you my 5 simple ways in re-organizing 40/48 which am sure will be helpful too with your daily woes. 

  1. Have a Break in Doing The  Planning Wisely thing as we are all aware that even with the greatest planned activity written and tabulated in a step by step manner, we failed, and it’s not a thing to whine about but a series of lesson to learn about. Pause for a while and leave the planning sequence for a bit to gather some fresh minds and fresh legs if your into active sports training. Revisit the previous tried and tested ways or manual that effectively deliver the total output you’ve been wanting. Maybe it’s time to think again if its still viable to use a system that needs re-burn or reformatting just to have it understand and accepted as done. Have a break and throw that planners! It’s a record of unsuccessful written scripts that piles up your cluttered mind and psychologically stop you to proceed according to what is more practical and doable in a sense it is being required at that moment in time. Decision making does need not to be perfect but it always need to be acceptably compromisable to all parties involved.
  2. Have a Break in Making Promises and Catch Up Thing  the idea is to go down the bottom of the all pending works at hand, trapping yourself into the middle of the Old & New task is a big mistake we do unconciously at work, play and even relationship. Have you ever forgotten the virtue that says for every door closes a series of windows open up ? Because life is a cycle and so the work you’re involved at. It’s a role we must play to make something work and a role we must not play also to make the work progress. Avoid the silly ideas of a superman thinking that you can catch up because you’re good at it and the egoistic challenging pride it makes you to face it big time. And you failed, again. Hey am not trying to teach you to be a pessimist here but am just warning you to be realistic everytime of the day and that’s how simple it is. Isn’t it a better idea to add hands to ensure that a big ticket project or account will be delivered ahead of time for at least 24 hours grace period for your internal cross checking prior to submission? Don’t unleash the superhero in you if you can have it done with the help from reliable and tested co-superhero you have in the group. Catching up is good but in the nick of time you should not. Avoid accepting new task until after you’re down with last one. Have a good break in those situation and it all start with a remarkable acceptance of your net power capacity to finish work in a given 8 hours period. 
  3. Have a Break in Multi-Tasking style of work. This breaks up the core discipline of an acceptable certified business competence, systems quality thus jeopardizing the integration put up by the management. The step by step procedure is a sure way to eliminate failure and return to the start period of works. Do what is being expected from you in accordance to the agreed  and signed contract you have and help the company, grow by putting your extra mile effort to perfect the task given. Do not try to be the jack of all trades master of nothing as this will only compromise your credibility and integrity. Avoid voluntary work when a quality management system is in place to eliminate improper actions that’ll curl up the records come certification audit validation time. 
  4. Have a Break Doing Redundant Office Meeting if you are a CEO/COO or a President of a small or big company with dreams of making it at par with the movers and shakers of the industry, think about limiting the internal conferences that has an advance schedule of management committee meeting in all Monday’s of the month for the whole year ahead as this becomes the breeding ground of incompetence within the core group. It becomes habitual norm for those members of the mancom to put up real work 2 days before the meeting and sow ineptness given the high level type of commitment that ends in various follow ups and sometimes kept for a longer period of time in the Minutes of the Meeting handouts. Doing surprise or unscheduled management committee conference will restore order in the company  and lights up the sales board if you’re into marketing business and ensure billings are submitted on time does reassuring your cashflows on-check. Micro-meeting is a little better than the traditional weekly one. Try it and  observe the positive effect it’ll create not only to the core group but with support level as well. It’ll bring a change that everybody wanted to see making each day filled with excitement with focal point at figures related to incentives and other perks. Have a break and do it sometimes wearing your casual jeans for a subtle and effective down to earth character of power.
  5. Have a Break in Grinding Your Staffs , Issuing NTE’s and Warning Memos, in short Refrain or Relax the Issuance of Memos everybody wanted a disciplined, dedicated, deserving working team but it’s a pricey walls you need to maintain such team whom are products of extra ordinary academic performance with the highest expectations to their respective careers and life visions thus it cannot be discounted to enlist average workforce who are “willing to be trained” as they’ve stated in their curriculum vitaes and work overtime when needed during the interview. Memos tend to sow terror sort of acceptance to the staffs making them move from one fence to another seeking to find employers who’ll understand their predicament. I bet you’ll all agree that only a handful of company can show a hundred percent workforce attendance during Monday’s including the mancom level. Empower the core and support group through the relaxation of these HRD papers that only fattened the 201 files of each workers or staffs. By having a break with the Policy, this will unleash the workforce to give their best without avarice. It’s a healthy environment both in mental and physical presence of the group. Good vibes and camaraderie in its perfect form will annihilate the gap between all levels of of the organization and instill the discipline of a dedicated and well deserving group within the four walls of the company.

By having a break doesn’t mean you have to do things or biggest changes or introduce out of the box ideas in a radical way but wittingly test the outcome by pondering your next big move towards a greater result you’ve been aspiring for. Paquito

Your ideas are far better and I am very much interested hearing it. Thank you for having a break reading this blog.

Five Amazing Reasons Why We Listen to 90.7 Love Radio DJ’s

Radio are still lording it over even in the wee hours of the night. 

You’re at your loneliest and you found laughter, you’re even trying to hide it but in the end you end up shouting about it. These are the reasons on why people are still hooked in their radios even when the technology has advance portals to listen to and the crisp sound it brings we do still preferred the crisp of laughter these disc jockeys could bring into our morning and afternoon rush hours and the wee hours of the night.

  1. They’re all Amazingly Unique DJ’s from softest to loudest rendition of its programs there is no dull moments even in giving a news service you’ll automatically pause for a bit of seriousness and revert back to your jolly mood once it’s done. And besides they’re also updated to ins and outs of you name it under sun gossip they’re always able to maintain the excitement of its listeners with the variety of voices on the airwaves and send some chill vibes wherever you are in the four corners of the country.
  2. That Sunday program is not only a blast from the past! It is also the most awaited day of the oldies who belongs to the million fans of Tang Henyo. The most respected Tatang in all our Sunday’s beside our Lolo and Lola’s is Tang Henyo, everybody waits the punchlines and double meaning cracks he shares with Diego Bandido and Shai Tisai are commanding our olds imagination of the thing of the past comically. The sounds of the 50’s to the 70’s truly creates wonders of memoirs of our dear olds.
  3. The 8am and 9am programs are something of authentic genius! No program as bold as how it is can be heard in the airwaves and forget your woes of traffic and rush hours. It simply reset your mood to a level of take it easy vibes and stick your ears to its informative discussions where everybody could relate even your blackhead in your nose. The advises and it’s pros and cons were given a balance notations and add up several semi details to share their views and learnings based on their experiences and of course the station janitor experiences as well. Add up the segment of Mahiwagang Burnay where those who feel that it’s the end of the work or world for them find simple alternative to continue to prosper of their respective lives.
  4. Papa Jack teary filled callers who are genuinely shares their life social and love life downfall seeking benovalence to its famous DJ. The advance and well immersed jabs sends a clear message to the caller as a test of faith if she is really into the idea of letting go or making the dear sacrifices and move on to the next chapter of her life. The tears slowly metamorphose into laughter and a relief in sight made this segment the crying shoulder of the airwaves.
  5. The DJ’s inner talents are showcased  in its drama especial before siesta time giving its listeners a point to ponder before taking a nap either in their office pantries or those listeners attending their rice paddies  under the shade of a full grown mango tree. The anthology expanse and unconsciously occupies your desire to predict the next episode thus making you do the analysis without any effort. The joy it brings to those who has the same predicament and the tears it makes to those who has the same shortcomings. This the modern age radio drama that we can say will stood the test of time as it is anchored towards its listeners heart and imagination. The oldies, the millennials and the like subscribe to the idea of truthfulness and simplicity of its stations conservativeness that are well delivered and amazingly done by its disc jockeys.

The longest journey to a mans life is when he stop laughing, when he stop sporting that’ curve lines unto his face to make things straight. To listen is to learn and to share is to speak silently. Paquito Montero

An Informative Essentials in Air Exchange Enhancement Inside High Density Public Places

Like the air we breath all comes into pieces.

Call it a marketing tool. Owning a breed of pets nowadays is a sort like societal status and artic bred huskies roam the granite pave walks of the malls together with miniatures and furry poodles. They’re indeed a good sight to look at. A perfect picture of a community, people oldies and children occupying open spaces and playgrounds, teens chatting and shooting selfies, women clad in light top and shorts sporting clogs and walking side by side with their leashed pets and a bag of canine goodies of foods and poops. Parks are best appreciated with complete moving features and this includes pets and as promoted by some malls they allow leash pets to enjoy the cool atmosphere inside and the warm sun outside. Temperature controls the variables for specific areas where pets are designated and pampered. 

It’s a big challenge for the facilities engineering to ensure that fur and animalistic smell will not be an irritants to those who have super sensitive smells. To some it’s irritable to come across furry pets as this causes them allergies by sudden inhalation of microscopic irritants coming from animals. Supply and return cycle of induce air inside the malls must’ve monitoring system like infrared and negative pressure halls to preserve the clean air residue inside the facilities. But how sure are we that there are system in place to address this? Theres the scientific engineering way to do it or the best available option is to limit the pets in an open park with grass and fountains they can enjoy with, away from mechanically driven air controlled space with unknown body resistance to respiratory problems. 

With the influx of wide open spaces built by these mega developers we are all lucky to have many options to choose from to enjoy the well developed surroundings where people and all forms of massive art coexist harmoniously with the lush landscaping and water scenery  to enjoy with complete with the soothing pipe on music that’s truly relaxing. Hygienic rinsing of ourselves once we get home is best advised to avoid getting caught with unpredictable sickness that can be acquire from high density public places. 

Getting outside? Armed yourself with the best immune resistance vitamins and savor the moments of freedom even in a crowded places safely. 

Your comments and suggestions are highly valued. Follow my stories click Follow and start exploring the world of endless possibilities with Paquito Montero. 

The Power of Recharging and Everybody needs it

One last recharge and am off to a good start. How do you recharge, do you hibernate or go somewhere else? Or do you do something special to call it that way. 

As for me a good rest in a comfy bed and controlled temperature with an interesting view do the deal and keep me as young and conditioned for the next recharging time. A soak in a tub filled with warm water washed away the anxiety and troubled mind. To some traveling outside the country to visit a relative or see new things revitalizes them in a flash. Eating your comfort foods with trusted friends in an al fresco restaurant energizes and polarized things for you. 

The ideal way to recharge is to do it in a smart way where practicality is one of the option by being away while still inside the city. Isolation or hibernation to some is one of the best way to recharge away from the pressures and stress of work, family and friends as it is only you and Gods providencial spirit. Staying expressive of your goals and realistic to it needs a space that lets you relax and comfortable while doing your shares to promote environment of care. 

Sleeping without thinking of the next days activities is effective and proven by many buy travelers who get enough sleep whenever they’re resting with, on a plane, bus and even in an Uber Car. Once in a while we deserve to seek quantum solace and be the best we can be come sunrise time. 

At Holiday Inn Galleria they offer the best space for you and your several needs inside deafening sealed closed doors of every hotel rooms available. The elegantly designed hotel floor hallways leads you to an extra special home zone at an affordable prize. Strategically connected to the Robinsons Galleria Mall you have a wide variety of proper continuation of your normal life once you’re done with your recharging phase. 

Truly its proven that music soothes the soul while a great hotel service and space fully recharge the inner being in you. 

A Vacation that Simply Enjoyable and X’citing to you and Family

Many of us am sure are on a rush or in a panic not to buy school things for the kids but to booked a price down sale of rooms in any part of tourist destination in the country. This phenomenon always happen once these tourist spots are not yet able to reach their target sales for the summer months. Bright and favorable ideas comes up to filled their places. Even for those offering small rooms at single or sharing accommodation are up for sale. It’s truly amazing how learnings are taught from these situation given the parameters of challenging pressure to beat the last few days of summer.

Currently am staying in one of the simplest yet presentably clean and serving good food here in the downtown south to contemplate and re-immerse myself to the true results of the planned life aspirations ahead the next six months. Solitary stay somehow gave me the chance to be at my best productive state. Social media posts are full of huling hirit sa tag-init where people were able to bond and catch-up with their loved ones.

Seasons always creates the people’s mood to be productive, happy and extraordinary to whatever things they have in mind purposely. We are in for another wet season and it’s time to prep-up again the kids and the olds not to get sick and not able to enjoy the rainy season. Little did we know that the same tourist spots are offering the same blast of ideas and events but this time in a more subtle and formal way. Have you tried to spend wet season in the beaches? Mountains and even hot spring resorts? These same spots are more enjoyable and an apt place to sip coffee while writing those big ideas you have for your business and also the best place to re-establish family plans and expectations to the young ones as this is the best and easy time to tell them to focus with their studies and so on. As for those seeking their very first child, wet season makes our hormones warmer and livelier and haven’t you notice that women are also best viewed in their tops and pants even in jackets sporting their long and short hairs to compliment their lovely faces.

Tis the season to be jolly refers to all the season we have not only for when abundance is with us but must be all throughout the year. It’s the bondage and warmth of every member of the family that count most. How would you like to drink your hot chocolate after a window with the view and sound of a rain and the windy air kissing your face. Have a nice and enjoyable wet season ahead folks!