The Millennials prefers not Gold, Silver and Bronze but Cash

Its wedding month of June once again and most of the scheduled wedding are already booked as early as last year since most of the single woman like to wear a wedding ring during this rainy month as they believe that rains brings good luck and success into a married life. After a long or short time of engagement they finally decided to hit the altar or the best ocean view as backdrop of ceremonies they’ve chosen. Nowadays is far different with the traditional customs and cultural beliefs of a wedding ceremonies as compared a couple of decades ago and even the bride and the groom have extremely gone differently cross-gender so long as they’re madly in-love and wanted to level up their relationship.So what are really trying to point out in this blog? June and December are the most preferred months to get hitched according to wedding planners and i wont be touching those areas of factual atmosphere but the gifts be it lavish or simple most of the couple are putting this simple paragraph, statement or whatever you may call it that reads as follows; “we are truly humbled by your presence and it will be more memorable to share your generosity not in gold, silver or bronze as we prefer cash gifts as a firm foundation of family life, thank you” So what is your first feeling upon reading it? Many do understands the practical reason behind as most of the couples has their own preferences in creating their home or how to start it as planned by both of them. Though its not a bad idea to have it that way and as many millennials say it is the most practical way to start a union as it teaches them to properly plan the most critical part of their new life which is to be financially stable no matter what. There seems to be several people who are not subscribing to this idea as it is the traditional way of giving gifts that they are most accustomed to. On the other hand, those couple who’ve done it will say that at any given chance they’ll do it again as it was a way of making the wedding itself a profitable on as they are sure of whats in it for them after doing the skillful mathematics of verifying numbers versus pre-accounted cost of the event which is obviously seen in a jam packed receptions with cocktails and extended time of celebration as some wanted an extraordinary grand entrance with a red envelop tucked in a suits pocket. What i am interested at is, how do they think at their young frame of mind analyse the post effect of their celebrated union will be assuming that they’ve earned a lot and able to establish a good start, new compact car, small decent home inside an above average enclave and the long list of good things never ends.

Is it the most practical norm our next generation should consider once they’re serious to start a married life?  or does it challenge them to put up the ante by thinking out of the box and enhance the idea of cash-gifts into a bigger one monetary wise? Maybe we should try to consult counselors and experts on how to establish the proper norms before indulging to it as there are several factors that’s need full attention to make it work and be successful in transposing your big event into a huge business IPO. your comments and suggestions are all welcome, Best Wishes to the newly weds!



Safety in Work Places needs HIGH-RISK-CHECK Analysis to Eliminate Untoward Incident and LTA

Safety First! Walk with Care and other safety precautionary signals and signage’s are visibly posted in every passageway, lifts, ladders, stairs and name it you’ll find it loudly calling ones attention but why still an incident happen? How it was able to slipped the tightly guarded workers population in a sudden tick of the clock? Programs and drill exercises are up to date, complete with actual simulation yet accidents happen and loss of limbs, lives and dreams still written in the police records logbook. Something is really not clear here or somebody is not sincerely listening to the basic purpose of safety prevention program laid in a certain work-place. Another death due to incident fall of a workers lift should’ve awaken again the Safety Engineers, Aides and workers this week revisiting their safety man-hours if really recorded as safe and free of injuries either from human error or mechanical error, horseplay or the most common of all NEGLIGENCE.

Is it really hard to post a record of an ACCIDENT-FREE work place? Is it too difficult to implement a safety program work policy and how costly it is to efficiently put a high-risk working environment into a safe and sound area which is beneficial primarily to its workers and the neighborhood. Pollution’s such as air, noise, garbage, gas, visual, traffic and peace and order are the several issues highly needed to watch for during the pre-conception of a project implementation plan in the aide of the proper government institutions both local and national level. The idea is to prevent, protect, put safety measure, safeguard the areas of highest risk we think an accident might occur and these equates more money or deeper pockets for developer who owns the projects. So this is the ideal way if not the perfect one to limit the loss of life and limbs of a talented worker but are we “really” following the countless list of items to put up, equipped the workers in the performance of their duty and “closely monitor” it ? Some are serious and some are not! Is there an antidote we can consider to make the safety program or policy work for us to go out in the last man-hour scheduled from a work place and happily tell them that were glad to make it with everybody alive and satisfied.

If the government agency is to ask for regarding safety policy and its implementing rules and regulations you’ll be amazed that all is written then it shall be done policy and IRR. So where is everybody failing that they end up talking to hospital emergency doctors of what transpired and how it happen so fast with the notion that you’ll get fired tomorrow due to chain-of-command company policy. The rule is there and we just need to fully understand and holistically do as needed, easier said than done is most likely the common response we’ll get from the other end. Rules and Regulations are framework that were being enacted after a series of extensive deliberations from the experts and explore the pros of each for a certain facet of issues. The question is where do we start to have a great framework of safety program effectively applicable to your needs and be assured of not only of being compliant but also guilt free of any incident to occur in your workplace and get a good sleep while the works is in progress. Here are my suggestions;

First in the list is the sourcing of RFP or request for proposal or Expression of Interest it is the best timing to put firm word on safety programs needed for a certain undertaking. There should be a premium for it is of the same effective amount of losses or bigger once an incident occur through its insurance provider. Scrutinizing the program submitted, ask their previous clients and management firms that handled the project a get a better understanding on how they were able to do it safely. Make an actual visit to a bidders  ongoing work site including their warehouses or yard where they maintain the safety equipment’s, tools and others. If they’re leasing these items you can also do the same visitations for you to get the hands-on idea of how the maintenance practice for these items are being done? This exercise will only eat up a mere days works and you’ll surely learn a thing or two once you do.

Second is the Bidding & Awarding Process wherein the process of elimination or negotiation takes place. There are several negotiations where the Safety Cost is the first casualty of the dealing process. Next is equipment and last is the quality. This is where a technically prepared developers representative is put to a test, their full knowledge of the project limitations and actual pre-identified risk must be listed and cross-match with that of the  bidder before the so-called negotiation must take place. I remember during my presentation to a Japanese Company whose project was the addition of another floor of equal dimension of an existing building wall-print that they took turns to asked questions of verified facts and assessed risk ensuring there will be no stones left un-turned prior to awarding of the project. Depending on the scope, location and other parameters of sound consideration cost really spike-up the development cost. These should be incorporated right from the start and made known to investors or shareholders that they’re selling a product made from the safest way acceptable to the public.

Lastly is the implementation process, so you have the project and haven’t you noticed that the first thing you’re talking about inside the war room is about safety? The hardest part lies in the selection process of the team composition to perform, promote, proceed, prevent and be PRO-ACTIVE with the policy and safety program discussed, accepted and agreed during the awarding process thereby re-assuring that every member of a team is  in on the same page. The company’s Human Resource Division must be well-informed of the same programs, actions and expectations to keep the talent sourcing easier and proper for the required qualifications needed. A workplace can be considered as a small community almost complete with the basic services its people need such as clean mess hall, clean barracks or quarters with highly sanitized comfort rooms, clinical/medical treatment area complete with sterilized paraphernalia’s, medicine issued by the company accredited doctor or hospital or clinical service provider a competent Occupational Health and Safety Nurse whose training encompasses but not limited to trauma treatment, fire-fighting equipment and a well-trained Fire and Life Safety personnel to provide the lead in case of emergency, a congregation area and a place where they can seek and enhance their sports activity to promote better camaraderie within the workplace community. Therefore a workplace is not a “work-place” at all if everybody involved with it and duly understands their existence right from the beginning and these must be properly initiated during the hiring process. Making everybody’s concern about safety counts, creates a place with a sense of high moral bloc and establish a friendlier atmosphere in the place. So why still the incident? sudden death occurrence in a flash leaving everybody shocked, fearful and mum inflicting low-morale and trauma to work conveniently. These not only hurt the people directly involve but the investors as well, the business unit that is handling the development will have to re-think strategies to sell make it on time as promoted to its clientage. There are so many hows, whys, and what to do to further eliminate these accidents and create an accident-free product for the public.

Will extending the time-lines of implementation do the trick? How about the total-ban of working outside during rainy days? Full implementation of pre-cast technology for higher heights for mid-rise and high-rise building respectively? Categorically awarding projects to those with extensive and proven experience in the required fields might be one of the key answer here even to its (primary service provider) sub-contractors. These are only a few things to consider if we wanted to achieve a ZERO-ACCIDENT-PROGRAM or ZAP. With the near-end of countrywide construction boom in the middle east local service providers have ventured into acquisitions of tested complex equipment’s from this side of the world complete with operations training and preventive maintenance program it has created a selected boom also in our country, tower cranes everywhere, moving ready-mix-concrete truck in major highways after truck bans are a testament that development is bullish as they say in the business meetings. With the technology abound how qualified are the local equipment operators are remains a big question, how many Actual-Training-Hours they need to master the full operations in a safest manner a certain type of equipment they’re assigned to? do we accept multiple equipment know-how? is it advantageous to him and the company? Are they well compensated? Insured? and Fit for the job on a daily basis? i said on-a-daily basis as they’re commonly coming from a drinking binge after a day-off. Does a TOTAL BAN to operate an equipment still being implemented even if the progress is at stake? It is in the imposition of the policy and program that makes or break a fine safety implementation. An ABA or alcohol breath analyzer must be utilized and included in an all male dominated work place to reduce and eliminate incidence due to intoxication’s!  How about the equipment being use? even the tiniest motor-driven tool that needs daily check-up or routine-checks as the latest fatal incident in one work site in Metro Manila was due to failed-mechanical incidence wherein the pulley had slipped off its track. It would’ve been avoided should they’ve routinely practice daily VISUAL Checks and get the experts advised on what to do next to prevent its damage or somebody might have informed the concerned party and performed the routine-checks but underestimated its ill-effects in the next operational hours or days.

Safety at work need not  be focus on people movement but the same with the equipment installed or assigned therein be it static or moving it needs the same amount of consideration. All motor, equipment operators and workers using electrical/battery  driven tools must be well-educated on the fatal effects it could bring once they relaxed or underestimate the probable results after miscalculation of proper and acceptable handling of the same. Continuous practical studies of these equipment or tools must be adhered to and total removal from the active work area of defective, malfunctioning equipment and tools must also be observed and implemented. Careful analysis on effective utilization of tools and equipment embedded in Equipment/Tools Loading Plan is vital and useful in determining the true length of work duration, right manpower loading, sequential timing of work cycle through enough distribution of labor force required will deter, prevent and eliminate the rushing of work and sacrificing its quality. By providing the list and conduction of high-risk-analysis in every turn and cycle of the project Provision will result to Prevention of unsafe work environment. Safety is Everybody’s First Priority.  Continue reading Safety in Work Places needs HIGH-RISK-CHECK Analysis to Eliminate Untoward Incident and LTA

2016 Oppo PBA Commissioners Cup RoS sweep or Extend

The PBA fans are in for a history as Rain or Shine Elasto-Painters battles the Alaska in a half an hour in Smart-Araneta Coliseum Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City after the awarding ceremony for the Best Player of the Conference with Alaska guard Calvin Abueva as likely to win and the Best Import accolade. Rain or Shine has beaten the Alaska thrice in an average of score more than a 100+ points. Alaska head coach Alex Compton gave his “kids” a point to ponder as he believes that they’re self destructing during crunch time obviously seen in game 3 where RoS guard Paul Lee picked-up a bounce ball without someone defending him and score a basket under the last 2 seconds of the final regulation. Yeng Guiao Ros coach downplays their chance of sweeping the series as he mentioned to the media during the post game press conference that the series is seeing the toughest battle citing that same under 2 seconds basket by the RoS guard.

The question lies in the air is very clear, will Rain or Shine make history tonight and write their name in the PBA History as one of the sweepers of a championship series or will they let their chance and extend the series another one game. It will be an interesting how will Alaska react to extend the series as they were in the same page in the last conference wherein they are up 3-0 against the San Miguel Beermen until they lost the remaining 4 games and ended up runner-up in that unforgettable conference which they have named as “beeracle” this time is different Alaska is under extreme pressure to notch a win and save their pride to be swept by a team whose style of play involves every member of the team by sharing quality minutes and using their swarm of guards in breaking the Alaska triangle offense in three games. Paul Lee leading the charge and the rest of the RoS team will try to close out tonight and write their name in history books the 2016 Oppo PBA Commissioners Cup championship and eventually join the Northern Cement Corp., Swift Mighty Meaty, Purefoods and the San Miguel Beer .

Take your pick! Golden State Warriors or Oklahoma City Thunders

Hi there NBA fans!

Its playoff time once again and gone are the contenders in formidable pretentious dominance of #Houston-Rockets, #Memphis-Grizzlies, #Portland-Trailblazers and most recently the #San Antonio-Spurs . Defending 2015 NBA Champions the #Golden State-Warriors and the #Oklahoma City-Thunders will square it off starting Monday May 16, 2016 to represent the Western Conference Division against the winner of the ongoing playoff games in the East with the #Cleveland-Cavaliers led by Le Bron James looming as the favorite to play at the Championship and try again their hands to capture the #Larry O’Brien Trophy.

The defending champion led by the #Splash-brothers will be tested again big time as they’re facing the charging duo of #Kevin Durant and #Russel Westbrook, here are the Five Factors to look at to gauge who’ll be able to advance to the Finals ;


Steve Kerr – a former Chicago Bulls guard and a believer of run and gun system that even his big’s have joined the treys-party once leave open and keeps his stables always fresh inside the court to ensure those fast break points opportunities logged and has a broad system of approach in keeping his team on the game smartly telling his guys to foul even away from the ball. He is assisted by Luke Walton who guided them to a 24-0 record, Ron Adams, Jarron Collins, Bruce Fraser and Chris Demarco. They are the guys behind the 73-9 win loss regular season record surpassing the 20 years record of 72-10 established by the Chicago Bulls where Steve Kerr has played alongside Michael Jordan.

Billy Donovan – in his first year as Head Coach coming from University of Florida and a multi-awarded college coach, aided by Maurice Cheeks, Monty Williams and Mark Bryant. The team’s ability and basketball IQ were displayed in the clincher game against the Spurs as his system were able to neutralized the Big-Two in the person of TD and LMA, he is also comfortable using a run and gun system with KD and RW leading the charge and some muscles from Serge Ibaka and Adams. He likes to use the pick and roll too but it’s not yet perfectly considered as their weapon as they’re not that mobile enough to execute convincingly.

Advantage : Golden State Warriors


Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry and Klay Thompson has an amazing combined average for 3-point percentage of 86.5% versus Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook of 60.7% ! As the game is touted to be as dramatic as dog-fight with guns blazing from any place in both courts and that’ll make these series an exciting and interesting till the last second of every single game plus the possibility of continuous breaking of stats records. It is a battle of finesse versus slamming guards, both teams are high scoring machines with their averages above 100+ points. The GSW highly believe with their leader and the same with the OKC. There is just a little roughness in Russell Westbrook’s  over-eagerness to push the ball that sometime he forget to pass even in the most difficult situation or ball-possession as compared to the Splash Brothers they share the ball consistently as evident with the more than 25% assist as a team as against less than 20% of the Thunder. The back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry need not to tell his teammates what to do as the Kerr’s system is tightly embedded in every players genes and played cohesive offense and defense consistently thus error is limited in every possession.

Advantage : Golden State Warriors


Both teams are well-loved by their basketball states and both are enjoying a sell-out crowd to lean-to for additional or loudest noise they need for distractions. But how can a 100% free-throw shooting percentage MVP will get distracted by a thousand crowd while playing on the road? This will play a great role when the game comes to an end game free throw shootout of their respective star players.

Advantage : Equal


It’s quite obvious that the defending champs enjoy a more skilled and well established second team, Livingston, Ezelie, Varejao, Rush and Barbosa are all in their prime and most of them have played in the last NBA Finals as compared to Singler, Payne, Morrow, Huestis and Mohammed. Experience and being use in the teams rotation put the Warriors second stringer at advantage and these will play a huge impact should there’ll be technical/flagrant or out of the playing court calls for any starting players as how it happens during Game 4 of the Golden State. And they all run the court which makes the Kerr system effective all throughout the night.

Advantage : Golden State Warriors


All teams in the league created their team with well rounded discipline on and off the court. Superstars are enjoying extra training and each plays schemes are built around them. A shot from the way downtown in truly an unpredictable offense GSW and the Splash Brothers have as an advantage with their defenders and a cutting/running Draymond Green could break the OKC defense even with the presence of their two foreign players, its the mobility and high percentage shot that will add headache to the OKC shaded lane. Australian native Andrew Bogut will have his hands full battling Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams who’s been a factor in their Game 6 win against the Spurs. Hungrier OKC should made control of the game by dictating the right tempo and must blast the GSW a big lead more than enough as a quarter scores. Being relax have almost make them pay as they see their wide margin of 28 down to 11 versus the Spurs and that showed their not so good attitude in closing out a game convincingly which is the opposite with the Portland and Golden State game thriller that despite a single digit margin the MVP and Klay Thompson dominantly buried deep the opponent in the dying seconds of the game.

Slight Advantage : Golden State Warriors

I am fan of both teams and i think the best team that can best represent the WCF is the team that has the deeper harmonious offense, suffocating defense and an overwhelming killer instinct that an opponent should respect till the last fraction of a seconds. The one that over-power and dictate the outcome of the game with a well balance and equal threat to score convincingly even in the most difficult and time pressured situation which have been done and being done by the Golden State Warriors.

4-1 Golden State Warriors is my WCF Champs






"behind every difficulty I saw a lot of opportunity"

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