Paquito Quote for the Day 53

Smashing hits is no easy feat especially if done consistently. Winning an MVP in a back to back fashion is not a walk in the park either. Building great following is the most tenacious and hardest job if your hands are in a multiple busyness anywhere anytime and anyhow you wanted it. It requires pure and sincere dedication, drive and done it all attitude. Do you have it? Probably not all of it, what it needs is consistency to yearn and earn the most difficult accolade in your front which is … winning.

You can be the winning-est if you want to. Only if your heart is full of that DDD … dedication, drive and done it all. Give it try, after reading this article…. get out of that comfort zone…. there is only a thin line if not lie that separates you from winning.

Be the one who takes it all as a …. winner. – Paquito


Batang Gitna Centro/BGC Stuns Guess Escopa/ EGS

September 29, 2018 / IVHA Covered Court

Home court favorites played the last scheduled game of the day that saw the combined youth and experience of both teams as a power to reckoned with with other six participating teams in the first ever FBC ” A League of  Our Own ” Basketball Tournament.

Batang Gitna-Centro outplayed Guess (Escopa) in the final game with the score 66-55… dubbed as the Big 3 of the BGC, Masayuki Baldomar, Renz Cruz  and Robert Santiago led the balanced attack for BGC with 12,12 and 10 points respectively.


Guess (Escopa) made only 7 out of 26 shots from beyond the arc, Jonathan Mendoza led all scorers with 14 points for Guess(Escopa).

Masayuki  O. Baldomar had an all around game with 12 points, 6 steals, 4 rebounds and a block for BGC.

Paquito bgc egs


Don Jose Rolled Past Pinky Pie


Team to watch Don Jose basketball selection showcased their suffocating defense to beat Pinky Pie 57-41. Michael Mostrales muscled his way in scoring 12 of his 14 points in the 1st half, leading Don Jose to a 16 points lead in the first half, 33-17. Team Don Jose, mentored by coach Omeng Divino of Rizal Crusaders, didn’t look back from then on, stopping every Pinky Pie’s effort to come back.

Paquito djs pky

Bhen Buenaventura led Pinky Pie with 13 points and 8 rebounds. The FBC “A League of Our Own ” Basketball Tournament will resume games on October 6, 2018. Watch it !


Players Stats… XBL vs MUR

FBC Players stats are our own meritorious measures to determine players strengths, potentials and improvements. You can now measure on your own What, Where and How… to improve in your next game. Good luck! Keep ballin FBC this is A League of Our Own.


xbl vs mur final score sheet

As for the other Game Stats, kindly comeback as our technical committee and administration are currently on it. See yah!  Thank you.

"behind every difficulty I saw a lot of opportunity"

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