Red-Wednesday Breakfast with the Cyberpark 1 & 2 Megawide MEPF Staffs

Megawide MEPF Engr. Butch Castillo sitting in front of the author with his MEPF core group for Cyber Park Tower 2 project during a small breakfast.

There’s a truth in saying that “expect the unexpected” sometimes happen for a better reason. But this morning while cruising past the Araneta Center after an early morning meeting that saying we’re instantly proven a true one as an unplanned is a lot bound to happen than expected , in less than a half an hour small breakfast were hosted by yours truly Paquito with the former colleagues and project team.

It was an early breakfast as the Megawide Construction Corp. MEPF engineers led by Butch Castillo, Bob Batalla, PJ Ferriol, Billie and Marlon are preparing themselves into another super busy Wednesday for the projects Cyberpark Tower One & Two, both are located at the heart of Araneta Center Cubao in Quezon City.

Respectfully i obliged myself to to join their table to exchange a small talk recalling Grass Tower project days and shared several laughs and work related discussion that somehow made them feel the importance of give it all attitude towards work in serving a multinational company of great stature like the MCC. That brief yet memorable acquaintance limited to a pair of slice of pancake and hot coffee is more than enough to catch up and reconnect with old and reliable people who once part of our memorable career with one of the best in the construction industry.

With the values inculcated within the bounds of Excellence, Commitment, Innovation, Teamwork and Safety in the heart and minds of these young engineers, truly they are all a man of integrity.

Yours is better mine is written, comments and reactions are very much welcome. Paquito 


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The 2016 version USA Dream Team

As I was watching the on-going USA Basketball showcase being held across the US there is one thing I’ve interestingly notice, that teams from the around the globe have evolved positively at least for their home team benefits in terms of height and heft. Still, in the US where the competition is getting notches higher every 4 years and in time for the Olympic Games. A lot of debate can be found in any part of the globe as to who is the most talented, strongest team ever assembled by the US and there are of course discussion of great importance seemed they’re missing. Patriotism in the heart of the twelve professional NBA players donning the flag jersey and dedication in their heart to fulfill the obligation of a good US citizen for his country.The biggest challenge the 2016 USA Dream team has to face is the the fatal threat of the dreaded ZIKA Virus.

I consider them as the toughest when it comes to their courage to not let the USA be a a laughing stock should they end up not in any podium finish for the basketball medal game. Powerhouse lurking around are set to send in their best to at least wound up a Silver finish.

With the high probability of acquiring or getting bites of an insect numbering more than the projected sports participants attendees, this is a serious case they’re facing with rather than the opponents at helm. The teams are now warming up prior to travel to Rio, Brazil though there were news circulating that the Australian Olympic team has deferred its move inside the Olympic village after the Australian officials condemned it as “not safe or ready” where problems include issue surrounding sanitation and utility failure after running a “stress test” whereby a simultaneous run of faucets failed and electrical short circuits were recorded this made them to stay in their hotel for the meantime.

It’s not the competition that is threatening great athletes of professional level but the environmental and health issues which is a small but a high impact one and merits the reasons behind of those who decided to forego this chance to compete in the Olympic. I salute the 2016 USA Basketball Team including its coaching staffs and whole organization for the decision to preserve the Olympic spirit through firm participation and commitment of its NBA professional basketball players.

 Your thoughts are highly valued. Thank you. 

The Eurovision 2016 Hosts Performance is Truly One for the books! 

Love love peace peace old women baking bread, Peace peace love love and a man in a hamster wheel, Love peace peace love Make it unforgettable, You will be the best and win the Eurovision Song Contest…. lifted from the song entitled Love Love Peace Peace.  Never can I recall that a contest as tough and as beautiful as this is telling the participants on what’s the best preparation and performance level to do in order to win the most coveted microphone trophy and earn the adulation of millions of fans across Europe and other side of the globe.

The contest hosts Måns Zelmerlöw & Petra Mede gave an outstanding exhilarating performance of a very simple but huge impact song of love and peace in the city of Stockholm Sweden. I was asking myself how could a simple song be forcefully affect the audience and its televiewers? No dull moment nor any thin line of gap of error with their A1+++ song and dance number. Its amazing show truly showcased the talent of the 42 participating representatives that won by a woman from Ukraine named Jamala who sang a song figuratively entitled 1944.

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest hosts Mans Zelmerlow and Petra Mede.

The whole programme went perfect right from the start to finish with the showcasing of stage design which were done with such genius and authentic display of a never before seen synchronization of the contestants and the people behind the engineering light marvels put on in every performance. But the real stand out  part of the event aside from the thrill and excitement the voting portion have made were the unthinkable and professional display of that intermission number with an ingredient of every music variety and stage acts accentuated by millions of programmable logic controlled lights that until today people have talking about the Eurovision 2016 Finals in every social media platform all the way here in Southeast Asia including my country the Philippines.

Drones, Make the Most out of it Responsibly, Dutifully and Productively


Everybody wanted to have one and i wonder why? Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) , Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or simply call it Drones. These odd-looking robotics have been hovering overhead and being heard of with its zooming sounds of its tiny propellers and multi colored monitoring light as the only means of direct link to its ground positioned controller or its owner. it has been for tactical used by the military superpowers back as early as 90’s. War of colossal magnitude have deployed this system even in its tiniest form of a size of a small bird to make a better look prior to penetration of a main target of operations. Drones have its stealth characteristics that it can sometimes elude radars and systems and that makes the new era for the military solutions and systems more manageable with a little casualties on the ground.

Drones made the impossible in terms of peripheral views never ever encountered million of years ago, it’s sci-fi like results open up a new horizon to everyone’s creative thinking, filmmakers, photographers, underwater camera crewmen, military, researchers, geologist, farmers, architects, engineers, safety officers, CEO or COO and its a long list if were to write it here and lastly the hobbyist. The human race never stop innovating, research covering the viability to create man’s life convenient and narrow the gap of geographical distances for a real time answers and solution needed in every facilities such as healthcare, shops, stores, offices, transportacion facilidad, underground tunnels service booths and even to cemetery. And one of the primary reasons behind is to cut out the issues concerning precious lives of those involved in the performance of their duties.

The promising development it could bring to the society has somewhat shaken the existing laws and restrictions for the aerial transportation around the globe. Indeed this change has the ups and downs as we are again entering the phase of full acceptance of its vast effects to businesses who are currently studying the optimal integration of robotics particularly in logistics and distribution process. The factual effect of manpower resources displacement once it is put up in operation of any business entity is very imminent and a thing of today we must embrace.

In every opportunity lost they say there’s a lot we can readily explore such as in this drone issue, a new opportunity to be a ‘drone pilot or UAS/UAV Controller’ is waiting on the other door to fill up the immediate needs this development have. But it doesn’t end there, it just started a new challenge not only to its patronizing customers but also to its corporate operators and even the group producing it must live up to its purposeful promises laid upon. Are we soon gonna see a bigger insects hovering above our rooftops? How about its routes, who will police its operations once it is put in the mainstream? Is there any insurance takers, how will they put premium on it? An opportunity also awaits the would be end users that they could offer to their loyal customers. But beware, imitations are bound to hit also the mainstream and its digital space above creating foreseeable trouble that could be catastrophic in nature. Originally manufactured or not these are all potential incident agitator. Fire of unforeseen numbers might be the new landscape our neighborhood could witness, the firemen will be seriously considering the inclusion to its program the Prevention of Fire Resulting from a Drone of Irresponsible use , padding up its budget for a simple revision of its campaign. Calls from disrupted and disturbed household are also a picture worth looking at. So how and many hows do we really need to adjust or make promotion thereof of the proper and responsible use of a drone system?

There ought to be a specified by laws to cover, monitor and police in a most acceptable standard manner of drone use. Preventing its misuse by delegation of specific open spaces or areas for hobbyist and giving rewards to those who’ll convincingly report unauthorized use of the same will somehow negate the potential damage it may cause.  Just like a commercial flight, a record log book is a must for the operators which shall form part of its license renewal that can be downloaded from the government agency manning the system. Inventions are great if utilized properly and commercially adapted for a greater production opportunity is the only time we can say it is indeed a noble one.

Firstly let’s explore the immediate impact it could make if were to utilize it with those areas of enormous dimensions such as farms, mountain regions, ocean surfaces, stadias, cemetery and theme parks. The purpose shall be as follows, get up to date information of figures in terms counting how many cows are lounging around the farm lots and construction sites with tower cranes and large amount of scaffoldings around . Where does a recently crashed commercial flight jet debris might be for a possible clue to its location, provide an eye where the insurgents are hiding in the ridge of the mountains and keep track of their daily activities whether they’re launching attack to the lowland and municipality, keep an eye to the converging people in a sold out concert and monitor if illegal drugs and pots are being used. These are just a tip of an iceberg when it comes it its potentials and helpful effect. We just heard that a commercial convenient store made a successful deliveries using drones and a rope! A rope? how come such sophisticated invention could have utilized an age old tying knot system? In curiousity we must ask and listen how they’ve successfully did it, and how do they intend to improve the system relative to its rope thing.

Second, it must be regulated, as it is of the same potential hazard once it lands on the hands of those person whose main interest is to wreck havoc and chaos to a peaceful community. Black Market and online sellers must be check at once, this is one of the hardest part that lies ahead. The challenge to monitor and ensure that it wont be utilized into any terrorism act and the like. Wouldn’t it be possible to tied it up with the current mobile data service provider for a serious monitoring ? perhaps the government agency shall be at the forefront of this endeavor if we are seriously considering the immersion of all local government units to provide strict responsible usage of drone.

Third, a sophistically advance type of drone system should be readily available at the government disposal during the disastrous events such as earthquakes, floods and disturbance of civil proportion enough to instill bigger problems stemming from political polarity.

Lastly, it is not the physical unmanned aerial system that matters most but the results it can provided in the preparation of a possible immediate solution to a live challenges and its multi-faceted data whether it is in form of its camera, temperature, point to point engagement or whatever you want to call it. The real time informations potential solution at hand will always be the best part of this advancement lessening if not totally eliminating the loss of life and limbs for those high risk jobs and duties.

I want to challenge the unmanned aerial system manufacturers to take into consideration the potential damage it can bring once it lost point of contact from its base by figuring it out on how to have it transform into a foamy soft and spherical thing once it becomes contactless and or powerless during its journey. And to linked it with the current satellite system above for a synchronous voyage with the commercial jets in order to avoid large scale loss of lives and properties.

Thank you for reading my blog , are you a drone user or fan? Let’s discuss and see for ourselves how can we help bring this new gadget in a seamless motion. Paquito

The 7 Not So Secret Things When Saying I Do’s

With these pair of white sacred birds we are sending our promises to heaven.

The wedding month of June have been through for an exactly three weeks and it is noticeable that there are those who haven’t made it to be rendered as June Bride. But to many, it  is not important to them whether it’s the month of June or not, They’ve still chose sacredness and practicality over hype and higher expenses. All of the dates written in the calendar can be considered as important day of their lives as it was in that chilly rainy afternoon that a friend tied the knot with most popular girl in the campus that everybody have gone crazy about upon hearing it because you’ve been chasing her in your entire life. That means Love is truly in the air and there are seven not so secret things you need to learn if you have decided to say I Do.


Pre-Ceremony , the emergence of a wedding planner – They say the start is always the hardest, but for a couple who have been through thick and thin they say it’s the hardest part that makes the dream sweeter than anything else. Being in the threshold of fulfilling the act of tying the knot makes them more eager to push the deal. The traditional visitation of the groom’s family to the bride’s home to formally meet and greet the clan even the fraction of a community if your mi amore is a prominent local icon of the place. It is the formal icebreaker for both parties to greatly involved with the preparation and help create a wonderful fairy tale wedding date for the couple and all of this in the orchestration of a wedding planner.

Project Expenses or Budget – Nowadays it’s quite expensive but an easier task forming part of the deal. Internal hedge funding or through a delegation sort of assignment to some very close people in their lives, friends, acquaintances, aunts and uncles and the list goes on up to the tiniest detail of giveaways. You just need to be more practical to accept whatever voluntary-provisions they could afford just to assure you that it’ll timely arrive for the memorable event. Card payment revolutionizes the the most important part of the event and it even broaden the choices of the coupe to settle it in terms for the next 6 months of the honeymoon period.

Choice of Matrimonial Ceremony Venue – in this area of concern pertaining to the historic significance some people are looking at, it’s still big is better while small is best! why? Getting a huge church capacity truly pride its main characters, the couple. The significant facts lies therein is the notion it brings to the guest that you’re really trying to shout to the whole world how you truly love each other and come lunch or dinner time, your 2-3 hours reservation to the reception part is still short and could simply turn into a hush-hush table to table game just to see your photos out of prim and elegance. It’s the  opposite if you choose a relevant chapel, a community chapel where there’s a wide space for parking, enough to accommodate the principal sponsors and close relatives. And come lunch or dinner time, the event could turn into a very personal or intimate one. You’ll have enough time saying your thank yous to everyone present in the hall and have the best smile during the photo op with the guest at 3 to 4 poses including a wacky shot.

Major Sponsors – Gone are the friends of your parents though some still practice it, the front seats are now occupied by politicians, tycoons, taipans and even mafias. It is the idea of getting so much in return as a seed funds for a brand new beginnings. Even if the event has a set protocol as to type of garments, sponsors do normally arrive in  style, glamorous we may say but to them it’s just a normal weekend as their calendar weekends are surely filled with red marks to the major sponsor the community.

Reception Venue and Not so ordinary way of it – It is really different today as compared before. a minimum of 2 hours respite after the matrimonial ceremony follows before the actual ingress of the guest to the reception venue. The old school ways are seldomly seen just how it was in the movie The Godfather scene of Michael Corleone tying the knot with Apolonia in the mountains of Sicily where the reception followed in less than 15 minutes avoiding their guest to get hungry. Today, a dance floor with the full entourage of mobile disco lights metamorphosed the sanctity of marriage into a rave party. It is not about the newly wed couple anymore but about the guest and the experience.

Post-Ceremony – It’s to celebrate, really, with the people behind the success of the event where they’re trooping to the nearest Starbucks for a little chat and comparing and sharing of photos taken from each smartphones. While some packed already and hit the scheduled flight to the beaches with the couple’s honeymoon giving them the idea of a continued friendship even if the two have officially paired for good. Gone are the first dinner or breakfast to the groom’s house with the family as an old tradition which they say brings luckier results to the newly weds life and prosperity.

Honeymoon – no matter what faith and belief you have, this post wedding event solemnity of union must be consummated. Even if it was done before the wedding ceremony, it must be done as it is written in the scriptures and clearly to be adhered to. It’s like a magic that the newly weds apprehensions are gone in a minute. With their professed love and devotion as the main source of strength to fulfill their one life journey.

Getting hitched? Think twice and chill, you might want to postpone it for a couple years  just to be sure of yourself and the obligations inserted therein. Have a nice day ahead. Your comments and suggestions are highly valuable to me, please send them in. Thank you.   

Happier We Wanna be and Goodbyes We seek Convincingly 

FullSizeRender (8)

Goodbyes are sometimes made in heaven.  Taking out yourself in the mettle of life convenience is the most dumbfounded decision a person could do, sometimes I run, sometimes I hide said once in a song and momentarily you ask again yourself “am I really ready for this?” Half of you wittingly says it is and the other sadly isn’t . Decision making is a must and a must we must decide to move the wheel of point of no return.

Its gonna be a picturesque of an old ways we’ve  done and the unpredictability of a new set of windows to show you new promises and optimism to start the greatest chapter of the precious life ahead. To some it can be describe as the most boring part and unproductive days of their life while to others who have never cracked during extreme pressure to lay for the nth time a foundation they could stand to and the forebearings of flexibility to withstand the never before seen de facto of life twist and turns decidedly. But how easy is easy if we have foreclosed the failed line of happiness? Can we accept these life event transformation even if we are aware of its results? People see things differently without a doubt with no reserve to success and in failure we succumbed.

In success you hinge your fate of faith. To rely with the basic instinct of facing the game of life is the only armor and pride you could freely excercise and battling out the doubting Thomas in you will just keep you amplified to begin something new. With this we tried and hide the imperfections of our current life, friends and even love ones but lo and behold for in these peculiar reasons we promptly heed the call that after all we are and only we are can settle the  box score out and proud.

For Once you must glide above, you’ve lifted the burden within and those glances at the window should slowly drifts and drip the tears away putting trickles of measurable closure by the time you start to step down the silent stair of a new beginning where the chance to be a happier you as you’ve always wanted to be that a final wave of goodbye you have surrendered convincingly. God never ceases to situationally put us out of our comfort for in heaven above our memories are written.

Living Alone and Away 

The world have broken its barriers. The travel time going to any place has been faster than ever. The life of a man have become such an easy task that most of the things we wanna do can be done in a click of a finger. Book a flight, buy your food and check your financial status become so handy and amazingly transpose this world into a world of million of possibilities. But how do you spell sadness with such technology that bridges the gap of loneliness and away from the physical world of your love ones? Let us explore the inconvenient facts of living alone and away from home.

We used to share laughs and a little touch on your face , now i cant for all i can see are memories of forever….

They say it’s only for a little while, a little while that feels beyond my imagination of how we define infinity. That being away is the most saddest part in a man’s life and to his heart. The smell of a morning breeze engulfing the warmth of a home, the sound of the whistling trees kissing your face during dusky afternoon these are indeed are the things that technology can’t imitate nor replace just to escape boredom and being alone. If we have the best technology they’ve been clamoring then we shouldn’t be trapped in this oneness and solitude. 

For an adventurer, being alone is power, being away is strength but we are all programmed to be in a situational convergence to achieve emergence. We must evolve with everyone that matters to our lives and it’s by choice we put pristine acts of togetherness and be happy about it. For a barrier to be broken is a gap we are bridging. We are all wanderer always beseeching consolation for any moment that transpire in our life. 

For a person on a mission, the firm thought process of “this is just a temporary sooner I’ll be in my old ways, place and love ones” but how temporary it is when we are on a mission where somebody is relying to that temporary mission? It is a never ending process of true acceptance of the truth that we are indeed in a temporary-permanent solitude. That the sole reward at the end of the mission is a stronger and fulfilled dreams of a man for his children which must come along his grated hair and ruffled skin, slowed by age we never be the same again for being away have been the sacrificial lamb of dreams we did for a mission. 

For us who are heroes to our children, being alone means surprises, that one day we’ll be back in their arms again with their favorite chocolates perhaps much awaited toy. As being alone for more than half of the day, and half of the month into the year simply translates into realms of fact and again acceptance that we must face even in this technology driven world. 

For as long we have our parents and love ones walking above the earth, we must pay dearly respectable visits to while away the loneliness, the hours and days of being away that makes them reminisce all the mischiefs and good deeds we have that openly unfold in their eyes during our younger years. For living alone and away is not proper for everyone as long as our love ones are not yet immortalized in bricks and stone which is the only time they should feel living forever away and alone. 

Respect begots respect, love our parents while they’re still living with us away and alone. 

Thank you for taking time reading this blog as am sure we are not living away and alone forever. Paquito

The Unforgettable  FIBAOQT Manila Experience

We were part of the historic basketball Olympic Qualifying Tournament and witnessed the A1+ game of TP09 in booking the last tix to Rio Olympics.

The recently concluded FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament held at the fabled Mall of Asia Arena has brought a lot of questions than answers for our own team Gilas Pilipinas. It was the largest by far as for basketball event ever held in the Philippine soil which were attended by current NBA superstars with Tristan Thompson , Tony Parker , Hamadi Ndiaye , Joel Anthony , Cory Joseph , Boris Diaw , Omer Asik and Euroleague MVP Nando De Colo who was also named the tournament MVP. The short but very important competition have the best ingredients for success our fellow countrymen are looking for in a prestigious basketball game where it is treated like religion in terms of popularity of the sports.

Though our bet Gilas Pilipinas were unable to notch a decent win, all loses ended in a single digit deficit against World power France and New Zealand who’ve played better team plays in both ends of the court. The thrill of getting into lead for a certain quarter somehow gave us the notion of getting to almost at their level of competitiveness. Andray Blatche played his best but come up short for a victory as his team mates were overpowered either by height and heft that will make our bunch of coaches to ponder the idea of getting taller and more agile players in the future.

Once more the tourney results and competitive level showed us the virtue of teamwork, the importance of cohesiveness, the beauty of familiarization of each member of a team that makes the execution of every play to run with a gentle and suave approach even in times of great pressures. The speed versus height and the outside shooting against clogged inside lanes balances the competition.

With my twin-brother Nando and youngest brother Chris who once played for FEU Basketball Team B. Both are still active competitively and bowed to extend their playing years after getting inspired by cat-quick moves of TP09

The strict adherence to games schedule made me consider to improve my time management in whatever situation I will be which were boldly felt inside the venue. No fancy or elaboration in the timely chronicles of each nation team movement to and from the Soffitel Hotel to the playing venue MOA Arena with high regard to being on-time attitude. The evident display of seriousness to win the lone pass to the ultimate basketball tournament which is the Olympics are traceable to their faces and body language.  Pride, Respect and History are the invisible part of the price at stake making these famous players played their heart out.

We were able to witnessed the different style of ball rotations, mind boggling passes making one player get open shot at the basket in the full view of the spectators drawing awe and screams of surprised crowds of the six nation inside the arena. And we were treated to several razzle dazzle moves by Jason Castro William the Gilas Pilipinas point guard and once again proves to us why he was the Asia’s Best Point Guard speeding fast his defender play every play and provided the needed points in coming up short in both losses.

The FIBA Officials led by President Patrick Bauman expressed his honest opinion of contentment with the way it was handled by our countrymen spearheaded by SBP Manny V. Pangilinan and SM Hans Sy and the PBA Officials . It was indeed world class.

Seeing our Philippine Flag side by side with the worlds best makes me prouder than ever.

Even after bowing out in two games of the Gilas Pilipinas, Filipino hoop fans with the mix of the visiting teams nationalities the arena were filled to rafters as the tickets sold on line was gone in a couple of hours after it was offered. This only shows the spectrum of basketball polarity with the US and Europe basketball remarkable following. The games popularity were felt by the visiting players as Tony Parker of French Basketball team said in an interview “we were like rockstar” indulging to selfies with his fans before boarding the teams designated bus going back to hotel.

Games souvenir from every sponsors were on display for sale ranging from one of the most expensive timepiece Tissot watch and TP09 official sponsor PEAK rubber shoes. Petron Tri Activ booth offers great prices if you can make 5 free throws in 30 seconds bringing you the pressure of making free throws within the time limit makes you experience how it is with FIBA in the international arena.

Chris Santiago of ANZ Bank calmly sank 5 consecutive freebthrows to win a Petron item shown here with Petron Tri Active ambassador.
FIBA OQT 2016 Manila leg sponsors

We are all witness to the level of game the tournament made of and it is with a positive thought that we must embrace to make it in the Olympic Games the basic and proven approach to the game that no team can win a game without playing solid defense, orchestrated offense and fluidity in motion in running our plays from both ends of the hardcourt within the whole 40 minutes duration. This experience have taught us the virtue of dedication to practice, the commando attitude we need to firmly stay focus throughout the tournament and ultra ordinary experience for the team, the players and the coaching staffs including the media and the die hard fans who will always believe in the talent of our countrymen who’ve made sacrifices to their respective family’s and love ones in serving our flag.

This is just a beginning of the next big thing in the history of the Philippine basketball, a teaser for the 2019 World Cup and eventually by Gods grace and players infinite admiration to serve and share their talent once more to elevate our level in the halls of basketball greatness if not supremacy in the heart of Asia.

#LabanPilipinas will always be our word of motivation and earn the respect of the basketball word .

Thank you for all the sponsors for treating us to an unforgettable experience we have never imagine could happen in our life, thank you for bringing the best of the basketball world. Smart , Meralco , PLDT , Petron Tri Activ , TPB Philippines , Tissot , Peak , Molten , Japan Airline , ChampionWanda Group and Nanjing Beer.

Thank you FIBA for reading my blog. Paquito

Having Fun and Enjoying the Rainy Day’s Do’s & Dont’s

We have 2 seasons to be honest, though to some they have 3 or four. our’s belong to the tropical belt of the equatorial territory where rainforest are abundant. It’s wet season and for the next 2-4 months we will be experiencing the drench and its post effects ranging from flash floods, overflowing rivers and even receding shores for those living in the bay area. For us living the concrete jungle of the city, the post rain effect can be compared to a chaos of numerous days of slowed traffic, both for the vehicular and pedestrian aspects. Safety is of paramount concern of everyone and it is indeed costly in whatever way you wanted to fend it off. We are forewarned with those road signs and we do sometimes tend to underestimate the importance and lessons it’ll bring after taking a quick look with it. Here are my several Do’s and Dont’s in these wet time of the year.

Do these for your own good.

  1. Check your car, PMS is very important. You don’t wanna experience bog down in the middle of the road during strong rain.
  2. Plan your your ROUTE, as floods might be present to that corner road you’re frequently plying and it’s time to look for alternate road to avoid it.
  3. Listen to Public Service Radio programs, though you’re hooked to your favorite music streaming, listening occasionally to public service will guide you and a better understanding for the weather condition for the next 24 hours. And be serious about it.
  4. Do have an umbrella and other wet weather protection for your healthy answer to the its possible extreme effects such as acquiring flu, fever etc.
  5. Wear Boots in flooded area if it’s necessary.
  6. It’s time to wear those candy colored gloves in public to ensure you’ll avoid getting bacteria from those wet things you’ll be holding unconsciously especially in public.
  7. Dress up to the occasion, there is nothing better than wearing the right and proper grooming for the wet weather, cap, jackets, boots, ear plugs if you need it, shoals and other fabric to keep you warm and dry even in the wettest days ahead.
  8. Use a layered bags, or waterproofed bags to ensure your gadgets are safe.
  9.  Have a list of emergency numbers at hand just in case you need it, it’ll be done in a swift manner wherever you are.
  10. Make a little stock of your needs from foods to hygiene basics and of course have a spare cash at your disposal.
  11. Never ride a public transport which do you think is overloaded, dilapidated, wobbly-moving, unprotected from rain and smelly interiors due to moistened humidity as this will have a great effect to your respiratory system and can cause allergies.
  12. Be ready with your medicine kit, it’s the first line of defense you need to assure your family well being and make it to the medical facility when needed.

Don’t’ do these during rainy season also for your own good.

  1.  Never trust the public who’s telling you the flood water is as deep as this only. Go out of your car and observe and avoiding it is the best thing to address such situation.
  2. Never wade in flood waters, diseases such as leptospirosis, fungal infection and the like is the most common you can acquire and regret once you did.
  3. Don’t cross the road during strong rains, the chance of getting hit by a speeding vehicle is high due to poor visibility. Use the pedestrian wisely after ensuring that the traffic lights are working.
  4. Don’t be silly trying to be egoistic during the wet season, ignorance and negligence are the two words of caution to get you in danger. Be wise and smart as always.
  5. Don’t go out if it can be avoided. Staying home is the best and surest way to ensure you’re safe during storms.
  6. Take a cab or an app-based taxi for your convenience and get the flexibility effect it can give you like taking the train in passing flooded areas, stay in some public places while waiting for the rain to subside and without your car you’re more mobile trust me, Don’t bring your car if necessary during rainy day.
  7. Don’t eat those street oily foods. Rain soaked foods brings bacteria propagation due to change of weather. Flies and insects are out of their comfort zone as they don’t wanted also to get drowned. 
  8. Do not drive near the riverbanks especially during the heaviest rain and traffic. Inundation of soil is most likely should the river swell on the banks.
  9. Don’t forget to remove those soil or mud dirt from your soles before driving as this might cause you to slip from pedals and loose control of the car. 
  10. Don’t go home late at night, person of ill refute comes in pack and attack potential victims by pretending to be a group and mugged you in the end.
  11. Don’t push yourself to be the willing victim of disaster, reschedule those flights or ferry trips to avoid ending up one of the missing person from a plane crashed or ferry capsizing accident or disaster .
  12. Avoid those motorcycle in wet roads or avoid riding one during rain as slippery road is a great recipe of disastrous accident. 

These are only an introduction to your safe well being and must not only revolve within the stated. There are limitless options of bright and practical things to do in times of adverse weather condition whenever or wherever we are. Keep safe and enjoy the rainy season with hot soups and chocolate drinks with our love ones. 

Thank you for reading my blogs. Paquito

"behind every difficulty i saw a lot of opportunity" – Paquito

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