Expecting always the Un-expected ! BEATING FAILURE 101

Most of us rely on our instincts and always expecting the next day as good as today even the other day. We can refer this to our cars, stove top, freezers, mobile phones, laptops and everything made or invented in this complicated world. These all man made conveniences are presupposed to help us manage literally in a faster and systematize processes the tasks ahead. And the unexpected happen for no reason at all and we felt upset about it, isn’t it? Let’s start breaking the patterns that brought up these things inside our places either home, office and you name it.

  • We chose and bought things out after a tedious and leg breaking stroll inside the places where these things are available and we, as i’ve said take it or buy it.
  • We hurriedly drive home thinking not to miss that tv program or news event of the day/night.
  • And we start using the item we just acquire and it becomes a cycle, a little clean here a little dusting rub there.
  • All of these kept on running until one day we realized it’s broken, hanged, stop working or short-circuited , Now it needs the repairman or needed to book a schedule of diagnostic-repair-return-use process.

These are the turn of events we don’t wanted to be in, especially when we needed it most! So how we gonna avoid the trap? It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to avoid and be abreast of it at the moment. Going back to the four transcripts of events, we forgot to accomplish the after sales document which is the Warranty document, we got to accomplish and submit it before leaving the store. We tend to be lousy when it comes to this and let us admit it. It won’t kill you i assure you but it’ll be a problem in the making once you forget it. Expecting the optimum performance of anything is like taking care a newborn baby, treat it with utmost care and you’ll reap smiles along the way.

We got to act professionally even inside our homes when it comes to our facilities and things that are important to us. Keeping a small record files of anything somehow keep you track the performance records and the like. Just a small book of house things with write ups as to date of purchase, store name, photo of the store and receipt, return clause period, service center address, hotline platform telephone number or web address. And in doing so, we are aware when to dispose and get replacement respectively. Now we’re pretty sure that taking proper care of everything important to our system will eliminate the probability of getting the unexpected expectedly.

Lousy approach produce lousy results, let us be always prepared to obtain prepared results. Paquito


Watch out ! An Interview with the Hottest Photographer of the Millennials

There’s an outstanding young and smart photographer who has been capturing the best scenes, subject and the heart of the  young and olds around the country. An interview with focus on his success and future plans is coming soon! – Paquito

The 2016 US Presidential Elections

The United States of America Presidential election will be held on November 8, 2016, exactly 96 calendar days from now and the the US will embrace the new leader in the person of either Democratic party  official candidate, US Sec. Hillary Clinton, the wife of former US President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump representing the Republican party, a well known billionaire. Both hailed from the busiest state of the country, New York City.

Like a rockstar, they’re both a big hit in every state they land in, huge number of supporters both young and old put their solid faith attending each campaign. And the atmosphere and vibe are now escalating to its greater heights with both official candidates and their VP’s using their remaining but all the arsenals to win the majority votes of every states. This presidential election campaign period has seen a lot of drama and number of candidates with only one in mind which is to lead the most powerful country on earth and maintain the leadership in its homeland and allied countries. As both of them claimed their qualifications to lead and manage the country affairs, their future in the next 100 days to be the 45th President are still in the hands of the people of America who are expecting the continuity of an american dream that were sustained by the incumbent US President Barack Obama and his cabinet.

Even in this very advanced and powerful economic country, challenges are abound in the form of homeland security, migration, jobs, gun control and allied affairs to name a few bolstering the need to sustain and  ensure that the people of America will be as safe and good place to live in. Foresight to solutions and positive effects to its current and future challenge are the most important substance they need to think of once they decide who to vote for on that election day.

Let your voice be heard aloud silently in a piece of ballot and faith. In God We Trust.- Paquito


The Power of being Straightforward

People always locked in disputes, conflicts, miscommunication and whatever you wanna call it. We tend to understand things way different from what is being told to us, why? how on earth we absorb things in a manner it is far the true thoughts or message it should be? Was it due to the fact that grammar have continue to evolve that it becomes hard for us to comprehend and understand outright the message being impart, or maybe because we don’t pay too much attention as according to some case study “people now have a very short attention span of only eight seconds,” i repeat a little under 8 seconds and we seek to focus to other things out visually and thoughtfully.

Enough of hyperbolic statement or shall we say let’s get back to the basic of communication which is the power of being straightforward. Easier to be understood, easy to get the message across and get the proper answer were expecting it should be. Social media are now flooded of messages that always get around the bush style that the one seeking information are ushered into other ideology and content before he could get the true essence of the story. Communication dates back the dark period using tablets and scribbles across the surfaces of cave walls, the use of scrolls and birds in sending the message to the other part of civilizations are shall we say, straightforward as it’ll be a heavy load to carry above enroute its flight of destination if it’s written in volumes.  Telegraph during the early 1900’s were sent in a concise and easy to understand manner to ensure the sense of urgency are well respected. SMS, emails and minutes of the meetings are the most dominant type of communication recordings of statement across an organization and the globe that we don’t wanted to be misunderstood or misquoted by the other party.

Then with the power of being straightforward is the available and viable option to avoid miscommunication, conflicts and disputes. We are all entitled to it and we must express ourselves freely in a more straightforward expression.  Are you always being misquoted or worst misunderstood, From now on you won’t as you are indeed allowed to always be a straightforward person.

Let us get straight to the point and get what we wanted pointblank. Paquito

Rock-Round the Clock Fun in Northern Marianas Islands! Saipan, Tinian & Rota

Once in our lifetime we deserve to have  an extreme off work time to revitalized, rejuvenate, explore things and places we’ve never done for the rest of our lives. Escape the concrete jungle of the commercial business district and breathe the freshest air that only an island could give, an infinite breathtaking horizons that’ll surely make you forget even your latest memo on your table back in the office. An island that is just less than 150 kilometers apart which you can tour around within the span of three full  round the clock time frame. Isn’t it cool and exciting ? Am gonna tag a friend who are all amazingly nature loving adventurers and explore the Northern Marianas Islands culture, food , sceneries and its people, go island hopping around and see for real the famous Banzai Cliff, feel the cold damp interior of the Kalabera cave, have a groupie taken atop the Forbidden island and attend a mass at Mount Carmel Church for an immersed spirituality in an island far from the noise of a city.

The au naturelle experiences will surely continues to the Tinian island where the long Broadway road is a totally new adventure to measure the breadth of the place. See and educate ourselves to the history behind the Japanese Memorial at the suicide cliff and appreciate the Torri’s majestic view point towards the Tatsumi’s reef. Climb down the stair of the Tinian harbor and be abreast of how this strategic island has been used to win the battle of the Pacific during WWII. Passing thru Aguijan lies within the 100 kilometer air distance is the island of Rota which is the nearest island to Guam. We wanna see for real exotic birds and kingfishers feeding from fish amidst the strong waves hitting the white fine sand of the beach shore  of the Bird sanctuary.

Relax, rejuvenate and revitalised in a paradise that awaits you in the form of both inland and underwater vacation activities as we are looking forward to learn and promote the conservation of the natural habitat and connect its meaningful importance to the mainland US in winning the war in the Pacific. And it’s gonna be a Rock-Round the Clock Fun once we hit the Northern Marianas Islands gems, Saipan, Tinian and Rota islands.

We are all part of the habitat, people needs nature and nature needs nurture, let us all be at the forefront of promoting the conservation and preservation of the mother earth. – Paquito 

Gatsby Night at UAP QC Chapter Induction of 2016-17 Officers & Committees

Everyone came in their best circa 1900 gatsby suits and dresses, black and white complete with face-nets and dressed hair of feathers. This was the atmosphere inside the Manansala Ballroom of the Sulo Riviera Hotel in the heart of the city as the United Architects of the Philippines Quezon City Chapter celebrated its induction of new team of officers, a combination of the young and seasoned members of good standing whose dedication and devotion to served one of the prestigious chapter in the official organization of the registered Architects in the country. Led by the duly elected chapter President Ma. Carla Epino, immediate past President Joey Mendoza symbolically turned over the leadership with the formal banging of the bell with the gavel. Formal induction were done by no less than the National President of the UAP Ar. Guillermo Hisancha and his core team that made the evening event remarkable.

The event sponsors from Megalodon International Enterprise executives for sales from left Mr. Sean Patrick Agtarap and Catherine Malinao and  Fenestram Corporation’s  Ms Sheena Maningas, Rannie M. Cruz, Ar. Bumi Asanza and Paquito.
Ar. Mozo Lorenzo, Steve Olonan, Carlo Marudo with his son and Bumi Asanza

Major sponsor, BOYSEN Paints was actively represented by Nelson Lao while Fenestram Corporation with Ms Sheena Maningas, Rannie M. Cruz and Megalodon International Enterprise with Catherine Malinao, Sean Patrick Agtarap,  serves as minor sponsors respectively. The event was well attended with the presence of past presidents and its founding member none other than Ar. Greg Timbol who with his contemporaries Architects Ed Florentino, Luz Litonjua-Yap and the transitionary leaders Architects Edric Marco Florentino and Anna Mangalino-Ling significantly established a well rounded historic affair for everyone to fully grasp the tradition of upholding the best practices in

Ar Jillian Fatima Asdalla in her pastel pink modern gatsby get up.

   leadership and management affairs of the chapter for the just started fiscal year. The event were hosted by past presidents Richard Garcia and Maricel Arce-Ignacio.

A team without a leader cannot achieve any little, while a team with a fearless leader could achieve just as expected, but a leader with the whole team on his side will achieved more than what was just expected. Congratulations Carla and to your team, Mabuhay! Paquito

Weekdays are the Color of Money

Seven months down or exactly 213 days or  5,112 hours or equivalent to 306,720 minutes have lapsed or added to our dear life. And if we’re to determine the working hours spent for those working at 8 hours for 5 days a week, they have already spent the 24.5 of it so to speak. Have we asked ourselves if that is proportionate to our needs and wants or set targets for the current year.

You’re surprised aren’t you? Am just spending the 24 percent of my daily hours and be considered productive? Now we know why the fuzz, the pressures the target sales, planning ahead of time means to one organization. We frequently failed to analyze first the importance of existence. The meaning of sacrifice is just envelop into an almost a quarter of our attention and talent.

Weekdays are the color of money, to some it’s a bit rosy but to most of those pressured laden jobs and cyclical it’s grayish near black, that a single mistake will cost his termination. And to maintain the color of money within the palette of green, blue, orange, yellow or whatever currency you have in your country you must put in your best talent and attention down to your last cent of effort to control the color of money you want that am sure is not grayish to black.

Start the work week with the color of money in mind and the people who are considering you as the hero of their lives. Your comments are truly welcome, Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 02

Like the little ant that see ahead of his time, in this bulk of sweeteners it’ll reach the bottom of this basket by travelling the road of predictability. Paquito

Congratulations to all the readers who’ve been able to read the very first version the Paquito Answer for the Day, we just added a premium in our whole being in getting even the tip of the thought that comes with it. Today, i’ve received an sms from a sales representative of a prominent real estate developer in my country, the Philippines.

Does seeking to travel the less travelled road always lead us to success? Thank you   

Many have tried and many more have failed, life changing decisions have its pros and cons depending on how you perceived things in life. Let me tell you again that we are all created uniquely different ! no thumbprint are alike, see it for yourself my dear readers. Our mark to failure and success were inscribed in a well-balanced manner that no one is above anyone in terms of luck or disdain. It is the freedom of choice that make things differs from one individual to another, getting off from the herd and going the path tangential to the group have sometimes produced results you’ve never expected. Asking around the bush will deepen your thoughts and awareness towards the basic question you’ve been asking yourself how’d did he do it? It might be fittingly best for him but not for you as we are differs again in our life stature and contentment. Yes it is being satisfied and contended with what, where, who and why we are here in the world of a million chance and expectations.

Managing your expectations is the best measurement of success you’re aiming for and to travel the less one or the packed one is not the answer to it as it is the perseverance, sacrifices and satisfaction you’ve poured in, that’s gonna bring you to an improved level of life convenience and stability you’re looking for.

We’ve been seeking success all throughout our life, lead it with a generous amount of faith and you’re bound to be the unimaginable You , you’ve never imagined. Thank you for reading my blogs. Paquito 

Paquito Quote for the Day 02

IMG_4657 [183088]
i look good , seemed to taste good but have you heard how i screamed when i was being cook? i made my sacrifices on top of fire just to keep you nourished and happy. Speak, hear and see only the truth to make this world a better place.

Good day to you my dear readers ! Excitement and thrill is what your author is feeling right now as we are continuously receiving tremendous reactions from all parts of the globe and for the second important quote for the day which is a day before the seventh month of 2016 ends let us discuss and exchange brief ideas and suggestions to make this one a great one.

Speak no evil, Hear no evil and See no evil.. An angelic personification way to practise respect.

We eat, sleep and woke up the next morning. We do normal things the way things should be normal. We report to work, we socialized with the basic liberties we can drawn upon and at our own disposal we speak, hear and see things the way we witness it.

Here comes your friend, family and co-workers who are all like you can see, hear and speak the way they witness things . But how in this world a gap more commonly known as conflict is being born out of nowhere or perhaps out of our most basic imagination could made to? Look around folks, people seemed to be at peace with their poker faces and warmth facial gestures. And yet there’s still an unfounded discourage to trust someone who do they didn’t knew at all. That don’t trust strangers things has caught up the best from us and limit somehow the probability of expanding our tail of acquaintances. Moreover it has been clamping up us to reach out as we won’t wanna experience outright rejection.

In right words we must, open our mouth and mind respectfully. In crystal clear thoughts we must, hear the true meaning of his statement and in a 20/20 vision we must, record the factual event that have been seen by our very own eyes and equally we should narratively recall what is truth and just to someone trying to access our visual memory.

By speaking the only truth, by sharing truthful events and by repeating ONLY what we’ve heard could change this world, pulled out us from the evil harnesses that deceived us from the truth and narrows our path to understand things very well and misunderstood ourselves towards people. What a wonderful it could be to live in a community with a halo of respect. Where everyone’s greetings how’d do you do? It’s not yet late to transform a man towards a personification of all good deeds and respect and be respected by seeing no , hearing no and speaking no evil at all.

You are the most responsible user of all your senses, keeping it at check every now and then will give you an extra mile age of gaining great friends on your next journey. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. Paquito 

Paquito Answer for the Day

These wooden bench, are credible witness to anything that’ll transpire on top of it.

A friend asked me, How do you control yourself in times of adversity and criticism? Do you have such experiences and what have you learned from it? – Life if we’re to fragmentalize its four letters into a sort of our own definition will give us a thousand meaning depending on who is speaking and hearing on both ends of the line. Agree? Allow me to share it, to you my dear blog readers and followers.,

L – Loosen up ! Holding back your emotions or sincere feelings towards a critique will only create a self-imbalance of positive forces. It’ll stalled you right there and then, giving you low self esteem and be distracted. Loosening up has its ambidextrous effect to both nega-positive minds in you. Putting yourself into the one asking a critical question is equal to mirrorizing the tone, emotions, enthusiasm and sincerity to anything you hear and will prepare you upfront to give your insights and set of acceptable and comprehensible thoughts you have at any given day. So guy’s loosen up a bit and learn the art of mirrorizing facts and fallacies.

I – Innovate yourself ! A korean song goes like this, ” i want nobody, nobody but you. ” and upon hearing this, have you asked yourself why would someone or somebody would want nobody but me? And the answer is already a default one isn’t it, since we are the only master of ourselves. The price tag we put into our well being including the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, professional and you name it, all of this can be done with our very own eagerness or self providence. An innovative way of dealing with life’s daily challenges is tantamount to equipping yourself day in day out. So guys innovate and be a better you.

F – Fear no one but yourself ! We are indeed our own greatest enemy. Dont procrastinate, a level of thinking parallel to the amount of your fears is a less likely to drive you at the wheel of your life. Leading a good and better you to be the best in everything is a surefire way to eradicate the unsolicited inutile feeling. Fear no one, but fear God. For in a man’s spiritual solitude he finds the answer, the options and the the decision to apply in a certain situation he considered at first a dead end. In God We Trust and i rest my case. People of the world fear no one but yourself for an understandable you.

E – Evolve into the world of everything ! – We all live temporarily in this world. Whenever we attend a burial of someone either an immediate or distant relative and hearing the words “You are called ahead of us and For in heavens life we will surely meet, bring all our love and devotion with you that you will always be alive in our heart, all of you and everything about you.” it awaken up the hard fact that I , you and everyone on this world has its own date to relinquish earthly life. Life is so short. Then we must continue evolving into someone who value life, friendship, adoration and good samaritan ways to every soul we meet, gonna meet and met in our lives. Aren’t the earth reasonably evolving around the sun and its system. For in every second it counts equates to momentous variants in people’s life. You should continue to evolve to your parents, friends, acquaintances and all the members of the society. Evolve in a way it is just and without avarice, bring yourself to the best of you in everything. Share it but beware as we are all entangle with a series of problems, expectations, preservations and reservations. In other words be a man for others.

This is my take for a simple question that requires no exact answer but comprehensible and acceptable one. And again, either you or me is speaking or hearing on the either end of the line.

Thank you for taking time reading my blogs, you are the very main reason that is keeping my enthusiasm to innovate, by loosening up the fear upon me and continue to evolve by God’s grace. Paquito 

"behind every difficulty have you seen the opportunity" – Paquito

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