When Losing is Winning


The Road to Rio Olympics game is bound to be bumpy and as hard as first time you learn to do things on your own. Basketball loving country in Asia the Philippines are making its bid to be ranked among the creme of the crops, if not the best but at least be recognized as one of them and shout to the whole world the talent, passion and abilities to play the game. 18 teams from different countries are vying for the remaining 3 slots for that global games which is held once in every four years. The prestige and honor at stake will not only shake the current rankings but get the notion of the hundred scouts watching the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Manila that just started with our very own http://Gilas Pilipinas Team that they say is the most powerful team ever assembled headed by the http://Asia’s Finest point guard Jayson Castro William and naturalized player http://NBA Andray Blatche supported by sharp shooter Jeff Chan, the young and talented bunch of Terrence Romeo, Troy Rosario and http://NBA-D League Ray-Ray Parks Jr. , Ryan Reyes, Japeth Aguilar, Gabe Norwood, Marc Pingris, Ranidel De Ocampo and the current http://PBA MVP June Mar Fajardo completing the cast of the Gilas 4.0 version of 2016. Winning the qualifier is the only mission our team has right now with no reservation or excuses to the very supportive fans and sponsors. Smart and SM team up in hosting the prestigious event to the more deserving Filipino Basketball fans who are still captured by the intense drama that unfolds during the World Cup held in Spain. 

All the teams are on a mission and that becomes a very difficult task ahead for the 28 ranked Gilas Pilipinas. And we just recently played the best effort as a team in front of a sell-out crowd and around the globe dropping a game by 9 from the powerhouse 5th ranked Les Bleus of France, led by 4 time NBA Champion Tony Parker and Boris Diaw. EuroBasket MVP Nando De Colo and several active NBA players with the final score of 93-84. The remarkable display of results of rigid practice and team cohesion is very evident and is acceptable in any angle even we lose the game. Its a stepping stone toward a greater goal of gauging ourselves with the best of the world’s basketball national team. We have shown the entire world the brand and style of our game were at par and something to respect about. The chance to finally open the doors of opportunities of having a full-blooded Filipino playing in any of the NBA team in the near future. The Mall of Asia Arena will be the center stage of quality plays and highlights and also the venue of finding or discovering new talent that’ll fit to the roles available in any prime league aside from the NBA. 

It is winning the eyes of the scout, the adoration of thousand fans and the reinstatement of respect to our local brand of basketball is what truly count most. It is indeed how you played the game that matter whether you win or lose. Paquito

Your idea and prediction to the on-going http://Olympic Qualifying Tournament Manila might be larger than the nine point losing margin, please send one and i do really appreciate to answer it. Thank you for reading my blog.


Have a Break – 5 Simple Ways to Re-Organizing Your Days 

It was a super hectic workdays we have and we got so little 48 hours to plan the next 40 hours of work week ahead of us and the cycle goes on even if we decided to stall the task at hand the hour after hour will commence even if we are not looking at it. It’s an obvious 48/40 time management thing we have here and it will rely on how difficult or easy a job routine we have, add the preparation prior to the job hours itself including but not limited to waking up early, dressing up, sipping coffee to induce alertness, taking the wheel to work, park the car and hop in to the elevator and finally entering the workplace with your identity thin mark biometric recognizable data and there you go ready to start working For the next 8-9 hours of the day. Then you call it a day for work when darkness engulf the outside view of your seat. You hit the biometry, line for the lift down-ride, exit the building, unlock your car and drive home for the next 45mins – 1.5 hours of a less than 6 km distance travel that doubly drains you than the entire 8 hours work. It’s totally insane hearing those stories and repeatedly heared more to every smart guys outside the cafeteria. Seems not that smart for me. 

Let’s get it straight to the topic of breaking the rules when needed and realize the unforeseen rewards it can bring to your daily routine. Am sharing to you my 5 simple ways in re-organizing 40/48 which am sure will be helpful too with your daily woes. 

  1. Have a Break in Doing The  Planning Wisely thing as we are all aware that even with the greatest planned activity written and tabulated in a step by step manner, we failed, and it’s not a thing to whine about but a series of lesson to learn about. Pause for a while and leave the planning sequence for a bit to gather some fresh minds and fresh legs if your into active sports training. Revisit the previous tried and tested ways or manual that effectively deliver the total output you’ve been wanting. Maybe it’s time to think again if its still viable to use a system that needs re-burn or reformatting just to have it understand and accepted as done. Have a break and throw that planners! It’s a record of unsuccessful written scripts that piles up your cluttered mind and psychologically stop you to proceed according to what is more practical and doable in a sense it is being required at that moment in time. Decision making does need not to be perfect but it always need to be acceptably compromisable to all parties involved.
  2. Have a Break in Making Promises and Catch Up Thing  the idea is to go down the bottom of the all pending works at hand, trapping yourself into the middle of the Old & New task is a big mistake we do unconciously at work, play and even relationship. Have you ever forgotten the virtue that says for every door closes a series of windows open up ? Because life is a cycle and so the work you’re involved at. It’s a role we must play to make something work and a role we must not play also to make the work progress. Avoid the silly ideas of a superman thinking that you can catch up because you’re good at it and the egoistic challenging pride it makes you to face it big time. And you failed, again. Hey am not trying to teach you to be a pessimist here but am just warning you to be realistic everytime of the day and that’s how simple it is. Isn’t it a better idea to add hands to ensure that a big ticket project or account will be delivered ahead of time for at least 24 hours grace period for your internal cross checking prior to submission? Don’t unleash the superhero in you if you can have it done with the help from reliable and tested co-superhero you have in the group. Catching up is good but in the nick of time you should not. Avoid accepting new task until after you’re down with last one. Have a good break in those situation and it all start with a remarkable acceptance of your net power capacity to finish work in a given 8 hours period. 
  3. Have a Break in Multi-Tasking style of work. This breaks up the core discipline of an acceptable certified business competence, systems quality thus jeopardizing the integration put up by the management. The step by step procedure is a sure way to eliminate failure and return to the start period of works. Do what is being expected from you in accordance to the agreed  and signed contract you have and help the company, grow by putting your extra mile effort to perfect the task given. Do not try to be the jack of all trades master of nothing as this will only compromise your credibility and integrity. Avoid voluntary work when a quality management system is in place to eliminate improper actions that’ll curl up the records come certification audit validation time. 
  4. Have a Break Doing Redundant Office Meeting if you are a CEO/COO or a President of a small or big company with dreams of making it at par with the movers and shakers of the industry, think about limiting the internal conferences that has an advance schedule of management committee meeting in all Monday’s of the month for the whole year ahead as this becomes the breeding ground of incompetence within the core group. It becomes habitual norm for those members of the mancom to put up real work 2 days before the meeting and sow ineptness given the high level type of commitment that ends in various follow ups and sometimes kept for a longer period of time in the Minutes of the Meeting handouts. Doing surprise or unscheduled management committee conference will restore order in the company  and lights up the sales board if you’re into marketing business and ensure billings are submitted on time does reassuring your cashflows on-check. Micro-meeting is a little better than the traditional weekly one. Try it and  observe the positive effect it’ll create not only to the core group but with support level as well. It’ll bring a change that everybody wanted to see making each day filled with excitement with focal point at figures related to incentives and other perks. Have a break and do it sometimes wearing your casual jeans for a subtle and effective down to earth character of power.
  5. Have a Break in Grinding Your Staffs , Issuing NTE’s and Warning Memos, in short Refrain or Relax the Issuance of Memos everybody wanted a disciplined, dedicated, deserving working team but it’s a pricey walls you need to maintain such team whom are products of extra ordinary academic performance with the highest expectations to their respective careers and life visions thus it cannot be discounted to enlist average workforce who are “willing to be trained” as they’ve stated in their curriculum vitaes and work overtime when needed during the interview. Memos tend to sow terror sort of acceptance to the staffs making them move from one fence to another seeking to find employers who’ll understand their predicament. I bet you’ll all agree that only a handful of company can show a hundred percent workforce attendance during Monday’s including the mancom level. Empower the core and support group through the relaxation of these HRD papers that only fattened the 201 files of each workers or staffs. By having a break with the Policy, this will unleash the workforce to give their best without avarice. It’s a healthy environment both in mental and physical presence of the group. Good vibes and camaraderie in its perfect form will annihilate the gap between all levels of of the organization and instill the discipline of a dedicated and well deserving group within the four walls of the company.

By having a break doesn’t mean you have to do things or biggest changes or introduce out of the box ideas in a radical way but wittingly test the outcome by pondering your next big move towards a greater result you’ve been aspiring for. Paquito

Your ideas are far better and I am very much interested hearing it. Thank you for having a break reading this blog.

The Wider Depth of Reflections↑snoitcelfeR of htpeD rediW ehT


Interior designs evolution can be dated back to the ages, cavemen had it done with the way they converge inside the cold, dark and moistened place they called home. Walls scripture and etchings are a prominent shows of their ideas and beliefs. Areas were so arranged in a way it was comfortable to their sizes and likes. Tools then were huge and nomadic that the biggest mirror on earth were already existing in the form of any bodies of water under the bright sunshine above and in the eyes of the beholder of how they saw themselves through reflections.

Architectural design cyclical revolutions greatly influenced the make, texture, shade and ambiance of the interior spaces parallel to its height and breadth magnifying its functions and beauty. The same evolution comes in every form of every material that are safe for human use continue to flood the market boasting added factor of style, comfort and look.

It is the ordinary not so prominent material that is always sometimes neglected or forgotten which has the endless sophistication, magical effect of inculcating the minds and perception of the viewer which is the mirror. Thoroughly it communicates the exact opposite in the truest form of accuracy. The vivid details it reflects and the astonishing vibrancy it makes to any space it can be found, ceilings, walls and even floors. Black mirrors creates a sheen of elegance and formality opposite the pallet shaded blocks that gives the positive disproportional effects. The fragile  idea of giving the viewer the wider perception and a little but strong exploration of his inner thoughts on how he see things differently in all possible angles he may wanted it be the results are just exceptional.

The functional element of barrier separating the real form of unreal medium of images and the adulterated cloudy gassed lines creatively imposed a floating sort of dependence of the whole scenery. Reflections brings about the substance over form, the delineation of improving the fact and then its depth of three dimensional image our eyes can perceive. The conversational concept of effective reflection not only improve the spatial cube of a small, big, wide, narrow and even special shaped volumes exaggeration achieving the boundless perspective.

Try to insert the creative way of reflationary-design and experience the noble and distinctive adoration it’ll give to the end user or the critique professional and reap the rewards of countless exchange of ideas emanating from the simple idea of mirroring.

You’re in for a fruitful discussion by sharing yours with the author. Your comments and suggestions will help pave way for brighter and greater idea in using the mirror effect.  Paquito

The Simple Truth of being The Godfather 

Climbing the stair of faith is equal to performing the parental obligations to a newborn child.

An invitation nobody can resist as a gentleman from a long time friend and for something that’ll last the bond forever. How many times have you been asked to be their child’s Godfather is a testament of how good or bad you are as a friend or acquaintance to them, it is the reputation that somehow dictate our common acceptance.

The friendship becomes deeper once you’re invited to stand as one of the principal sponsor of their child’s baptism. An obligation anchored through the church faith and good work. The chance to expand your network of business acquaintances with those fulfilling the tradition that’ has started million years ago.

What it means to you will allow you to mature being the foster father once the situation requires you to consider living up the promise you’ve bowed upon the ceremonies years ago. Being a godfather is a big responsibility to be a man for others. It is the The performance of obligation of a second father or parents of the child which is expected upon.

How great it could be if we’re asked to be a sponsor of someone whose belief and faith differs from ours? The inkling to accept must be disavowed as it is the child’s future that is being offered in front of us and we must accept it without any hesitation the way we were born unto this world and welcomed by those who’ve been here ahead of us. It is the tradition an old age cultural tradition that should be kept in our heart to not let it be put into the arrays of forgotten history.

How many if you were to ask yourself have bother or asked you to hold their child in a baptism rites, child dedication or sponsorship and in whatever word you prefer to describe it but with the same inner obligations and  parental relationship? It is by far one of the creator’s way to remind his children that we are all indeed created equal and in rite passage we must accept the brotherly obligations.

In your country, how do you welcome a newborn child in your society? share your story to the world. Paquito

Warning Heavy Traffic Ahead, The Thin Line between Traffic and Progress is Discipline

Traffic situational report moderate to heavy for the next 10 minutes.

We normally heared so much whining about traffic and the hell effect it could make to our daily routine especially if we are obligated to use the main highways or roads to reach our destination. It’s just a part of the whole society, but what about those needing emergency runs like the Firetrucks going to where the fire is? Ambulances who’s going to pick up a dying patient from an accident or whatsoever? Police enforcers car running after the hooligans? Last but not the least professionals who are into medical care wanting to reach his patient in hush needing urgent shots of high grade calmers? And the lone stumbling block only to fail at these all is you said it right traffic.

According to the latest business news the total sales of brand new cars soared as high as 30%!  Economically speaking this is a great news and we need to sustain the growth it has created to the transportation sector.

Don’t be surprised if traffic gets a little bit more congested from this month onwards as the trend of automotive sales continues to rise and reach unprecedented levels. 

Vehicle sales rose by a total of 6,438 units in April 2016 compared to the same month last year, which represents a 30.3% increase.This was confirmed by the report of both the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA), which also showed a ‘double-to triple-digit sales expansion across all segments.’ 

Sales gains attributed to new models and promos.

So that’s the good news, and to have a balance sort of supply and demand from both cards which is the cars to road ratio. Engineering the traffic and it’s side effects is the next main source of serious concern to serve the people. The Americans commissioned the famous city and urban planner Architect Daniel H. Burnham to see if he can duplicate or applied perhaps the bright ideas he did for the city of Chicago and Naples where one of the highlights were the maximal use of potentials of the water ways and it’s linkages to commerce. Some were done whilst most are not. And time flies faster than expected add up the technological advancement which could have been utilize swifter than we thought but we choose to go backward underlying the primitive ways of U-turn slots wherein our road network as designed effectively are rectilinear in form that the basic control system we just need is the proper utilization of Stop Lights.

In today’s situation the main reason behind the unsolicited traffic that effectively makes your day a nuisance one is the core discipline we must exert towards our co-users of the road whenever we are driving wherever we may be going. Millions of gallons of petrol and diesel are wasted and the extreme effect it borne to our businesses especially those in the logistics and forwarding segment. Will reverting back to the original flow of opening up all active  intersections help ease the congestion? Does relocating the bus terminals adjacent to main high ways release freely the button from the bottlenecks? Will opening of posh subdivision roads leads us at least 10 minutes earlier to the central business district of the city? So many questions equates so many solution! Let us not use the discriminatory word ‘phase out’ for it trickle down to the marginalized sector whose source of living were anchored and tightly tied to their 1979’s model jeepney’s where the cultural mementos are sacred. Maybe we can encourage them to do some upgrade to sound better, limitation of routes must be enacted into laws to fortify the not so radical face-lift of the thoroughfares. These are all about the technical engineering side but how about the medical health hazards it can possibly make to us?

Respiratory illness, cardiovascular diseases, urinary tract infection and the most common of all “stress” where even at a young age of mid-20’s everyone’s is experiencing stresses. Deprivation of healthy sleep and the early to leave their houses in the morning and the late evening arrival of the same somehow eradicate his quality time for his family and himself. We do all believe that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. No wonder were still languishing in the third echelon of the society and stalled temporarily not until we find the proper antidote to this traffic mess. 

Then there’s the advent of the app based transport network services that truly is a convenience only for the riders benefit. Pickup at the front of their gates and being dropped off to its destination with the same comfy and class that is after a smart navigation with the help of Google Maps and Waze whereas the latter freely gives update on the road “traffic situation” like heavy build up or potential hazards on the road that you might be expecting along the way and help you understand the next road condition a bit. Yet it doesn’t solve nor provided the lead to the perennial problem which is the tragic effect of traffic as a whole. It’s gonna be back to basic and important character trait to perfect if not to dissipate ultimately the mess on the road. Discipline 

Will it really bring the soulution to the problem? You read the right word it’s the soul-lution that counts, we need to address the problem with the strictest form of controlling ourselves whenever we are on the road, to navigate the streets of our acceptance of the truth and it’s unbalance effect to the people. We tend to murmur about the simplest things but forgot to accept the reality it’s bound to happen. In every metropolitan city traffic is an ingredients of progress, a spice of problem that only the trait of acceptance and understanding as the foundation of soulution to realign our expectations toward the attainment in the end of every mans contentment. 

Our health is in between the line of risks and progress that thin line can be magnified into a thousand strands of character traits lead outstandingly by our core discipline to help, to maintain, to follow rules and policy, to play the camaraderie needs of certain situation to negate the fact of expected chaos. Roads are the mere witness to our inconclusive determination to resolve the mess and we as the one who possess the highest form of intelligence must act naturally without any fanciful display of cowardice and neglect to our community.

Five Amazing Reasons Why We Listen to 90.7 Love Radio DJ’s

Radio are still lording it over even in the wee hours of the night. 

You’re at your loneliest and you found laughter, you’re even trying to hide it but in the end you end up shouting about it. These are the reasons on why people are still hooked in their radios even when the technology has advance portals to listen to and the crisp sound it brings we do still preferred the crisp of laughter these disc jockeys could bring into our morning and afternoon rush hours and the wee hours of the night.

  1. They’re all Amazingly Unique DJ’s from softest to loudest rendition of its programs there is no dull moments even in giving a news service you’ll automatically pause for a bit of seriousness and revert back to your jolly mood once it’s done. And besides they’re also updated to ins and outs of you name it under sun gossip they’re always able to maintain the excitement of its listeners with the variety of voices on the airwaves and send some chill vibes wherever you are in the four corners of the country.
  2. That Sunday program is not only a blast from the past! It is also the most awaited day of the oldies who belongs to the million fans of Tang Henyo. The most respected Tatang in all our Sunday’s beside our Lolo and Lola’s is Tang Henyo, everybody waits the punchlines and double meaning cracks he shares with Diego Bandido and Shai Tisai are commanding our olds imagination of the thing of the past comically. The sounds of the 50’s to the 70’s truly creates wonders of memoirs of our dear olds.
  3. The 8am and 9am programs are something of authentic genius! No program as bold as how it is can be heard in the airwaves and forget your woes of traffic and rush hours. It simply reset your mood to a level of take it easy vibes and stick your ears to its informative discussions where everybody could relate even your blackhead in your nose. The advises and it’s pros and cons were given a balance notations and add up several semi details to share their views and learnings based on their experiences and of course the station janitor experiences as well. Add up the segment of Mahiwagang Burnay where those who feel that it’s the end of the work or world for them find simple alternative to continue to prosper of their respective lives.
  4. Papa Jack teary filled callers who are genuinely shares their life social and love life downfall seeking benovalence to its famous DJ. The advance and well immersed jabs sends a clear message to the caller as a test of faith if she is really into the idea of letting go or making the dear sacrifices and move on to the next chapter of her life. The tears slowly metamorphose into laughter and a relief in sight made this segment the crying shoulder of the airwaves.
  5. The DJ’s inner talents are showcased  in its drama especial before siesta time giving its listeners a point to ponder before taking a nap either in their office pantries or those listeners attending their rice paddies  under the shade of a full grown mango tree. The anthology expanse and unconsciously occupies your desire to predict the next episode thus making you do the analysis without any effort. The joy it brings to those who has the same predicament and the tears it makes to those who has the same shortcomings. This the modern age radio drama that we can say will stood the test of time as it is anchored towards its listeners heart and imagination. The oldies, the millennials and the like subscribe to the idea of truthfulness and simplicity of its stations conservativeness that are well delivered and amazingly done by its disc jockeys.

The longest journey to a mans life is when he stop laughing, when he stop sporting that’ curve lines unto his face to make things straight. To listen is to learn and to share is to speak silently. Paquito Montero

An Informative Essentials in Air Exchange Enhancement Inside High Density Public Places

Like the air we breath all comes into pieces.

Call it a marketing tool. Owning a breed of pets nowadays is a sort like societal status and artic bred huskies roam the granite pave walks of the malls together with miniatures and furry poodles. They’re indeed a good sight to look at. A perfect picture of a community, people oldies and children occupying open spaces and playgrounds, teens chatting and shooting selfies, women clad in light top and shorts sporting clogs and walking side by side with their leashed pets and a bag of canine goodies of foods and poops. Parks are best appreciated with complete moving features and this includes pets and as promoted by some malls they allow leash pets to enjoy the cool atmosphere inside and the warm sun outside. Temperature controls the variables for specific areas where pets are designated and pampered. 

It’s a big challenge for the facilities engineering to ensure that fur and animalistic smell will not be an irritants to those who have super sensitive smells. To some it’s irritable to come across furry pets as this causes them allergies by sudden inhalation of microscopic irritants coming from animals. Supply and return cycle of induce air inside the malls must’ve monitoring system like infrared and negative pressure halls to preserve the clean air residue inside the facilities. But how sure are we that there are system in place to address this? Theres the scientific engineering way to do it or the best available option is to limit the pets in an open park with grass and fountains they can enjoy with, away from mechanically driven air controlled space with unknown body resistance to respiratory problems. 

With the influx of wide open spaces built by these mega developers we are all lucky to have many options to choose from to enjoy the well developed surroundings where people and all forms of massive art coexist harmoniously with the lush landscaping and water scenery  to enjoy with complete with the soothing pipe on music that’s truly relaxing. Hygienic rinsing of ourselves once we get home is best advised to avoid getting caught with unpredictable sickness that can be acquire from high density public places. 

Getting outside? Armed yourself with the best immune resistance vitamins and savor the moments of freedom even in a crowded places safely. 

Your comments and suggestions are highly valued. Follow my stories click Follow and start exploring the world of endless possibilities with Paquito Montero. 

Negligence and it’s Overly Price Consequences

Minor to look at but major effects are bound to happen thru continuous negligence.

Everything seems to be turning right in accordance with the way you’re expecting it and the cycle goes on at least for a certain period of time. As we aged human factor traits becomes steadier for others and not to some. Illnesses of lifestyle induce health disturbances and the like can be equated to everyone’s error or the world renowned traits which is being negligent. 

How many times we became victims of this pitfalls and potholes right in our nose? It its the ignorance we colonially embrace thinking that it’ll never hurt us not break us till we end up tied and expose to its small but of high impact effect that we could be needing much of our golden time . Times where we could be using in a more productive way instead of finding solution to immediately get out of the mess misalign your plans and expectations thoroughly. 

Thinking twice, second thought, verification, cross matching, reorientation and the likes are traits we must smartly recognize during the times of doubt. Trusting your instincts and acting swiftly with it reduce the cost to regain the deficit and potential ill effects it’ll slowly instill to your serene and less complicated days. Release the positive sides of a doubting Thomas in you and be the best planner of your daily life from its smallest detail of checking your portal security up until the biggest financial constraints you’re indulging with. 

Life lessons are abound if we succeed picking our travails and journeys but let us always remember that being aggressive doesn’t reward the negligent via reciprocal effects and it’s karma. And let us never forget that as we aged we must learn continuously to live life to its fullest rewards of happiness for if we don’t it’ is an unseen act of negligence of pricey consequences. 


Thank you for reading my humble blog.

Recovery but for How Long? Tips to to beat the Agony and Frustrations

Swim like a fish as the ocean has a vast to offer for you. Paquito Montero

You experienced the most devastating things that could’ve ever happen to a person, you’re just treating it that way because you seemed overly attached to it, And you felt the world is turning its back to you that leaving the days ahead of you seemed your only way to overturn it and fade away for good. Is it really the end? You must ask yourself, can’t it be recall and reorganize to inch closer to its effect positively and does it really matter to your ever dear life to begin or end with. 

There are a lot of what ifs and what if not, things turn sour or sweet depending on how you look at it and not how you over-react to it. People posses this natural instinctive ways to presume things haphazardly thinking they’ve got the best mantra that it becomes an over-reaction to some who’s looking at it. Trying to keep it great at your disposal is a clear sign of recycling things out just as perfect as the way it was provide in the book the Toyota Way of production of its well loved sedans and SUV’s. A lot of articles are written out of experience and tested formula but who cares about your life, career, likes and dislikes and ego but you. You’re not doing things right because you wanted to please somebody? Pleasing yourself gives a cyclical effect towards others. It is you for them who’ve done the simplest thing in a rightmost manner that counts and nothing else. 

Dwelling on a irreconcilable situation only do more damaging effect to you but not for others and it’s powerful karmaic return will cocooned into your mind and wreck havoc to your senses to overlook greater things ahead. Frustrations only felt once you don’t move forward further to solve things out bright. Initiating the remorse towards acceptance of fate be it bad or good and what matters most right there and there. So how really do we go about it remains at your mercy as people have different values and beliefs when it comes to personal outlook to challenges in life.

Does forgetting really heals the wound or it only adds injury to the wounded? The real answer is it depends to who is at the situation, the background, professional acceptance, beliefs and more importantly his vision towards positive outlook in everything. Does this means that moving forward without any reservation stop the deals with regards to agonizing frustration to anything a man could think of? Again it depends . 

Wrapped your thoughts with great things ahead that any person could muster and the things inside will produce the probable expectations that can be easily manage and dealt upon. Think of things you really wanted to achieve and find the thousand ways to do it by starting within your boundary within your limit within your faith. 

Your comments and suggestions are very much welcome. Happy Life Ahead 

Ten Feet-ingly Surefire Ways to Eliminate Foot-Bad-Odor or FBO 

You’re wearing a Kyrie Irving latest model hoop shoes and does the cross over with ease and cat quick laterals leaving your opponent behind for a basket and a foul. These story line will be forgotten easily once they smell the rottened of all rotten smell of a rat of your stands or for others your f-e-e-t. Yes your size 10 smelly foot are also the most common pronouncements you don’t wanted hear as it’s the start of a trending topic or the end of your near perfect cross over adoration of your not so plenty fans and opponents including your team mates. Let me share to you some of the 10 cross overs to end that stinky story of your foot. 

  1. Lemon is a fruit that’s best for your mothers marinades and sashimi soakers but it is proven a long time ago that lemon or calamansi to local folks is best anti-odor douser for a bad smelly foot. Put a dozen or more in a lukewarm water with each foot wrapped in a thin towel then dip for half an hour while playing candy crush or coc will help eliminate bad odor and cleanse those nails without any effort. Don’t forget to rinse it at the bathroom for a fresh and spa-feeling sensation you get.
  2. Coffee grounds this one is being done by people in the mountains and rice paddies. Coffee possess those authentic odor replacement characterized by it strong aroma by changing the smelly odor into an aromatic espresso air filled soothing odor. Just don’t add sugar or else an army battalion of ants will be marching over your toenails and heels leaving red marks and small wounds thereafter.
  3. Baking Soda yes you read it right, it’s also great for treating smelly mind grain inducing foot odor. Just soak your feet in a pail half filled of baking soda for an hour while continuously moving your foot fingers gives you a cake smelly foot and a soft cushion sensation once you start waking after jumping out of the pail or baby tubs full of baking soda. Rinse with hypoallergenic soap and dry it with a blow drier for a final walk. 
  4. Banana Peel no am not referring to the sandals which is selling like hot cakes for the ladies. After eating a banana rub the peel to your foot like a massager and let it for 20 minutes then washed it with papaya soap for a great smoothies err great warm smell of heaven I mean. It’s cheaper I swear. 
  5. Sulfur  Soap is anti bacterial and it’s the fungus moist that’s sending that horror to your foot. Controlled usage  will do the deal and it’s best using lukewarm water and rinse it with clean water. 
  6. Socks and Stockings even women have these perennial smelly problem and it’s a bit sexy for some who fetishes for such blue cheese smell of their feet, wait when it’s the last time we heard “smell is in the nose of the beholder”? Daily change of socks and stockings is more acceptable than ocassionally doing it. It’s part of a proper hygiene amigos and amigas. Wash it after use and wear it again on the next day after two days got it? Am sure you did!
  7. Sweaty Feet down there and shoes are full of hardened black-dusty soil thing. If you’re a Rambo type fashionista who loves to wear shoes without sheets then you’re in for a nuke bomb after taking off your shoes or sandals. Sweaty feet must wear hypoallergenic socks, the breathing one they’re showing in tv commercials. Don’t wear thick socks instead try to invest to those funny socks that wrapped your fingers one by one to ensure that there’ll be no propagation of fungus in between those moistened neighborhood. 
  8. Borrowed Shoes is the easiest if not the best way to acquire and have your own pair of bad odor feet! Ask yourself why you need to borrow? You might acquire or promote the fungi to other clans if you do. And remember those bargained tag prices in relief goods or ukay-ukay shoes designed for hiking? Furry or not but leather or suede and cow hide based boots are the number source of bacteria as you have no idea how it were previously used by its rightful owners in the woods, rivers and even swamps. If your feet is built to extreme toughness from bacteria go on and wear that timberland or caterpillar boots and safety shoes fashionably.
  9. Incomplete Wash of a Rubber shoes transfer the unwashed detergent soap to your feet pores and it’s easel to get it if your sweaty. We cannot discount the fact that once our dearly pair of Adidas and Nike even Under Armour sneakers will hit the muddy pavement during that fun run that start as early as the first voice of a shouting cock in the morning you’ll need to wash it to preserve its iconic look for a boastful stand in the pair of your elite socks . Wash it properly and Rinse it accordingly.
  10. Interchangeable inside Soles are abundant in men’s and women’s section of the department store nearby. Make it a habit to buy and replace the inside soles to maintain freshness of the anterior part of your boots. It comes in cheap and thinly slice foam sheets engineered to protect the proliferation of bacteria to stick and seeped through. 

Time to end the horror and regain the honor with these simple tips at affordable prices. You don’t want to be the center of attention in a wrong way isn’t it. Stand proud in those events and swap cards with the society in great confidence of participating in games requiring removal of your dearly Jarman Leather Shoes without a second thought. 

I wonder If penguins possess the same even in the coldest weather condition ? Happy reading and don’t forget to wash your feet everyday. 

"behind every difficulty i saw a lot of opportunity" – Paquito

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