Professional Services & Consultancy

F. E. SANTIAGO MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY professionally provide expert advise to any personal project or corporate project needs ranging from project viability up to it’s  constructibility in ensuring the project sound performance and specified limitations. It is our sacred duties to enable all the project stakeholders to uphold the company dictum of “Partnership in Motion” and create an impact of excellence towards the generations to come.

We humbly provide services or collaboration for the following:

  • Project and Construction Management
  • Architectural Design & Spatial Analysis
  • A & E Documentation from Pre-work to As-built stages
  • Specification Writing and Quantity Survey (DREMT)
  • Project Post-Work Audit and Analysis
  • Project Cost Accounting (provide Lead)
  • Pre-Demolition Work Analysis
  • Client Representation and Business Development Services
  • Project Physical and Financial Analysis (Feasibility and Viability Studies)
  • Professional Blogging Services