Professional Services & Consultancy

Hello my dear reader, Do you have an urgent requirements that needs the expertise of a professional in the listed fields below? We are always open to receive you with an open arms and very much willing to discuss this matter with you. But first help us reach you by providing your contact details and a requirement rationale for your very important and exciting endeavor. 

We humbly provide services for the following:

  • Architectural Design & Analysis
  • A & E Documentation from Pre-work to As-built stages
  • Specification Writing and Quantity Survey
  • Project Management and Administration
  • Project Planning and Scheduling including Manpower & Cost Loading Analysis
  • Project Post-Work Audit and Analysis
  • Project Cost Accounting (provide Lead)
  • Pre-Demolition work Analysis and Demolition Services
  • Client Representation and Business Development Services
  • Professional Blogging Services



"behind every difficulty I saw a lot of opportunity"

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