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That Generation X -perience!

So it’s trending around the web, in all portals of the social media ! The generation X whom they’ve branded with the Tito’s and Tita’s or Uncle and Auntie in universal language. A certain 40’ish guy initiated the down memory lane petmalu and lodi post on his Facebook account and voila! a million followers in a less than 15 minutes.  Though we’re not looking at it as a gimmick but pure sincere gesture to put up those nostalgic paper prints photos showing the simple, happier and personified experience of those born between the years of the 70’s , 80’s and the 90’s…. game console such as the Atari brings back the two sides of memories… for those who had such gadget it sends a good recall but for those who haven’t laid a hand on it only brings back the sad memories of how the life used to be…


Ready or not, things will be like this for the next generation to come as long as the science continue to evolve and the genius continue to grow… rest assured that all will stay for us to share and laugh with it even for a little while….

The roads then resembled like a plot of land with few cars passing thru it. , think about it…- Paquito


Why Don’t We Eliminate the Mosquitoes for Good, to get rid of Zika, Malaria, Dengue etc.

I won’t be sounding like a scientist or a health professional here but tackle the practical things we might be realistically doing to help no one but us. They come in millions, billions population and has the shortest life cycle to propagate and to bite humans sucking our bloods to feed their appetite for proteins and nutrients it needs to survive and continue spreading mosquito induced diseases such as dengue, malaria and zika viruses. Almost all of anti mosquito defenses were made and being invented but still an alarming figures of fatalities and epidemic of disturbing proportions. Dwelled and borne out of bodies of water, we are well aware of its possible sources and due diligence we must do our share to stop it, stagnant water visible unto flower pots, ponded floors, open canals, water features, rivers, mangroves, ponded rooftops, gutters, septic vaults and a long list they can call home. The idea is to vigilantly do our share home by home, place by place and city by city. Getting every square meters of places on check of possible breeding ground of the dreaded disease-transporter seriously. Do we need to hear a law before we act respectively? Do we need to see our lovely child suffer the ailments and pay a hefty hospital bill before we put our actions accordingly? Being proactive is the key factor, rather than reactionary instinctively.

Starting inside our homes, offices and other places of work going out to public places such as parks, open fields, transport stations, malls, places of worship, health facilities, sports facilities and other public congregation places should be regularly maintain to get rid of eggs and larvae. Did anybody asked what will happen if we can totally eliminated, pulverized and destroy the mosquitoes for good? Will there be an imbalance of the ecosystem once we do it? They just evolve through microorganism like the flies from an improperly disposed dead animal. The mosquitoes are such a tiny living things but of colossal ill effects toward humans.  Does an invention of any herb formulaic sprays or misting mixture help reverse their behavior of biting or sucking bloods instead of sipping nectars the way their male counterparts do? Just asking.

Start getting rid of it by checking out your places, make it a habit the way we take showers everyday. Discipline and dedication forms part of the daily deal as we are truly outnumbered and being outsmarted for a thousand years inflicting damages through a seasonal comeback time and time again, moving places and spaces. Tropical countries like ours are the most prone to these varied diseases caused by mosquitoes.  And it is in finding its sensitivities to light, odour and other repellent we must improve the research to finally put an end to dengue, malaria and zika strains for good.

Odd it may look but fatal if we mislook, it’s not only about a clean environment but of actions of precautions. – Paquito  

Paquito Quote for the Day 04

Always be serious with anything you’ve heard or listening to, but beware of in between words you choose. This is absolutely right my dear sredaer (read backwards). We tend to assume or presume things the way it is whereas we shouldn’t. The chance to be in the middle of things without any choice where to proceed to regain our credibility has been prevalent in our daily lives. Have we learned from it? Do we learn from it? Here we should!

To get rid of being quoted for something or issues you are facing, try to exercise the art of keeping your mouth shut until you see the red flag to speak your minds in a positive way, with the goal to help not to put or add salt into an injury. Generally speaking with a positive thought of helping out the person to regain his or her credibility nothing more nothing less.

Salty words creates excitement for gossipers but sometime incite bitterness if added more than needed. Stay away from these conversation or immersed yourself and fix things out with the right amount of salt.  – Paquito

Are You Perfectly Ready for the Holidays

We are hearing Christmas songs and we are not hallucinating for its real! It’s Christmas time once again and they say that this is the time when people are so warmth and very considerate when inside the malls doing shopping for gifts, new things and everything they can buy in their salary bonus. Outside the road is different, this is the season when people are turning from an innocent sheep to a monstrous fire breathing dragon when caught in the middle of turtle pace moving traffic. And were still a hundred and thirteen days more to the greatest birth of our Saviour. Everybody has his  or her own way of preparation in mind and we are pretty sure it’s all effective isn’t it? Been there for more than 5 years doing it and i find it handy some will tell you that. Listen to them as it might more apt to your needs in terms of preparation for the holidays. i too has several tried and tested means to have a successful season of the year. Let’s start with decorating your place then planning the food to serve and the gifts to share limiting it to just three basic important things we usually do wherever your place may be and whoever you intend to celebrate it come 25th of December 2016.

On decorations, you got a load of it inside your storage room, how old are you? as your age will tell you how packed your box of decors might be. Some are doing it with their own set of motifs, i want a blue and red thing to look like patriotic, no i want that yellow and green to put memoirs with the past olympic and i want it red and green as that is the real colors of the holidays. They’re all correct, see nobody gets wrong in this blog site, you are all correct i promise you. Color’s differs in a way the season affects the holiday, it might be summer in downunder Australia while it’s freezing cold in the US. Get the idea, it might a white christmas in america due to snow and vibrancy covers the summer of the others. Locally we have a variety of  motifs just by visiting places from north to south. City are dressed to the occasions giving you the feeling of season while embracing the local culture you are visiting. The great thing about the season is that everybody is entitled to celebrate it in whatever modest way we can have it. People who flock the street to ask for a little change while you are sitting in an hour traffic mess should be seen as a culture not a menace for our indigent brothers, it is one of their way to get prepared for the most important event of the calendar year. They too are celebrating as i kept on saying people are created equal, we all born without any clothes on isn’t it? That makes the equality divine. So the next time you encounter indigent people across your path, be his or her present by respecting the culture they have, perhaps that loose change could do no damage onto your daily budget and that means a lot to them, hand it and say Merry Christmas to you.

On food preparations, the budget always dictate the diet. Agree or disagree? You are the best provider in the house and you always wanted the best for every member of the clan in terms of food. Have you think about this? Does serving the most expensive or the oiliest food on the table will make them happy? Maybe a fast food fried chicken is more than enough to make the family happy? Try to ask your 5 year old son and he will give the truest sense of how kids see Christmas season foods must be. On the contrary try to ask your Mother or Grandma and they’ll surely give you the simplest food they wanna have even during the media noche. These alone is a good start to think of what food do really your family is looking forward to and you can avoid the supermarkets that filled till the aisle you’ve never reach during your normal grocery days. People tend to overspend during holidays because they failed to plan properly. Maybe limiting the food to a few courses will do and free up your fridge of excessive salads or ended up throwing those rotten fruits you failed to eat as everybody got full with that sumptuous fettuccine ala caramba. I suggest you try to look at how hotels or restaurants arranged and presented their menus and you’ll notice the chronology of digestive suggestion that will make you enjoy the food they’re serving or offering to its customers. Entiendes? no, go try to take a look. That will give you the idea of how a media noche should’ve been prepared and presented moderately. The food is the medium to celebrate the season as a whole family nothing more nothing less.

Gifts of all types are all over places, everywhere literally speaking. How do you like to buy some of the best sauce we have that you just put on your food Madam? This is a perfect gift for your mother in law Madam, without even asking if the mother in law is still alive. cheerfully offered by the waitress in one of your dinner date with Cumpadre. Laughters can be found while searching for that very unique out of this world idea you’re thinking about that even you doesn’t know if it exist. I suggest you go for the gifts that can be practical and be useful to the receiver. As simple as that. You don’t wanna caught by your husband as where and how were you able to buy that sauce that is only available in one of the most expensive hotel restaurant isn’t it?

To be perfectly ready for the coming holidays? just stay simple in everything besides it’s the inner soul that requires to be feed, gifted with good deeds and be the most decorated person by respecting the culture of everyone and sharing the most during this season of giving.

Just the way you are, said Bruno Mars. But be the best you are – Paquito