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Rejected or Ejected

Any referee must see the whole thing with impartiality, without any vested interest and must maintain that unbiased judgement all throughout the prescribed time in the determination of results. A lot must be in different fence or ideologies when it comes to the recent debacles the referees were in for the NBA current season games but this time it involves the superstars in their own will… from Carmelo Anthony to Kevin Durant. Some labeled it as nasty while for the others they’ve opined it as just and deserving. Whilst we forgot that the 11th, 12th and 13th man on the floor presence were duly recognized by both teams and the fans were all but there to witness the game.

Some have expressed their disappointment through their social media accounts, given their status in the league as role models and risking the multi million dollar endorsement contract they have. Then this meant real issue they got to face if they want the fans to stay in those pricey bleachers aight…

The fans are there to witness high intense and close game as possible as they can and when the assigned arbiter take things into their hands the outcome not only displeases the fans but the main act themselves.. the players.

For the meantime, congratulations to the new UAAP Season 80 Basketball champion the Ateneo De Manila University Blue Eagles who dethroned the De La Salle University Green Archers in the final score of 88 – 86, where both teams have high respect to the officiating all throughout the game. Nice game.

Go by the rules no more no less. – Paquito


They Came, They Saw and They’ve Conquered the Grilled Blue Marlin at Marlin’s Grill

An old saying always play a great part in any place, moment and person. In less than a week, throng of food lovers and ice cold beer aficionados trooped to the corners of Scout Chuatoco and Pasonaria streets to try and have a bite of the newest restaurant in the city serving hot grilled blue marlin.  Guest came from as far as the northern part of Luzon made sure they’ll experience the latest craze in town braving the rainy weather in one evening. Some have took time out in their TV series shooting session just to take a bite and relax. It’s not only their curiosity that brought them in but their desire to partake the great combination of off the rack beers and wines with the smoking hot grilled foods. It was a series of full house nights and it’s bound to be the norm in the city as we are always in search for new experiences.

The Nissan Gallery Quezon Avenue sales force also have their tummy full after that memorable night out. Ateneo De Manila University visitors were also present with the same thing in mind, to try the specialty of the house.

Truly every evening is a new set of experiences for every surprised guests that comes out of their cars, it was an amazing sight for once a dull place to become glittering bright not only for its lights but of the glamour and humble being of diners and guest with one common mission in the evening which is to conquer the specialty of the Marlins Grill in their own simple way.

Best Actor John Lloyd Cruz and the cast of Home Sweetie Home, Long Mejia and the gang spent the rainy evening and promise to return soon.

Good food, Cold drinks and Great people these are the mixture of success and its gonna be an unforgettable evening once you set foot  inside. Better make the reservations in advance to ensure you’ll enjoy the company of your new set of friends waiting for you only at Marlins Grill. Watch out for the announcement of promos and events by following this blog and liking Marlins Grill Facebook page. Order please !….

Meet you at the grille, soon. – Paquito