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Batang Gitna – Centro walked over the Escalades Basketball after an eleven point final lead in the score of 88 – 77. BGC’ s big three simply played a scrimmage like game letting the mighty but deadly point guard Mic-Mic do the whole damage against his peers who were no match to his speed and basketball IQ after a symphony like orchestrated game in getting their 3rd win in three games. Masayuki Ochia Baldemor were said to be reserving his powers against the tall and fast scorers of X-Ballers this coming Saturday. Escalades Basketball fell to 1-2 in the standings together with CBM, PPY, MUR and EGS.


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Batang Gitna Centro/BGC Stuns Guess Escopa/ EGS

September 29, 2018 / IVHA Covered Court

Home court favorites played the last scheduled game of the day that saw the combined youth and experience of both teams as a power to reckoned with with other six participating teams in the first ever FBC ” A League of  Our Own ” Basketball Tournament.

Batang Gitna-Centro outplayed Guess (Escopa) in the final game with the score 66-55… dubbed as the Big 3 of the BGC, Masayuki Baldomar, Renz Cruz  and Robert Santiago led the balanced attack for BGC with 12,12 and 10 points respectively.


Guess (Escopa) made only 7 out of 26 shots from beyond the arc, Jonathan Mendoza led all scorers with 14 points for Guess(Escopa).

Masayuki  O. Baldomar had an all around game with 12 points, 6 steals, 4 rebounds and a block for BGC.

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