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Defying Orders

What does it mean, and how it can be considered as one? Many times or most of the time some people never really take seriously some instructions or  orders of others. They have the right reason to do so and occasionally to some, they just ignore it. Then how it can be avoided, is it something we can just pass on or nothing to be worry about? That depends on the  … ehem.. uhhmmnnn,, who is on the other side of the communication end.

They can be a person in authority to discharge whatever institutional power vested upon them. A coach, adviser , you name it. The next thing is how somebody felt neglected, ignored or disregarded.

Everyone’s have their own time in either position of  neglect. Intentional or not. Acceptable or not acceptable. Whatever it is, once you neglect it they’ll considered it defies their order.

No one wanted it but everyone’s waiting of it. – Paquito


Sun Sand & Summer

The hot air is blowing and telling everyone to hit the white, gray, greenish, reddish and muddy sand colors of the beach shorelines. Excited and free from school and work stresses I bet you’ll be one of them come three weeks from now. But wait before the fun hits you let me warn you of the downside of exposing yourself to weather extremes especially the heat that could damage your skin, eyes and cardio system.

Protection is the key and it doesn’t need to be expensive as you gotta do is to follow some simple suggestions that you can google including this article you’re engage in! Do you need to get protected from head down or feet up? It’ doesn’t matter where you wanna start just be sure to put those eyes , skin and feet well protected from ultraviolet rays and the hot sand beaches that’ll burn your foot soles if you neglect it. Wearing polarized sunglasses will not only make up the look better but the appreciation to whole beach scene will be fantastic as well, put on those SF100 sun block by rubbing those “exposed” skin including your feet… this way you’re a little protected before the sun hits perpendicular to the sand beaches. Wear also comfortable sandals or slippers while strolling the shores coupled with that buntal hats. And of course fit yourself with the proper swimwear, rash-guard, trunks and you know what am talking about.

Bringing some first aid medicine and kits is a default thought as some of the group members might experience flash-point, colds and insect bites once the majestic sun sets in… Drink enough water to re-hydrate once in a while as the heat makes our body sweat twice as fast as when we are in our normal activity and place , this will give you a faster heart palpitation and shoot your blood pressure higher than your normal reading. Enjoy the sun, sand and summer with extreme caution.

Fun under the sun is better when protected.- Paquito