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Five Star works for Fence or Perimeter Walls

They wanted to promote a friendly type of neighborhood but you are adamant to put in extra measures to safeguard your property. The fence stands between potential dangers and security at the same time. How do you sincerely feel about it? .. must be trusted all throughout just as the saying goes, “trust your instinct” . Fences can be made a thousand ways… some do it as part of their landscaping. So where do you belong is the most common question you got in mind once you decide to put up one.

  1. The most common are the concrete hollow blocks bearing intricate plastering works and an anti-intruder add-on to deter intrusion. If you are living in an “open” community, security is the most salient point you want. Building it as high as two-storey  dimensions with rows of palms behind it facing your house and the perimeter to make harder for penetration during night time.
  2. Let’s get savvy, try to have a combination of an alternating open-closed fence walls with steelworks serving as the wall in the open area. put some motion sensor lighting system to add beauty and security at the same time. Just make sure that the orientation of the open slats are opposed to the direct path of your main door to make it difficult for the intruder to discern the bad deeds.
  3. Have you seen or heard about multi-wall operating fences ? This is a type of a fence where most of the wall-fences are operable inside to act as a gate or entry point to accommodate more vehicles once you have a party at your place. In doing so, no guest is disturb during egress and ingress moment. Though some find it bizarre , some find it cool as it is best for corner lot properties with two or more road side for access. Try it and you will never regret it.
  4. If you are living in a well secured community, try to deviate from the rest. Utilize the luxury of having a shrubberies as your defining lines between pathways and roads going to your property. This will leave you the option to highlight the pristine look of your house in the entire neighborhood. Well lit landscape works adds character to your entire property during the evening. Dont forget to add several stones to make it perfect.
  5.  Why not grow those slender and greenish-brown Chinese bamboos ! The sound and visual effects are something you’ll die for. During wet season it grows dark green and transform into brownish shade once cold weather slip in… in addition to that try to tie ribbons of different colors in any branches to add vibrancy and cheerful vibes. And dont forget to water it …

We can always make a perfect five star approaches to any projects we think of, we just need to find the most practical and viable craft-work to achieve the unbelievable options which were once part of your imagination. And never forget to consult a pro for a better understanding and best results you’re expecting.

Fences are lines where we should get friendly with the community. – Paquito


Five Star works for Stairs

Some want it so simple and some prefer it extraordinary. Whatever your choice is… there are still a lot to do and improve the potential overall look of your vertical access system like a true work of art. Grand staircases defines successful strata and magnifies the well being of its users or owners. Though it went viral during the Art Deco days it is still visible in any grand hotels or mansion within the enclaves of an exclusive community. Lo and behold , you need not to have a mansion or a large house to do the make over you wanted for a brand new look stair or staircases.

The best thing about today’s design and practical approach to any pet projects are the exploratory potentials any depot or hardware could offer. DIY shops offers a lot when it comes to “re-introduction” of a certain portion or part of your home. That even the tiniest screw can be found handily with the help of a group of technical savvy representatives to complete your buying date a wonderful one.

Stairs in most cases were designed or put up “neatly tucked” just to serve its purpose. But that small convenient conveyance holds a lot of promises when it comes to rebuilding it as the showcase of the house.

  1. If you’re contemplating of changing the treads surface, you can always choose from a variety of finishes ranging from vinyl to metal… as long as it fit your budget, the most obvious you can do for it to become “new one” .
  2. Tired of used wooden grab rails ? Visit an old scrapyard in your neighborhood and picked up some lengths of stainless steel tubes or galvanized ironed pipes and have it painted with your fave color to give your old stair a candy color tone that will grab everybody’s attention once they come in to your house.
  3. Even a simple balusters replacement works will do the trick as it embodied the side surface of the system. Repainting perhaps or change of materials of the most obvious parts which is the balusters by refurbishing or retouch works. Dont forget to add those small crowns available at any depot supplies.
  4. Everybody has been discussing about “boxing it” this is applicable if you got a wider or ample space surrounding your stair. The use of acrylic plastics and right illumination will give a new life to your old but reliable stair set. Mood changing lights not only freshened the stair but the whole stair lobby as well.
  5. Lastly, do you really need to change everything ? Look up above the cathedral high ceiling of the stair case as there lies the best option to hype it. A chandelier or LED lights might be enough… tight on budget , go get yourself to thrifshops  or antiques collection to get some catch or regret it for good.

You seemed gain a lot of ideas that you wanted to start a pet project in your home, do it and trust your instincts and let the neighborhood salivate  with your hidden talent results. Or contact the blogger for your professional  service needs.

Go up to look down and step down to look up, appreciation depends on the standpoint. – Paquito

Five Star works for Garage or Carport

You’ve spent the most precious savings to buy  your dream car and nestled it in an ideal place we call carport or to others…garage. Security plays a vital part that you put in another layer of remote controlled enclosure to secure it from potential bad guys and untoward damage. Do you like an open or close type ancillary spaces for newest and most expensive addition inside your property? Better decide what is the best option you could make as to weather extremities or other factors that might be un-necessary to make.

  1. A combo-type garage with side storage areas for tool boxes and the like is the more common we all have due to practicality… it’s just differ with where it is located as it can be either at the back or side portion or the area.
  2. For a property with limited space but necessarily needs a closed type garage, try to convert that gate into an automated control panels to eliminate hassle of getting off the driver seat just to open it manually. There  are a lot available in automation shops and suppliers.
  3. Need an added space to accommodate the entry of a new Mini Cooper, collapse those storage spaces and transfer overhead with an easy access opening thru removable stairs. Just make sure that the “frameworks” are standard to hold a couple of heavy loads and eliminate the probability of falling everything to the roofs of your cars.
  4. Not all are gifted with large and spacious garage that can hold a least three at one time. One of my best suggestion to props up these is to paint the floor in three different hues to give you the most basic requirement of navigational tool during entry from the driveway as this will served as your guide to not to hit your other cars. And if you’re in a tight budget, try putting line markings and zebra lanes to give you an international standards with regards to parking.
  5. So much we can have as a suggestion but i have to  limit this five , the last option i can tell you is to light up your floors the way a an airport runway have… this time use those reflectors button so that it’ll give you the guide thru both visual and  braille sort feeling once your tire hit it.

Always consult a pro and you are sure of the direction you wanted to have, achieve that five star works in handy.

Safety is of paramount consideration when we are dealing with machines.-Paquito

Five Star Fenestration’s or Windows

Hello my dear fellow bloggers and readers. We are now on the second of the multiple series of practical do-it-yourself pet projects applicable to your current and future needs. Let’s talk about windows, yes … that blank space just after your door, where we sneak a peek whenever somebody ring our bells at home. And where fresh air enters and circulate throughout the other window for a full ventilation process. There are a thousand types of windows either full or half and even smaller once. There’s no denying you wanted to prop it up and add a little spice of character to the wholeness or part of your house instead.

  1. Re-painting it is always one of the primary option you might want to do, bright colored tones or pastels as well as dark ones rejuvenate those big squarish opening your house have.
  2. Try to visit the nearest demolition-service provider in your town as you might stumble upon a piece of window that’ll matched your pet-project of facade works.
  3. You can add bris-soleil or movable baffles for the functionality solution you’ve been wanting for a long period of time, isn’t it….  louvers are the cheapest.
  4. Sometimes the most basic is the best option at hand, pick up those stored denims, polyesters or corduroys and have it sewn as a patch-up curtains, that’ll surely add a new look to that old window.
  5. There are those plug-in type or plug and play lighting products available in your nearest hardware, get a pro of electrical expertise to help you with this and add a dashing look to your facade with the windows are the highlight of your house in the middle of nowhere.

Remember again, that you can always achieve these simple suggestions through creative thinking and asking questions from a pro to have that five star look you wanna have.

Imagination is free , always begin with your desires and inspiration.-Paquito