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Five Star Portals or Doors

Your door is your representation to the community you’re in. You never wanted to have an understatement when it comes to it, try to look at it at one time as a “visitor” and create or feel that experience you have at that moment in time. Are you impressed ? just be honest and you know what you wanted for with that experience you have afterwards.

Let me ask you this… when was the last time you visited a home repair supplies depot or indoor hardware ? And with the holiday season playing its part, several items including door refurbishment items are probably on sale that leaves you no option but to try and convince yourself to get your doors dressed up not only for the occasion but all throughout the year as well. Here are my five star best suggestion to your new portals …

  1. Re-paint or do the retouch works using bright colored tones or pastels as well that might turn your entry door into a work of art.
  2. Cladding works are worth a dime or two. Giving your doorway a massive new look that’ll transform your door jambs into a commanding entry port adding superiority and elegance once done.
  3. Change those panels into smoked or frosted glass sort of symmetry to add lightness to the whole massive wooden door you have. Why not try stained glass to create an old-chic vibe.
  4. Familiar with the acrylic plastics? You can always recreate the drama including lighting effect by boxy-frames filled with LED lights changing colors, just dont forget to involve the help of a professional electrician to do the connection of source to power it up.
  5. Try the wrought irons works as an added feature of your portals and painted in black or brown and even gold details will give you an entry way to a palace never seen before in your neighborhood.

Remember, you can always be the most creative guy in the world and this needs no further illustrations as your imagination plays big deal in achieving the five star look you wanna have.

Creative imagining always begin with desires and inspiration.-Paquito




Gatsby Night at UAP QC Chapter Induction of 2016-17 Officers & Committees

Everyone came in their best circa 1900 gatsby suits and dresses, black and white complete with face-nets and dressed hair of feathers. This was the atmosphere inside the Manansala Ballroom of the Sulo Riviera Hotel in the heart of the city as the United Architects of the Philippines Quezon City Chapter celebrated its induction of new team of officers, a combination of the young and seasoned members of good standing whose dedication and devotion to served one of the prestigious chapter in the official organization of the registered Architects in the country. Led by the duly elected chapter President Ma. Carla Epino, immediate past President Joey Mendoza symbolically turned over the leadership with the formal banging of the bell with the gavel. Formal induction were done by no less than the National President of the UAP Ar. Guillermo Hisancha and his core team that made the evening event remarkable.

The event sponsors from Megalodon International Enterprise executives for sales from left Mr. Sean Patrick Agtarap and Catherine Malinao and  Fenestram Corporation’s  Ms Sheena Maningas, Rannie M. Cruz, Ar. Bumi Asanza and Paquito.
Ar. Mozo Lorenzo, Steve Olonan, Carlo Marudo with his son and Bumi Asanza

Major sponsor, BOYSEN Paints was actively represented by Nelson Lao while Fenestram Corporation with Ms Sheena Maningas, Rannie M. Cruz and Megalodon International Enterprise with Catherine Malinao, Sean Patrick Agtarap,  serves as minor sponsors respectively. The event was well attended with the presence of past presidents and its founding member none other than Ar. Greg Timbol who with his contemporaries Architects Ed Florentino, Luz Litonjua-Yap and the transitionary leaders Architects Edric Marco Florentino and Anna Mangalino-Ling significantly established a well rounded historic affair for everyone to fully grasp the tradition of upholding the best practices in

Ar Jillian Fatima Asdalla in her pastel pink modern gatsby get up.

   leadership and management affairs of the chapter for the just started fiscal year. The event were hosted by past presidents Richard Garcia and Maricel Arce-Ignacio.

A team without a leader cannot achieve any little, while a team with a fearless leader could achieve just as expected, but a leader with the whole team on his side will achieved more than what was just expected. Congratulations Carla and to your team, Mabuhay! Paquito