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Paquito Answer for the Day 42

Sports superstars are also human! They’re also prone to losing, frustrations and high uncontrolled emotions. Watching the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia have somehow produced mixed reactions from the soccer fans especially from those seeded country teams like Argentina, rich in sports culture of winning the perennial event since the inception of Copa Del Mundo. But other countries kept on trying to catch up, little by little they’re almost there and enough to stage an upset even to one of the strongest team with a superstar named Messi. Those so so teams have their eyes also in the podium, teams from Africa and Asia have the same desire of making it to medal finish and that makes the competition fiercer that the level of challenge have gone up to the decibels of thousand crowds watching in the stadium to the restaurants tv monitors and the internet providing links to all social media.

But we must never forget the true essence of the competition and that is to promote camaraderie amongst nation of the seven continent of the world. Goal!

While the word is watching the soccer game, rain or shine a goal must be achieve and that is Peace . – Paquito


Why Don’t We Eliminate the Mosquitoes for Good, to get rid of Zika, Malaria, Dengue etc.

I won’t be sounding like a scientist or a health professional here but tackle the practical things we might be realistically doing to help no one but us. They come in millions, billions population and has the shortest life cycle to propagate and to bite humans sucking our bloods to feed their appetite for proteins and nutrients it needs to survive and continue spreading mosquito induced diseases such as dengue, malaria and zika viruses. Almost all of anti mosquito defenses were made and being invented but still an alarming figures of fatalities and epidemic of disturbing proportions. Dwelled and borne out of bodies of water, we are well aware of its possible sources and due diligence we must do our share to stop it, stagnant water visible unto flower pots, ponded floors, open canals, water features, rivers, mangroves, ponded rooftops, gutters, septic vaults and a long list they can call home. The idea is to vigilantly do our share home by home, place by place and city by city. Getting every square meters of places on check of possible breeding ground of the dreaded disease-transporter seriously. Do we need to hear a law before we act respectively? Do we need to see our lovely child suffer the ailments and pay a hefty hospital bill before we put our actions accordingly? Being proactive is the key factor, rather than reactionary instinctively.

Starting inside our homes, offices and other places of work going out to public places such as parks, open fields, transport stations, malls, places of worship, health facilities, sports facilities and other public congregation places should be regularly maintain to get rid of eggs and larvae. Did anybody asked what will happen if we can totally eliminated, pulverized and destroy the mosquitoes for good? Will there be an imbalance of the ecosystem once we do it? They just evolve through microorganism like the flies from an improperly disposed dead animal. The mosquitoes are such a tiny living things but of colossal ill effects toward humans.  Does an invention of any herb formulaic sprays or misting mixture help reverse their behavior of biting or sucking bloods instead of sipping nectars the way their male counterparts do? Just asking.

Start getting rid of it by checking out your places, make it a habit the way we take showers everyday. Discipline and dedication forms part of the daily deal as we are truly outnumbered and being outsmarted for a thousand years inflicting damages through a seasonal comeback time and time again, moving places and spaces. Tropical countries like ours are the most prone to these varied diseases caused by mosquitoes.  And it is in finding its sensitivities to light, odour and other repellent we must improve the research to finally put an end to dengue, malaria and zika strains for good.

Odd it may look but fatal if we mislook, it’s not only about a clean environment but of actions of precautions. – Paquito  

Learnings from the Rio 2016 Olympics games

Winners knows no race or color and the medium used in determining the best out of the best are fair and square. This is the reason why the olympiada is considered as the highest form of competition ever played on earth. Watching the games bring me and the people of all ages a new understanding as to how the game was made, scored and officialized. Civilizations of all races, nationalities and social status just reminded people that an ordinary athletes can compete with the same mindset, to win the gold and etched their names in the history book of sports. That the world peace is achievable, no matter if there are 42 sports disciplines, 306 events, done in 37 venues and comprised of 205 countries, camaraderie is best exemplified by counting those who compete to complete the records for those whose excellent performance are justly rewarded. And that through numbers as a measure of greatness are jointly approved by participants who went there to experience and be recognised that their presence alone is a testament of support of peaceful world order.

Four times square we came prepared, Dovely at peace we are all one. – Paquito

The 2016 version USA Dream Team

As I was watching the on-going USA Basketball showcase being held across the US there is one thing I’ve interestingly notice, that teams from the around the globe have evolved positively at least for their home team benefits in terms of height and heft. Still, in the US where the competition is getting notches higher every 4 years and in time for the Olympic Games. A lot of debate can be found in any part of the globe as to who is the most talented, strongest team ever assembled by the US and there are of course discussion of great importance seemed they’re missing. Patriotism in the heart of the twelve professional NBA players donning the flag jersey and dedication in their heart to fulfill the obligation of a good US citizen for his country.The biggest challenge the 2016 USA Dream team has to face is the the fatal threat of the dreaded ZIKA Virus.

I consider them as the toughest when it comes to their courage to not let the USA be a a laughing stock should they end up not in any podium finish for the basketball medal game. Powerhouse lurking around are set to send in their best to at least wound up a Silver finish.

With the high probability of acquiring or getting bites of an insect numbering more than the projected sports participants attendees, this is a serious case they’re facing with rather than the opponents at helm. The teams are now warming up prior to travel to Rio, Brazil though there were news circulating that the Australian Olympic team has deferred its move inside the Olympic village after the Australian officials condemned it as “not safe or ready” where problems include issue surrounding sanitation and utility failure after running a “stress test” whereby a simultaneous run of faucets failed and electrical short circuits were recorded this made them to stay in their hotel for the meantime.

It’s not the competition that is threatening great athletes of professional level but the environmental and health issues which is a small but a high impact one and merits the reasons behind of those who decided to forego this chance to compete in the Olympic. I salute the 2016 USA Basketball Team including its coaching staffs and whole organization for the decision to preserve the Olympic spirit through firm participation and commitment of its NBA professional basketball players.

 Your thoughts are highly valued. Thank you.