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Messed Up

Uh oh… everyone’s had their own messed up situation. it’s no guarantee that you’ll live your life free of darn things you wish didn’t happen, but who cares? Will they fix it up for you, am sure not. Gotta leave believing they will for no one will. Was it a culture or sort of natural instinctive approach once you’re messed up? The people will turn away thats the very first thing gonna happen and it’s real. Those who’ve been with you when your’e up and swinging town to town they won’t surely missed a thing or two about you. Now you’re messed up, they’ve scattered away faster than a hopping rabbit. They’ll try to sneak a week checking if you’re good and done to spark that “link” again and pretend nothing happened after all. C’est La Vie and you need to live with it.

Now there we are counting cows than cowards which is a better way to start messing up again! Never rely to someone else as they’ve never relied on themselves as well.

Fixing wrong with wrongs will add up the bacon. Shrinking.- Paquito


Paquito Quote for the Day

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Like a bamboo which can stand all types of weather, Courageously we must bend to any challenges for a greater results.

Never ever underestimate the people or challenges you’re into, chances are you’ll be defeated by your own negligence. – People nowadays tend to forego simple things thinking it won’t cause any dent to his reputation or daily activities. The playful “later i will do it” attitude is a clear sign of  negligence and discouragement. Have you ever practised it? Then you got to examine yourself twice and honestly ask yourself the four basic questions hounding the “Why?; What to do?; How to do it?; Where to find the immediate solution?; What if i don’t do it? and the mystery of I got to do it in order not to let things blown out of the proportion.

We are all guilty of it and we are openly telling ourselves “C’est la vie” . For how long we will be like that? and for until what chapter of our life shall we collecting dent of compromising attitude towards our peer and society? There must be an absolute change within us and live and let live a great life ahead.

I will be sharing my thoughts in a brief and concise manner dear readers and your idea are well worth sharing i’m sure. Please share the good word. Paquito