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Faith is defined as



complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”this restores one’s faith in politicians”
trust, belief, confidence, conviction;
strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
religion, church, sect, denomination, (religious) persuasion, (religious) belief, ideology, creed, teaching, doctrine “she gave her life for her faith”

It’s definition used the exact words such as “complete trust” or “confidence” in someone or something just like engines or machines for transport system maybe or to a systematic processes any situation or organization has. This clearly defines how a person put his “complete trust” in any process, rules, objectives and direction he gotta take ahead of him. Keep the faith so the song goes and the faithful follows what their heart desires.

Do you got the right faith in an un-ascertained situation? – Paquito



We got our time to see or look back to what we’ve been through, good or bad. We try to patch things up with pride at its lowest or none at all. We can be the better version of us if we follow the norms of the common good. Countless it may seem that we botched things out but we offered better options that we feel best among the rest. Will it be acceptable is a question of trust.

Let’s bridge the gap provide the track for in simpler things we bow we must. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 37

Controlling your Emotions!

My dear fellow bloggers and readers around the planet, as we arrive at age thirty-seven a lot of things should’ve been experience and learned from those experiences. Some are in the thick of success in their career, marriage strongly create a better bondage and a family of young and forward moving outlook in the midst of challenges you’ve been through. One of the best experience this age should’ve been is .., of controlling your emotions. Your ability to put an infuriated face behind that smile and the other way around. But that’s facial… without any word.


Perfecting your emotional check in all fronts is what people makes this world a pleasant place to live in. Some are not but many are into it. For once you let loose that will be the beginning of your distress.

Keep your emotions or feelings always on-check and let loose those good ones upfront. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 04

It’s a great Wednesday today my dear readers and were even made greatest by a reader visitor of our humble blog site, a graduating student who’s like many of you are creating her own path for her greater and stable future, taking extra time studying and giving her extra mile to ensure she will get to her destination atop that exclusive podium for a handful of graduates come baccalaureate march.

I hope the short yet contagious words will inspire you to do the same,

Comment: Good day sir! 🙂 I’m on my progress doing my thesis late this 2:00 o’clock in the morning, took a snap to read blogs and got inspired by your quotes of the day! I admire you the first day we talked! You really looked great and professional! No doubt you’re a good Architect! I hope you may have a blast of followers to let them be inspired with your words of wisdom! Have a good day! -Arki Student fr. TIP QC – Kate Saldua; salduakate0117@yahoo.com

Time: September 7, 2016 at 1:22 am

God’s creation’s are also numbered in a way our days are defined with the seventh day as a rest day for us to glorify the creator and give thee thanks to infinite blessings we received. But we were never told to express our thanks only in that day as God wanted to teach us to be grateful in every seconds He shared his time with us and in every breath we must say our gratefulness for in giving we receive. Thank you Ms. Kate and may your tribe increase in numbers. God Bless !

Let’s count not the good deeds for it might be outnumbered by the bad ones instead keep focus in doing things good and let the bad one’s diminished subconsciously. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 03

“I want to promote myself as how i want the people to look at me not the way they want me to look at them.”  the parting words we heard from the man who’ve been our brightest and wittiest college batchmate after our lunch get together a couple of weeks ago.

The olympics fever is done and a bit of it still lingers on your thoughts and admirations and most of the athletes are safely home and back in the family’s arms. Hello there my dear readers I wanna give you my thoughts on this and I hope to hear your thoughts also for a better interaction experience as we are heading near the 100th article for this very young and promising blog site you could’ve imagine.

As you can see it is loaded with the word “want” and the inquirer is not asking but demanding something he nor I holds for as far as everybody’s respect is concern. As i was always telling you respect is earned not demanded, let the people give or share their word or two which is their rights and period. To be remembered as the best, you got to put on the best of you 24 hours a day seven days a week. That’s a full of acts to do. To live a life as normal as we could is not even easy, we got set of problems and challenges ahead of us as we all knew that life without challenges is not a life at all. As long as we are not intermediating with others lives , for as long as we are living a fair and square thing we are for sure be best remembered with what we haven’t demanded, favorably asked or forcibly taken but by how we put our best in any little things we do, shared and equally given respectfully.

Block by block we live and locked, love and peace we leave in pieces. – Paquito

10 Extraordinary traits that makes a Filipino qualified to be on a Mars Mission without Returning to the Earth

The most sophisticated mission in planetary space exploration is on going with the scientific advancement of the human race to an extremely extraordinary environment which is the planet Mars. This is a mission that will be considered as the most important of all as our race is counting the possibility to establish civilization outside the earth. To start something new in a place where the breath of life seems equivalent to support life. Start saving the human race to extinction due to severe climate fast changing condition that can eradicate the world population. Rising sea water levels engulfing low lying islands, melting ice caps ever recorded as fastest in a short period of time. Sooner or later we are doomed to experience the havoc of natural disasters and pay the price of extinction. Wildfires, Tsunamis, Earthquakes of stronger magnitude and foggy or dusty air environment have gone to a greater proportion that we cannot control and just live with the fatal effects it brings to humanity. Researchers are trying this long shot to prevail over the looming extinction which is to physically sent a team of researchers, scientist, dedicated professionals to start a brand new life in the planet Mars. 

As a Filipino I was thinking of wide arrayed of character traits and intelligence we possess that makes us qualified to be considered as a part of this mission. 

1. Filipinos are exposed to other cultural challenges and break barriers of universal language being the English language as the second most spoken after the local Tagalog vernacular language. We think, work, analyze things as the same from those of Eastern and Western norms. 

2. Resiliency to extreme weather condition. As our country is always visited by strong typhoons we definitely knew the way to go along with it and experienced to do whatever works that needed to be done in order to wisely flow with the extreme effects with a minimal damage to their livelihood. 

3. Multiple Intelligence Quotient to analyze and explore multiple solutions at hand and creative foresight in handling actual situations and challenges. We never falter in a silly situation perhaps it brings out the talent and preparedness to cope up with pressures. 

4. Filipinos work the hardest when it comes to logged hours of extended work we are born natural hard worker and it does makes us stronger and fulfilled once we were able to accomplish task within all bounds of expectations. 

5. Food lovers and never complained of any type of food served to us. We can go veggie, meat, grains, pasta, processed you name it and we love it. Is it due to our mixed nationalities of our forefathers that we end up food appreciative. And when the supplies are down we readily adjust our urge to go full tank. 

6. We came from a tropical country where most of the insects roamed the humid and moist environment are all natural to us. Our genes and immunity were somehow designed or patterned to deter sickness accentuated with it. In short we are highly immune tolerance a much needed qualification in dealing with the unknown environment.

7. We are natural born learner and can easily adapted to change. Though close family ties is one of the greatest norms in our culture its is the desire of doing great things to be proud of or brag about and this motivation push us to do more of an extra mile achievement and reap the accolades therefrom.

8. The physical height is like tailor made for the standard spacesuits making it easier for movement during mission and the BMI is like a one size fits all thing for zero gravity cockpit. And the athleticism in quickness generally common for both male and female is 

9. We love to travel and to go on a mission without returning back is the ultimate travel one could make. To preserve and be a part of procreation in a new and never before tested habitat is a fete all the races on earth dreamed of. It’s the evolution in other world and the possibility of preservation of our local language is another thing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be welcome in a new planet with our “Mabuhay” greetings? And part of our flag heritage be incorporated in the new Martian flag as well. 

10. Speaking of heritage a multicultural mankind presence in the Martian soil will ensure that a part of Filipino palatable dishes will be preserve and continue to get the taste of the famous “adobo, caldereta, Laing and lumpia” made from the available plant like things in the areas  where traces of waters once flow. We are above normal in terms of blood pressure and these traits might be helpful to break the atmospheric sphere of the planet. With the scheduled arrival of mankind in the planet, the longstanding type of air will be mixed with th breath of a human whose chemical composition is generated from all life forms available On the planet earth. It’s part of the mission to infiltrate the Martian soils characteristic with that of the Earth and start from there the propagation of living things. 

Trusting our faith in times of adversity and coping with the difficulty and adaptation to settle in an extreme situations are just a few challenges waiting the humankind in the Martian planet. And bringing the most ready and potential talents available in today’s generation is one of the most noble and scientific milestones a human can make and there is no best time to do the exploration but now.