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Data Protection

Don’t panic, everything under your watch should’ve been under your control.  What is this? Another information technology jargon or just an act that needs sincere and honest disposition in behalf of those who’ve subscribed to a certain IT based or cloud based data that’s vital for your daily finance, mail, logistics, fitness, organization or whatsoever that requires your personal information to realize a background inputs of profile it needs to scan or select the appropriate pattern of your choices. What is that again!?

I am at lost while writing this piece of article with respect to the hottest topic of the social media , Data Breach…

Have you been breached? Can’t access your account? or somebody is using your personal account identity? Don’t let that ruin your day… be vigilant and create key pass that you find too difficult to remember except you.

Don’t pass-d-word or you’ll end up sorry. – Paquito

What other things should people keep protecting ? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.




Facebook Unboxing

The NYSE shows that the stock level of the social media app today is almost the same as when it was first go public ten years ago,… Facebook is in trouble! and so does your Facebook account…  Can’t believe that such a huge worldwide social media host is experiencing trouble. Data breach… what effect it has to its millions of subscribers including yours truly where a couple of handles are currently in use.

Are you prepared should the Facebook CEO decided to pull the plug coming from the outside pressures of the world? How will you positively respond to it? Will it cripple the social media mainstreams or will it solidly put its peers unto stiff competition in the market? While we watch the devaluation of Facebook in the stock market does it also devalue your trust and discontinue the daily use of the most subscribed social media platform of all time. Filipinos if ever the plug pulling transpired are the users affected mostly as they’re banking on its free messaging extension which is the Messenger in conducting a face to face conversation with their relatives roaming the desert sand of the Middle East or the snowy mountains of Canada and the Americas. Technology bridge the huge physical distance between family’s and friends. That was how its purpose supposed to be as what has been claimed by its CEO who’ve just spoken on “breach of trust” in his post and claimed responsibility for protecting user data in Cambridge Analytica scandal.

What’s next remains a question… It’s your own choice or decision should you opted to delete or go hibernation from the most famous and most followed and most utilized social media app that can also be used as a powerful tool to manipulate certain situation such as an election of one of the most secured and powerful country, the USA.

Anything man invented is susceptible to a man’s threat. – Paquito