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Share Your Passion – My 18 TDL

What keeps you running, how do you cope up with the demands of daily grind, why do you let yourself being pounded by those ups and downs of life and still able to paint a smile in the end telling yourself “glad you made it”? Motivational words that encourage us simply provide that normal feeling of seeing the light at the other end of the tunnel, isn’t it? Getting up early and doing routine things day in and day out can be described as the gas that propels us to act reflexive. Each of us has our own drive!

How would you like to share that craftiness to others we called passion? Opening up with the goal of helping others or embarking to pro-bono service is what we can consider “passion” . Are you ready to share or to reach out, without thinking of anything in return? There are a lot of people around us who need a little bit of you or your expertise, unsolicited advice can be fruitful if delivered with the right timing. Are you a retiree, on vacation with so much time to spare which is enough to finish a full cycle  of help? Do you get the idea? Though were sure of  many critiques along the way, we can put our energy to those who are willing to listen, act and participate. There are a lot of avenues you can begin to share your idea’s, starting with your underclassmen up to the grandparents who are more than willing to listen to your “newbie experiences” and they’re more than enthusiastic to share their own .. just make sure you pay attention in order to let them at least go down memory lane. You might hear stories you’ve never heard of like getting lost at the train station and how’d they found you, stories like that brings out a new lesson even in the littlest way, isn’t it?

Before we forget, sharing is a blessing in disguise… not only for you but for others as well. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed of the results but please manage your expectations as it is not a hundred percent scene as how you’ve imagine it. Just be truthful about it and sincere… besides that’s what you’re there for!

They say that the start is always the hardest, but not with these one… start with your relatives, friends and professional circles… to your community also. An expert always have that leadership instinct ready to disperse any blobbing stomach when face with adverse situation. Hey, do you still know Mr. Pressure? I thought you’ve gone friends with it long before…. so carry on, share your passion and expand the horizon.

Passionate People Produce Proper Partnership, the Professional way. – Paquito … 7P’s !


That Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game

As an NBA fan from the Southeast Asia, I always keep tab on the updates of the games especially when superstars are on the floor. The game between Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder are somewhat far from the expectation we have after Kevin Durant decided to join the Splash Brothers with numerous reason he alone knew of. Speculative media wrote of several stories as if they’re Kevin Durant.

With the way the game transpired in 40 minutes span, one thing is pretty obvious… Russel Westbrook and his team mates are nowhere between the line of happy and sad or whatever you may call it. We thought that NBA is the highest form of competition in basketball, where the champs are branded as the World Champion… to which I disagree as it is more appropriate to call them USA Champs as no other country are competing in this league, its’ all Americas state’s involved and together with a few European, Asian or other race joining the bandwagon of individual seeking success in the kingdom of basketball giants.

True to its word and meaning that “change is the only permanent thing in this world” that’ caught Kevin Durant’s heart to switched team, a lot of memes and other mocking games were directed to him that even his former ally Russel Westbrook took part as seen in several video clips… including Stephen Curry. If these are part of the marketing awareness strategies, i think this wont make the parents of the million kids and grown up fans proud, once copied and absorbed as a normal part of the deal of being one of the best point guard of the game. We believe that an NBA player is a gentleman in all facets of his stature.

Focus must be limited to the competition, letting the ball dribbled and led to the basket telling the fans who’s better and the best after every game. Skills and basketball IQ should be shown instead of antics and verbal disturbia,  where when men’s ego, once awaken sometimes equates to devastating result…. just as the way the Golden State Warriors demolished the Oklahoma City Thunder in their last game.

Play your best, fair and square on the floor not in front of the camera reels. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 10

Getting invited to a party for a cause somehow ends up as a drinking binge to be honest, while others are there for the real cause most of the other half are not. Is there any professional way to tell these people who are a bunch of prominent one so to speak that really take part in advocacy in the first hand to properly observe the obvious reasons why the activity is being held?

Certain things do happen unexpectedly in all occasions, people in attendance especially guest or the host tend to lose control of themselves once under the influence of alcohol. Keeping it on check is very simple, if you are the host never consider putting or consolidating drinks with high alcohol content to ensure rough attitude is neutralize. While it is indeed unavoidable to some , still it can be controlled or kept on check by setting up a corner table at the opposite end of the stage or center of occasion.  And if you are an attendee and keeping yourself sober all throughout the program, the best thing that you can do is to  wait for the program to end then invite your close allies outside of the place and merrily drink your heart out till the next morning. Case solved. Agree? Your thoughts are very important please let me hear it straight from you by responding through commentary box.

A program for a cause is not a cause to be ruined with by your unsolicited gesture.-Paquito

Why Think Small When You Can Think Bigger !

People tend to be submissive even if they knew the real sound and effective direction to be creative and fulfill the bigger picture of success or efficiency. Maybe you wonder and sometimes find yourself in the same situation yet you chose to be un-assertive to preserved the relationship in between and reap the low end of the day in the end. And a lot of reading materials and articles are browse-able in the net telling you to think small, sometimes smaller to avoid such confrontational scenes that might led to the demise of camaraderie or long standing friendship. Well , i will you this. Stop and think about it.

You can always dream, aspire  and think bigger and get the uncharted results you haven’t think about and learn to embrace it as you deserve more than your thought could think of, as long as you’re not stepping on anyone. Why you wanna think small, in order not to offend somebody? or to stay away from potential trouble in the end? or maybe you’re afraid to face the truth of seeing them walk away from your loop of friends. Well, I will tell you this once again. Stop and tell them about it.

The next-gen and the yolo even the millennials have several cerebral barriers that the old have a bit of discomfort dealing with the underrated hyper thinking youth of today. The old traits that used to be applicable and effective during the post war period are now in obsolescence period not because we are becoming disrespectful but due to the fact that the time has evolved even the surrounding we live in. Fast pace communication has left the past uneasily realigning itself to the demands of the current pattern of lives we have. It is undeniable that these “tool of improvement” have created things harder to achieve to those who decline to be on the same basic pace of the digital world that nobody is now thinking small but bigger.

The stark reality of the emergence of everyday life tools and gadgets has been a common thing that everybody must live with and it is a choice we got to go through if we wanted still to think small, that by gliding with the net age is already a form of decision to think bigger as we are unconsciously aligned ourselves to the next big thing to come and become part of those thinking the biggest for themselves.

Character and Creativity are two different traits, but we can always be creative with the best and acceptable character in the end. – Paquito 

Paquito Quote for the Day 08

Climate Change is real. To those who are not subscribing to the idea, you better think twice as the way it has been wrecking havoc to places that has been unable to experience extreme weather conditions for more than a century are the walking proof of how things especially climate patterns have change. Hurricane Matthew is currently flexing its muscles of devastation on the other part of the globe while i’m writing this article and i cannot help but remember the parable of “the boy who cried wolf” as the extreme change which is obviously felt and seen in almost the entire planet is being regard as a hoax or something the we shouldn’t take seriously at all.

How many lives are needed to be sacrifice before we put our acts together ? Industrial revolution is nothing if there are no people to benefit from it, the time to revisit the phases of technological advancement is now knocking our doors of conscientious heart and soul.  Let’s start small, by picking a piece of candy wrapper, it is a big help to eradicate garbage problem in a city or a country. How do you imagine a ten billion people picking up trash at the same time? that is a small but a huge impact stance we can effortlessly do to our mother earth and it doesn’t even eat up a minute of our lifetime isn’t it? Let us not  be like the boy who cried wolf and watch helplessly the earth vanished right in our sight.

People always measure their greatness but fell silent when it comes to their weakness. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 09

Burned out and losing stand on everything else that matters is one of the biggest challenge a busy man could face in his lifetime, do we need to feel this way in order to regain the enthusiasm like we used to be during the initial stages of the circumstances? 

Feeling exhausted is a sign of telling you to recoup yourself or to regain the lost strengths and drive that you possessed to a certain situation you have. Many people work or dive into extreme pressures without any second thought, putting too much on their will to win that they seems to forget that  they’re no superman or have the superpower to do it all in a single line time frames. Have we forgotten that there are seven days a week that we should spare time to pause, chill, relax or meditate of all the past pertaining to the current challenge were facing.

It is the cheapest and easiest thing a man can do to find himself again and rejuvenate in a matter of hours by doing things that pleases or make him fulfilled of himself. Find time to  hit the park, sports club or eat what your hearts desire in order to regain the lost strength and drive you wish you have to close out finally a lingering task at hand.

No amount of downfall can change a man unless he knew right from the start the amount of energy he has to exert equally. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 07

Unlocking the secrecy code, why it comes to be the norm of intelligent work force of the society? If it is a secret why it needs to be broadcast and be heard by those people who were left out of the situation or reasonably behind the beliefs of causing panic or misconception to achieve a certain goal. Most of us are caught unaware once the beans were spilled and vented freely to anyone involved. Are we subscribing to this idea because we seemed to know less with the information and the real truth behind or we just don’t wanna left out of the circle and pretend to know more like everybody else.

There are only two things to do better in keeping a secret of information when it is needed. First, if you knew nothing at all, do not try to immersed yourself in the fire of controversy instead focus on the matters or information you knew as general as everybody. Second, So you’re one of the promulgators of the top secret, learn to extract information without letting those in the loop notice it. It’s tough but that’s the way to do it.

Esoteric activities require a faithful mode of discretion. – Paquito 

Paquito Answer for the Day 08

Fact Checking How Important it is?

It comes in all sort of words with the focal point of direction to the real truth. Our system of community as surrounded by other communities are the constant reminders that historical facts and storied principles must co-exist to establish a commendable, reliable truths and make the world a better place to live in. How many time you were put in a silly situation where your stories or statement are put into factual checking prior to acceptance and deliverance? it’s quite uneasy for somebody who are making up stories just to get the nod of the majority. This is the current world we live in and there is no denying that  it’ll stay so long as there is conflict and miscommunication with our circle of acquaintances and the like. So how do we able to avoid this? We should start it from ourselves truly i say to you as it is important that we seek the truth and nothing but the truth before indulging somebody for any discussion to eliminate distress and distraction of strategies of permeating hoax and make up excuses in the end.

Facts are easier to tell than the dumbfounded ones. The way it is delivered and shared needs no extra effort at all in terms of announcing it. And the rewards it brings on the table is crystal clear superb for all the parties involved.

Hearsay’s are whispered words of evil that sound and look too good to be true.- Paquito  

Paquito Quote for the Day 06

Good day my dear readers ! Hmmm the smell of morning air reminds us of something good and fantastic things to look forward to. I hope you all have the best in this coming holiday season. What, greetings as early as the month of September? Buts that’s the reality.

There are a million life changing factors that we cannot , do not, and have no control at all and that is our friends ideas or beliefs. Let me ask you this, Do you intend to have your audience believe right away with you after you say something quite worth twice thinking before subscribing to it? If yes, then that’ is yours to find out if they will and if not, we got no problem at all . We must never forget that all of our audience has their own way to think differently and to discern things opposite your direction. It is the polarity of thoughts that makes this world wonderful to live in, the civilized way of life that can traced back to our forefathers and we must never go back to the struggles they’ve experience during their time just to craft the way of civilization we have currently  right now.

Life is a journey of moving forward instead of the opposite, intellectual innovations towards the betterment of it and we must take extra careful ways dealing with it. Taking the advantages it may bring towards a community and for the societies well being.

Careful listening is the clearest and loudest statement we can utter unanimously. – Paquito

Chasing Client Confidently

We were been invited to some of the biggest property roadshows in our lifetime and you will notice the chronological consistence of their approach on how they’re wooing potential clients of all ages.  Sales leaflets, shiny brochures stamped with the sales agent’s name and contact details sometimes ended up littering the pavements of public convenience. I still remember the time when the booming south have created a long line of traffic at the freeway with almost all of the cars headed to fast developing hot properties that once touted as agricultural lands for what they called tripping. There you’ll find yourself entering a portal of impressive finishes bringing your cerebral impulses to imagine the dream you’ve been wanting, while walking the virgin soil of the area under the scorching heat of the sun. “there the clubhouse will be erected, while here is the main access road will be paved with a standard thick of concrete with a line of imported palmettos to give you the colonial scenery just like with this brochure Sir.”said in an exciting and a kid like toned voice of an agent assigned to the client. Then a sumptuous lunch followed and the cycle goes on. This is the old school way of selling properties.

Change becomes the permanent fixture of everybody’s life, forming the way we communicate to the way we stay up to date to our network, acquaintances and our acquaintances acquaintance. Interconnection is the name of the game. A number of portal applications  or apps are offered and vastly improving every step of the way. Still, the physical actuality if oculars is a process that will been for more years to come as buyer’s preferred to see, feel and scrutinize things, places and the like they’re acquiring. A face to face encounter is still a must before we can call the sale a success, or sold.

So how do they chase clients from potential pool of attendance sheets and call cards they’ve got in exchange for theirs? There are three stages to seal a deal which are getting introduced, do the heads up for them and let them get their choice. As you’ll notice these stages are all the jobs of the seller, property consultants and whatever you may want to call them. The only participation a client needs is to provide you the contact details they have and the rest is for the chasing guy all throughout. It’s not easy i’ll tell you. But if you have a planned initiatives to make it work just fine then go for it.

Since almost everyone is glued to the internet then thru inter connectivity you must anchor the basic strategy available at hand. Create an Excel profiles of your potential clients with their important milestone dates like birthdays, anniversary to make the interaction closer and a bit personal dividing gap thinner and establish a better rapport as it is still the word of mouth advertising that can land you a close deal either with them or thru them of their friends, relatives and other connections. Maintain a data base of well-connected people or professionals that you think can give you a list of potential buyers for the current week, months and year or years to come. Transposing the list you have into a friendly encounter will help you big time in the future and you better make yourself available once get invited to any affair that may seem odd to you as everybody knew that love happens in a place and time that you never expected and so with sales. Agree?

This is the reason we sue the word chasing not locking or getting target of clients as it is a go after the potential game out there and you should do it logically in a most practical way. Have you ever been become friends of those people who turned you outright with your product of a multi million amount property you are selling? If yes, you are in a wrong direction. Chasing means padding up the acquaintances in your directory, sooner or later, those whom you’ve stop talking or connecting with are the ones who are capable of getting not only one but several pieces of property as his sound investment, right. We must never underestimate anybody and treat everybody as the person who can help us generate the needed minimum quota of sales. Hey, i am not a sales guru but it seems i sound like one !.

Chasing game never stops whenever and wherever you are. In fact it’s time for you to make yourself more visible than ever both in physical and wired world. Build a brand of your own genuine way to get notice and calmly sell the goods with the highest confidence and you’re in for sure of a better chance to and get the best chance to level up the discussion to terms of payment and condition which is the threshold of closing the deal for good. The next time you go out of your main door be sure to be the most approachable person in every situation you might get into to break the thick source of distant silence that keeps you inside the box of isolation instead of out of the box communication.

Gazillions words are made available even for those who can’t utter a single one,  start a small talk and make it the biggest break of your day. – Paquito