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Paquito Answer for the Day 40

It’s exactly 58 days gone for the year and let me ask you this.. Are you on track as to what you’ve planned and wished for the past two New Years? Including Chinese New Year of course! How’s the vision guiding you to accomplish the mission of getting a high level up. Are you aiming for sustainability or seeking to expand the breadth of your reach…

And while we are all too busy reaching new heights and depths of experience let us not forget those people behind these series of victory and learnings we get along the way. Either we sink or swim, what is important here is we’re still in the nick of time to make it as how we’ve expected it to end.

Move forward is the real deal breaker if we are to look ahead of better results. – Paquito


Convention, Exhibition, Sales Drive What do these 3 have in C’mmon ?

What does a convention, exhibition and sales drive have in common? asked the attendees of one of the professional organization in a ballroom. Is this an effective way to grow connections, joint venture, tie-ups and merger? How do this event could help us grow ourselves as a pro and our business? 

We need to evolve in many ways to get notice and know the real happenings outside the four corners of the offices we have. We go to convention to socialize, grow our connections and be updated with the latest and movement in terms ranking and development in the making and see for ourselves how to be on the same level of opportunity with that continuous changes could bring to us.

This is one way of keeping the fire burning and get that smoke as high as to get notice and always be on the radar of those potential customers and clients.

When there is smoke, a fire is efficiently burning somewhere. – Paquito