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Bad Weather = Devastation

It’s happening ! Everybody’s ATM posts were bout the challenging times they’re faced once the weather act badly and horrendous. We can’t beat nature that’s for a fact, all people could do is to live wisely with it. No, am not saying that we just have to accept our fate when calamity strikes. We can be resilient, we can be as I’ve said … wiser than before. It’s a choice every head of the family must make to keep his yard safe and climate abiding mode. Sounds easy but not! This involves a lot of planning, thinking of the pros and cons for every member of the family, depending on the demography’s a small city, town or rural areas have. Moving from one place to another is not a lot easy but the opposite. How much more coping up with the downside of the city or place you live in when catastrophic floods, earthquakes and the like strikes?

A lot of self claimed experts are rising faster than speed of light sound when a post tragic devastation began looking for answers they wanna hear to keep at least their emotions on check as if the ill effects of the natures wrath have long gone. Some are good in giving technical based opinion, some divine and others are just several pieces of craps enough to cross the borderline of comic relief. Let’s be serious about it, that’s all matter. Right?

Let’s keep it simple and executable for larger or bigger chance of survival.

To be continued…

Up next Coping with the Devastation….


Paquito Quote for the Day 48

Good day my dear readers from the corners of seven continents, I can’t believe that a simple gesture could’ve reach your browser in short span of time and I’d like to say my warmest thank you, gracias, gracie and in whatever language it is pronounce in your country and I just wanted you to know that you are truly acknowledge! Now.. let me ask you this, How many infomercials have you seen about our mother nature? what was your first reaction, your inner thoughts and your simple but doable action to help?

What’s happening on Earth! Volcanic eruptions, earthquake, floods, melting glaciers and rising tidal waves engulfing low lying lands resulting to receding shorelines. What kind of science can provide the specific and accurate answers in these series of phenomenal change? Launch after launch man is trying to explore other potential planets that he may colonize in order to expand the mankind footprints. Human preservation is the exact summation of this engineering and astronomical achievement in space odyssey. Is this the true instinct every man possessed, to leave a place when its purpose are being challenge? When it’s minerals were extracted till its bottom? When it’s water resources been full of contaminants? When the food supplies are laced with plastics and other man made trashes ? When we all wake up in the smell of harmful pollutants in the precious air we breath, no word can describe how gruesome it’ll be once it strikes us unprepared.

Like a woman tendering her yard, let us start healing ourselves through the surroundings we have right now, not in the other side of a distant planet that we all knew no man have ever existed! We keep on believing to something that we all knew will never be a reality. That’s how science have captured our useful imagination…. Are you solve with the present task that we were also the culprit one way or another?

Like a tiny dust that can put a speck in our eyes, we are also the source of exponential cataclysmic problem that only you, me, us and we are capable of solving of… – Paquito


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