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My 18 TDL

No more looking back , what’s on your list for today’s New Years redefining agenda ? As most have ditched the idea of resolution since they always end up doing the same thing just like the previous one. TDL as we all knew stands for To Do List ! To some they call it to do lot or to do a lot more than what was listed. Plan , plan , plan and more plan is the name of the game right now and there’s a lot of tools or gadgets to help us along the way. Tied unto our wrist, connected to our smartphones and even to our smart eyeglasses! And have you ever heard of the big idea about the micro-chip- tattoo that can store and remind you of what’s in a day for your routine. What a great one, I hope it’s available in the market and am just wondering how that will change the norm of the academe, corporate world and the risk of getting hack for no apparent reason.

Going back to the topic, we gonna try to list down some of our profound things or schedules or activities we wanna achieve for the last 364 days given that we’re using the very first one of the 2018.



Network of Friends and Business

Social Media Status


Self Improvement Programs

Sports and Hobbies

Mobility and Transportability

Musical Genre and Concerts

Vacation and Revisitation of Roots

Greeneries of Memories

Academic Excellence

Extreme Excellent Experience or Triple E

Pick Some Fruits Somewhere

Adventure , Adventure and More of it

Create a Legit Personal Site

Share your Passion


These need not to be in order and depending on your current status in life and the lifestyle you have the previous year. And from the list, you can add the details of how you gonna do it .. at least it’ll serve as your guide for the next twelve months. How I wish I was doing this before and get a better result out of what I have right now and let me tell you that while writing this piece of  I came to realize how important it really is… the jotting down of plans ahead of us.. that simple tickler is a great tool that can do wonders to our today and tomorrow to do list convincingly.

What are your thoughts with the 18 TDL as listed here? Come and join the conversation by sending your comments , suggestions and never been tried list of TDL you have in mind.

On my next article I’ll be discussing one by one of the 18 TDL, starting with Health… Watch out for it!

To list is to do things accordingly . – Paquito


Paquito Quote for the Day 42

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers! My apologies for keeping it too long to up the latest article and upcoming ones as I’ve just gotten into the mainstream of corporate world once more and looking forward to it with aim in view of long term with finality of tenure… challenging isn’t it? Anyway here’s an instances that do normally a part of your daily grind and am pretty sure you’ve been finding the best answer in Goggle, fret no more as this will somehow fit in with yours too! Happy reading and again let me ask you, Do you find this helpful and relevant ? then you are free to share it thru infinity.

How often do you encounter miscues, misinterpretation and miscommunication? Does your day to day challenge forms an integral part of it? If yes, then you’re not alone who have such predicament even if you don’t wish for it. And the good thing about it is that’ll make you see yourself in a better perspective in carrying out yourself for some instances more often than not to get the best out of it.

Without it means you’re not a good person to deal with, the lack of substance in whatever you’re presently dealing about makes you an idle one and not the most sought after guy at that moment in time.

Carry on and be the best that you can be even if it means dropping some peanuts and bits of pieces of your wits just to clear things out at their own expectation.

Don’t forget the cannoli , said one guy. – Paquito

DPWH Leadership

I was quite baffled with the trending words regarding the appointment of the congressman from the southern metro manila who hailed from a respectable and honorable family whose devotion in active participation in the national political arena with great vision and mission to serve the huge needs of our countrymen in promoting to achieve a better life to every-juan. The appointee have not yet started or lifted a finger to perform his duties and responsibilities to ensure all project program run smoothly relative to his position and yet he was being put down and judged by a throng of negative thinking populace whom are conclusive to utter a word without giving the humble man the benefit of the doubt.

In fairness to him the position was offered by and not asked from the future leader of the country. Without anything in mind but to serve and promote the best interest of the country he accepted in humility the challenges to bring change to a department considered to be as one of the busiest in the nation building.

Let us look on the positive advantages it will give to our country, first and foremost He comes from a reputable development company who have witnessed first hand its humble beginnings up to its current stature. With the experience being the best teacher the learning curve to establish proven leadership is eliminated which is beneficial to our country’s urgent needs as one of the ideals the coming administration are selling were to put “great minds” of sophisticated thinking that is useful in bringing excellence in service. We should be glad that the department is given to a gentleman like him who is still young, knowledgeable, with strict adherence to quality and with strong background to works related to his beginnings will surely improve the health of infrastructure for the next six years.

The current secretary have a dedicated working roster whose technical and management capability are all proven in the implementation of past and current projects and it is in the form of new ideas and infusion of dynamism that are deemed important to throttle the safe and of global standard projects in order to sustain the highest expectations we are all counting.