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Calculated Risk

Good day my dear readers and fellow bloggers, it never stop unto us to always make a choice, to balance the options of being better or best but not the poorest one… though at times there is a chance that it is the lowest choice available we gotta choose for whatever reason we think is deem necessary but not as always we think.

Risk takers knew how to deal this kind of situation that they spent much of their time analyzing the pros and cons of their possible decision but with the same shape, color or figures on a distant sight which is success. People who find enjoyment in doing such complex analysis are way above average individual or professional that possess intricate critical thinking ability. And doing the calculated risk is just one of them. Now that we know who they are from the billion number of people around the globe let’s now look at how it is being applied.

Many if not all decisions made previously by decorated analyst both with small and biggest firms or organizations ranging from politics, military, sports, finance, engineering, science, weather disturbance, agriculture, war, hostage struggle, secret intelligence, commerce and trade, marine transport, power, health and human resource have gone through the process of calculated risk. By way of creating pre-analytical performance picture putting up against the current game they have that produces the needed bricks of walled success, but in most organizations the appetite for success never dwindled and in fact subconsciously makes them starve for more and the search for an overflowing supply of it becomes the pinnacle of the efforts once found or vaulted.

That success has been the most elusive and inconvenient truth of selective decisions and unfounded actions of those high risk takers who defined that the higher stake of risk is, the higher the returns…. not all the time and that even the most experience transcriptionist will find it hard to record and rewrite for a prototyping blue prints of controlled and accurate process that will serve as a perfect source of wealth.

In the end, the equivalent post effect that have been regulated all throughout the process is bound to produce a significant result of acceptable figures rather than repeatedly doing a variance review of differences which in the first place is not realistic from the very start. It allows us to address our dissatisfaction and generate nervous breakdown along the way that never once considered as a part of the deal. Specific calculation have been accepted  as part of our life that we must only consider a truthful balance of both good things it’ll create and move forward bearing contentment and grace.

Your unique thoughts are welcome, send them in and start a great conversation.

Countless calculations are made for us but it is the risk that block its limitations. – Paquito


Ten Feet-ingly Surefire Ways to Eliminate Foot-Bad-Odor or FBO 

You’re wearing a Kyrie Irving latest model hoop shoes and does the cross over with ease and cat quick laterals leaving your opponent behind for a basket and a foul. These story line will be forgotten easily once they smell the rottened of all rotten smell of a rat of your stands or for others your f-e-e-t. Yes your size 10 smelly foot are also the most common pronouncements you don’t wanted hear as it’s the start of a trending topic or the end of your near perfect cross over adoration of your not so plenty fans and opponents including your team mates. Let me share to you some of the 10 cross overs to end that stinky story of your foot. 

  1. Lemon is a fruit that’s best for your mothers marinades and sashimi soakers but it is proven a long time ago that lemon or calamansi to local folks is best anti-odor douser for a bad smelly foot. Put a dozen or more in a lukewarm water with each foot wrapped in a thin towel then dip for half an hour while playing candy crush or coc will help eliminate bad odor and cleanse those nails without any effort. Don’t forget to rinse it at the bathroom for a fresh and spa-feeling sensation you get.
  2. Coffee grounds this one is being done by people in the mountains and rice paddies. Coffee possess those authentic odor replacement characterized by it strong aroma by changing the smelly odor into an aromatic espresso air filled soothing odor. Just don’t add sugar or else an army battalion of ants will be marching over your toenails and heels leaving red marks and small wounds thereafter.
  3. Baking Soda yes you read it right, it’s also great for treating smelly mind grain inducing foot odor. Just soak your feet in a pail half filled of baking soda for an hour while continuously moving your foot fingers gives you a cake smelly foot and a soft cushion sensation once you start waking after jumping out of the pail or baby tubs full of baking soda. Rinse with hypoallergenic soap and dry it with a blow drier for a final walk. 
  4. Banana Peel no am not referring to the sandals which is selling like hot cakes for the ladies. After eating a banana rub the peel to your foot like a massager and let it for 20 minutes then washed it with papaya soap for a great smoothies err great warm smell of heaven I mean. It’s cheaper I swear. 
  5. Sulfur  Soap is anti bacterial and it’s the fungus moist that’s sending that horror to your foot. Controlled usage  will do the deal and it’s best using lukewarm water and rinse it with clean water. 
  6. Socks and Stockings even women have these perennial smelly problem and it’s a bit sexy for some who fetishes for such blue cheese smell of their feet, wait when it’s the last time we heard “smell is in the nose of the beholder”? Daily change of socks and stockings is more acceptable than ocassionally doing it. It’s part of a proper hygiene amigos and amigas. Wash it after use and wear it again on the next day after two days got it? Am sure you did!
  7. Sweaty Feet down there and shoes are full of hardened black-dusty soil thing. If you’re a Rambo type fashionista who loves to wear shoes without sheets then you’re in for a nuke bomb after taking off your shoes or sandals. Sweaty feet must wear hypoallergenic socks, the breathing one they’re showing in tv commercials. Don’t wear thick socks instead try to invest to those funny socks that wrapped your fingers one by one to ensure that there’ll be no propagation of fungus in between those moistened neighborhood. 
  8. Borrowed Shoes is the easiest if not the best way to acquire and have your own pair of bad odor feet! Ask yourself why you need to borrow? You might acquire or promote the fungi to other clans if you do. And remember those bargained tag prices in relief goods or ukay-ukay shoes designed for hiking? Furry or not but leather or suede and cow hide based boots are the number source of bacteria as you have no idea how it were previously used by its rightful owners in the woods, rivers and even swamps. If your feet is built to extreme toughness from bacteria go on and wear that timberland or caterpillar boots and safety shoes fashionably.
  9. Incomplete Wash of a Rubber shoes transfer the unwashed detergent soap to your feet pores and it’s easel to get it if your sweaty. We cannot discount the fact that once our dearly pair of Adidas and Nike even Under Armour sneakers will hit the muddy pavement during that fun run that start as early as the first voice of a shouting cock in the morning you’ll need to wash it to preserve its iconic look for a boastful stand in the pair of your elite socks . Wash it properly and Rinse it accordingly.
  10. Interchangeable inside Soles are abundant in men’s and women’s section of the department store nearby. Make it a habit to buy and replace the inside soles to maintain freshness of the anterior part of your boots. It comes in cheap and thinly slice foam sheets engineered to protect the proliferation of bacteria to stick and seeped through. 

Time to end the horror and regain the honor with these simple tips at affordable prices. You don’t want to be the center of attention in a wrong way isn’t it. Stand proud in those events and swap cards with the society in great confidence of participating in games requiring removal of your dearly Jarman Leather Shoes without a second thought. 

I wonder If penguins possess the same even in the coldest weather condition ? Happy reading and don’t forget to wash your feet everyday.