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Authentic Over-runs

It’s the original thing but dropped from the assembly line as it never passed the criteria of consumer standards. This is how we should define it. While we may all differ to our own interpretation, this is the best way in my opinion an authentic overruns should be treated. Have you heard of Class A, Class B and Class category or type of merchandises? Have you been to some bargain sort of stores or what they labeled as marked down market?

Originals, Replica and Overruns What’s the Real Difference? I dare say Nothing!


For your simple take, it’s totally different ! An authentic overruns are merchandises that gone to its original factory or the origin is legit or shall we say they came from the third party sub-con shop providers which are are legit and that they wanna make it profitable to sell those items or merchandises that failed the QA/QC department of its factory standards. Hey it’s getting clearer now right?

So what’s the claim? There is no better way but to scrutinize with proper inquiry such as where does it came from? The right source code for such batch that it end up at a  bargain prices.

Legit or not they’re all good and as long as it fits your needs there’s no problem at all – Paquito



Originals, Replica and Overruns What’s the Real Difference? I dare say Nothing!

Hola China! It’s how confidently  you wear it not the way they thought about it. Branded items flooded the high end malls, sleek signature stores and the flea markets of the country. Whenever you go you’re sure to find almost all of these items of “different” category labeled verbally by the store attendant as Original, Replica and Overruns or ORO for short. Yes anywhere in the world its visible. Those people who consider themselves as an expert in identifying the differences of each have either possess one or spent a lot of research and detail-scrutinizing actual window shopping, seminars, webinars and other further informal studies spotting the real against the fake and rejects in the market. While to some its very obvious, there were others too that can pull the fool out of you big time. Head to toe, everything comes in ORO and it summarily serving its purpose in the heart of the buyer which is to bring the needed fulfillment or appreciation to certain fetishes or to some are considered as collections.

The look and style visibly made the wearer updated with the fads and where functionality counts to firmly put it into use. It can be made and distributed by the exclusive firm outfit or distributor or manufacturer legit and not. How does it affects the true economy is another question but we are not an economist to tackle that so we must discern the real effects it can create  towards the society as one. The real winner in this game are the retailers, wholesalers, on-line sellers and its buyers and the real difference? nothing ! Since it is  the feeling of being complete by possessing any of it, in a form of Original, Replica or Overruns that truly counts. Size 8 please!

Needles run the same whenever where craftsman lead it, either by hand or machine. – Paquito