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Defying Orders

What does it mean, and how it can be considered as one? Many times or most of the time some people never really take seriously some instructions or  orders of others. They have the right reason to do so and occasionally to some, they just ignore it. Then how it can be avoided, is it something we can just pass on or nothing to be worry about? That depends on the  … ehem.. uhhmmnnn,, who is on the other side of the communication end.

They can be a person in authority to discharge whatever institutional power vested upon them. A coach, adviser , you name it. The next thing is how somebody felt neglected, ignored or disregarded.

Everyone’s have their own time in either position of  neglect. Intentional or not. Acceptable or not acceptable. Whatever it is, once you neglect it they’ll considered it defies their order.

No one wanted it but everyone’s waiting of it. – Paquito


When decorating is hurting our Trees

A look into the earth will give two prominent colors visible in the naked eye and this are Blue for the vast oceans and Green for the land mass covered with trees in almost corner. The trees abundantly place anywhere and of millions of varieties. The creator had it arrange to fully serve its purpose to give shade and protect us from carbon dioxide harmful effects. Most of our homes were made from products made out from a tree. If we are to mention the good effects  it provide to us we will have a long list of it and our space is not enough to write those down. 

Trees of decades old are robustly sturdy and bloomed with green leaves arching our roadways like a row of an army holding shining sword in a fairy tale stories. Fruit bearing trees and even those considered as big plants makes our surrounding a better place to live in. We try to highlight it with decorations of all sorts including lightings to elaborate its beauty and existence but aren’t we hurting them or what? 

Trees are seldomly hit by lightning during thunderstorm and it left a huge damage if not knocked it down to end up in a sawmill. Charter days, long Christmas season and park propping up works in trees brighten up the parks, roads and gardens again haven’t we hurting it ? If only they could talk and expressed their senses to every human being who are making damages of all sorts to its trunks, branches and roots. 

The extreme weather conditions threats could’ve been suppressed with the help of trees. It can prevent land mass erosions and floods. And we all need to revert back the losses inflicted the last 50 years and if we’re to do it we must do it now. Trees are better be basking under the sun in its own glory free to dance in whistling winds and chirping birds. Provide shades and comfort in public parks and absorb air pollutants for the world convenience. 

Think reconsidering your idea of decorating the trees in your backyard or community and promote duty of care to every trees and the environment. #LoveYourTrees