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Originally Fake

The big question is, why do they keep on producing fake or replicated merchandises? From shoes to bags and even jewelries! Almost the entire household things can be equipped with it. Who’s to blame, the merchandiser or the buyer? I bet were all opposite with our answers, the best thing to do is to respect someones else’s choice or preferences then we got no problem to solve here.

There’s no such thing as Class A manufactured merchandise, it’s fake! Patronizing it is totally up to you. The question is why do people keep on buying it? There are some businessman putting huge money in that “fake market” ? Is it really profitable? does it  really give an ultimate model to earn easy money? Unscrupulous isn’t it? What’ do ya think folks?

One of the main reason there’s one brand keep on burning merchandise once get unsold is to protect its exclusivity in terms of owning one. You know, the pride that comes with it and the prestige of having one is an enormous showmanship of respect to the brand they’ve built years ago and that they’re totally banking on it. The rarity of their product.

Let us not judge people by what they have but by how they put respect towards others opinion. – Paquito


Paquito Quote for the Day 46

“Just Shut up and Dribble, “ these are the five word sentence that that made up a statement and reverberate throughout the basketball world of all races and generation who love the game.

Mixed reactions drew us to put up a brace front in how  we handle things and such criticism coming from a lady who have so much to learn and start appreciating the game that propelled notable products from energy drinks to household basic element with basketball superstars doing the other business in style which he obviously gained by being an icon in the field of sports.

And voila, a retired NBA player just won an Oscars that made even the platform even wider and bigger in jostling their opinion… that truly matters to everyone.

We cannot just claimed that we’ve been doing a certain style of criticism and getting without any reactions good or bad and we cannot guarantee how people would react of every generation to certain political issues especially if its laden with racism. A plague that have been hounding the society for the past decades ever since civilizations have come into play. Let our listening ears, our considerate heart assist our thinking and words to use if what we wanna have is to rebound from the bottom. And lastly, sports takes us beyond the lines…

Respect is all we need if we need to or we wanted to receive the same. – Paquito