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Paquito Answer for the Day 33

Are you ready for the Big One ? – Anonymous

Manila, Philippines – May 30, 2017

The numerous earthquakes here and around the globe have been so prominent that the feared Pacific Rim of fire have a record high significant magnitude and devastating effect within and surrounding the said rim of fire. Recently another not so strong earthquake were felt in the evening that it has created an undue commotion especially to those living in the high rise building where the intensity was at least 15% to 25% stronger given the building design and expected reaction it may have during the ground shake. The local and international agency have made known to the public their prediction of something most of the people should be well prepared for, which is “the Big One”. Damages of colossal scale and hundreds and thousands or millions of casualties are something people are fearing about.

Why, How and What…  to do things are the common questions they all think about. It is the survival they’re all have in mind. A lot of tips are shown in local televisions, social media are flooded with useful and irrelevant post pertaining to it. And one thing for sure is bound to happen, the dreaded Big One, are you ready for it?  Your comments please…

It is the smallest preparation that will make you ready for that big one. – Paquito


Five Star works for Garage or Carport

You’ve spent the most precious savings to buy  your dream car and nestled it in an ideal place we call carport or to others…garage. Security plays a vital part that you put in another layer of remote controlled enclosure to secure it from potential bad guys and untoward damage. Do you like an open or close type ancillary spaces for newest and most expensive addition inside your property? Better decide what is the best option you could make as to weather extremities or other factors that might be un-necessary to make.

  1. A combo-type garage with side storage areas for tool boxes and the like is the more common we all have due to practicality… it’s just differ with where it is located as it can be either at the back or side portion or the area.
  2. For a property with limited space but necessarily needs a closed type garage, try to convert that gate into an automated control panels to eliminate hassle of getting off the driver seat just to open it manually. There  are a lot available in automation shops and suppliers.
  3. Need an added space to accommodate the entry of a new Mini Cooper, collapse those storage spaces and transfer overhead with an easy access opening thru removable stairs. Just make sure that the “frameworks” are standard to hold a couple of heavy loads and eliminate the probability of falling everything to the roofs of your cars.
  4. Not all are gifted with large and spacious garage that can hold a least three at one time. One of my best suggestion to props up these is to paint the floor in three different hues to give you the most basic requirement of navigational tool during entry from the driveway as this will served as your guide to not to hit your other cars. And if you’re in a tight budget, try putting line markings and zebra lanes to give you an international standards with regards to parking.
  5. So much we can have as a suggestion but i have to  limit this five , the last option i can tell you is to light up your floors the way a an airport runway have… this time use those reflectors button so that it’ll give you the guide thru both visual and  braille sort feeling once your tire hit it.

Always consult a pro and you are sure of the direction you wanted to have, achieve that five star works in handy.

Safety is of paramount consideration when we are dealing with machines.-Paquito