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One Road to Success

Many have been there but failed to compensate with the great chance to do it. Can you blame them ? Why should we, in the first place we must ask ourselves what went wrong and given the chance to be in the same situation, what we gonna do?

This might be simple yet very complex in nature once the real deal is at hand.

Your thoughts?

The chance is now and never be tomorrow. – Paquito


Creating Traffic that Matters

People are interconnected or I must say well inter-connected through numerous social media accounts. Sharing updates, photos and even classified gossip inserted thru photographs they’ve posted day in day out. And that creates a great traffic, that matters to us who are in the wide world of social blogging services. What I can’t seem to understand are those people who are peeking out and sending unsolicited commentaries that’s somehow off and sometimes insulting to the host account. Can’t they just hit the like button and leave it like that, but we cannot blame them either for it is sometimes the host account that open up to the idea of picking up more comments than necessary. Imagine a thousand comments with the half that reads like “lol” …. but to them, it matters. As the game changer of this fads, you got to have a thousand of followers to get notice of by those curious newbies and add them to their fandom.

Take note that only 1-2% of your site or account visitors or onlookers might complete your forms or there is a .05% chance that they’ll follow your account if it excites them or if they find it suitable for their current needs say research or photo streaming needs. In as much as everybody wanted to have a million legitimate followers the reverse is what they’re doing to other accounts. Establishing firm connections and acquaintances should’ve been a lot easier than we think but its not… that is due to bots. They’re the fixers and expanders of undistinguished accounts leading to MLM sort of business that’ll sell you anything you don’t need about, they’re spammers.

Let’s clean the internet universe by starting on our own account. Kick those bots that’s been pestering your account while you’re sleeping. That way we can have a better place to work with, a great place to communicate and a best place to appreciate.

Examine ways to create a better appreciation value of your site or account and engage only those you knew that is authentic or verified account and obtain the footprint of a best practices in research and content lead of those legit great account.

Let us altogether create a traffic that matters to anyone, observe proper quorum. – Paquito

Ride Sharing Services Who does it better? And why the public riders have easily adapted to it without a haste… 

Does ride sharing services like Uber and Grab provides better transport experience to its passenger or rider as compared to the taxicabs that has been a niche in the country’s transportation system for a long time? Various reactions and answers and even suggestions has come up from those who are banking on these app based transport services of their daily lives.

From Yes it’s far better to I hope there is a fixed rate suggestions are the common answers we got during our one day survey conducted in some busy part of the metropolis like Ortigas, Makati, Mandaluyong and Araneta Center Cubao Quezon City. Though there are a couple of riders who’ve highlight fears in riding with those mischievous drivers they’ve had ride with.

The experience of riding a private vehicle driven by mostly of its registered owners are far better with those or of several taxi drivers when it comes to proper conduct, level of conversation and politeness once ushered inside the paid seat space. Cleanliness is very vital for one passenger who has an allergies with sweat-smelling carpets of some cabs and even with the pungent aroma of cigarettes that goes along the uniforms of those taxi drivers. Add the remote chance to have a professional connections once a passenger is driven by a registered physician, engineers, seaman, dentist, lawyer, police officer and even local government unit officials  who are all willing to do their share of easing out the traffic with their knowledge of inner roads and car passes to exclusive subdivisions that’ll make the trip more accurate and stress free for the riders as some of the notable advantages a ride sharing services have as compared to the generic and common taxi service.

The idea is to promote the betterment of the existing taxi fleet services roaming the country, whereas it is viable for the operators of multiple units to uplift the standards they’ve used to and compete fair and square with the app based ride sharing transport services. How to do it? I can help you with that and let’s make our road experience stress free.

Man will never cease to explore the convenience of technology for practical use. – Paquito


Paquito Montero Milestone Alert! 201st Article for the Year 2016

Whew! I can’t believe it, were now about to share the 201st story of the about to close year of 2016. A lot of unforgettable experiences are worth reminiscing. The blog world open up my eyes to appreciate things around me even if it was not the line of my interest. I really now understand how it works, on how to not to turn down things in front me and explore the unexpected God given talent upon me. Glory to God!

The next hundred stories and articles will cover so many great ideas and personalities of different interest. I hope excitement and forward looking feeling is all we got here as I am inviting you my dear readers to let your ideas, principles and experiences be read or heard throughout the four corners of the world as we are widely read globally.

To all of you who are very supportive and holistically following my blog site my heartfelt thanks and warmest greetings. Merry Christmas !

Figures are countless, thoughts create processes. – Paquito

Think about Yourself

Hey, you’ve been so busy thinking about the holidays! The gifts , parties and all other amazing things relative to Christmas. Accept it, you’re way too busy about them but not about you…. isn’t it.

For you to better express and strengthen your love and care for your loved ones you have to think of loving yourself…. first and foremost. There is this thing they called reciprocal phenomenon that simply tells us to do things first for ourselves to become better for the others! Sounds true, as how can we be better or best for them if we are a mediocre for ourselves … Think about it.. and feel it.

The word Priority never had an “A”, rarity resonates best when it’s being considered. – Paquito 

Your old books are new to others’

School opening is just around the corner and most of the parents are busy spending time and money in preparation of their child’s’ needs and wants. I say wants because there are still a lot who at their young age has big deal preferences in whichever tools they need in school. But wait a minute, we are all looking forward and feel great about it and its done! have we had think about the “previous” things our kids used during their lower years? have we ever wonder how it can be helpful again and indirectly share the burden of those people struggling to keep their children at school even in the tiniest way of book donation. Private schools are the number one consumer of new books every year at every grade and year level. it is very encouraging to set up a program that will cater to the basic needs of our dear parents as this noble idea will help them choose between new and used books excluding workbooks of course, just the textbook! Discipline and Economical Virtue will be highly develop inside the classroom by encouraging the students to utilize each references with extra care neat enough for next years use. Programs are abound and uniquely conducted in every school institutions and with the common goal of getting rid of destruction of our struggling forestry environment this is one of the best way to recycle a paper product for at least 2-3 years worth. During my younger years as a public school student i remember how we put extra care for every book issued to us that we were all amazed to see how neat looking and almost as new the books are before returning it to the class adviser. Private operated schools have grown out of huge proportions that resulted to more book distribution demand to every year level. These leave a simple problem of clutter in ones house once the school classes is over. Every parent have a hands on experience to this and must be thinking of a proper way to dispose it and earn a dime from it and add to their new books requirements come purchase time. Several fast-food chains have launched programs in book re-acquisitions and donate it to Catholic run school serving the poor and indigent marginalized sector of the society.

As an old saying goes, to judge a book by its cover is as pleasant as sharing the leanings and experiences from the book we came across with even if it is a small book of sorts, the humble interest to learn something new is best realized through ones kindness and teaching our child the lessons and virtues of sharing, consideration, understanding and compassion at a young age is one for the books.