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Paquito Answer for the Day 21

There seems to be no stopping to the world common challenges, migration, refugees, wars, disease, plague, drug substance abuse, political disagreement, earth resources abuse, man-initiated ocean garbage proliferation, man-initiated air pollution, city and rural chaotic congestion and a long list of challenges that man can no longer fit in to his daily routine to tackle with one by one.

The common denominator as you can see is quite obvious, it is us… the harrowing effects are seen after only a noticeable effect in our lives. Nobody have been complaining about drying waterways, dying trees and flowers and even smog not until the ill-effects were felt and become a horror being in our society. Every nation has established it’s own government to oversee the welfare, well-being and safety and security of its people, city, natural resources and its common ground with the adjacent country.

Politics, political parties and politicians  are so flamboyant that they play a major if not grandiose role to take the initial step towards the conservation of natural resources and peace. For  they are bonded with the by the laws and the specific constitutional commandments to think, act and decide what is good for the people and its country in a democratic setting of government.  When will the political bickering will come to an end and deliver the promises of good and better lives for the people as what they’ve shouted during their campaign rallies, neither whisper could be heard nor the memory of what they’ve uttered. Gone are the politicians and politics of great display of the beauty of a democratic country, Gone are the day’s of a great leaders with nothing in his heart but desired for a war to end, to feed the hungry, to preserve the environment, to cause no harm to a neighbor, to be ahead of his peers and to reach out for a peaceful strategy.

It’s not yet late to change, besides its the only permanent thing in this world. – Paquito


Blurred Lines and Fine Photographs , The Wedding Art Photographer – Iyo Gaudite

Hello fellas ! Due to insistent public demand, i’m releasing for the second time. For your great photo needs and professional magazine like results, pick your date for this coming 2017 and start your journey with the right photos….

“Photography is my alter ego where emotions are best expressed. When everything’s seems too dim & dull to the most wonderful feeling of happiness and being in love. Two drastic emotions trigger to inspire me with my works on how I’ve embrace photography and let it be publicly appreciated by all ages. Of love & hate to beauty & the beast is where art do exist, pouring my passionate soul to click for the best ” IYO Gauditewhen asked what makes him bring out the best in him.

There are two lines of success ahead of us, the one which we’ve been dreaming and aspiring of and the other we transverse as the situation permitted it. A young man from the city of smiles have found both are true with his current career path that brought him to be the best and one of the most demanded photographer from the south. Multiple bookings filled up his calendar till the end of the year, some were penciled for the months of January till May 2017. Dubbed as the Wedding Art Photographer, born on November 20, 1987 he finished his college at University of St. La Salle-Bacolod and started to work part time as lineman in one of his friends film outfit, climbed the ladder of success through odd jobs where photography were most involved. It was when he was employed as a lay-out artist that he found his calling to seriously consider a career in photography.

Iyo who’s father passed away when he was one, growing up stronger than normal simple life, he always get his inspiration from his loving mom Rebecca and sister Lidiya now based in Australia who are very supportive and take their time to give constructive critique look to his works thereby making it a truly marvel work of art. “It was during my college years that i started shooting with the use of digital camera having my batch mates as subject” and skillfully tried his best shot after shot, click after click and frame after frames.

With the advent of digital and multiple technological advancement being created for a remarkable results of photographs, it is still the innate techniques and skill that makes a blurred lines a portrait of success as  one of the cornerstone  he believe in is , “two people who are in love need not to fake poses or good angles as their Love for each other are the best momentous  highlight of their whole story.”

Still, Perfect practice makes your craft perfect as he is in a beast mode to reach the pinnacle of his passion to create the most vivid and wonderful photos of all his subjects and continue to be known as the small town boy of Kabankalan City who is now making big waves in the country’s world of photography. “How would you like to have your memories taken Mam,” he always ask to his client and a row of a ingeniously clicked photos were shown to his client putting a smile as a sign of approval without any words to say as Iyo were able to capture the moment crisps and smooth and as long as the people are showing love and keeps on falling in love Iyo’s photography will continue to be seen in any place where and when you are not expecting it.

For a memorable photographs you can reach him through his Facebook & Instagram account iyophotography ; @imetmylovebeforeiwasborn ; send an email thru iyogaudite@gmail.com and directly speak to him at +63918 535 9984 . You can make your wedding occasion a true work of art by collaborating with one of the best and youngest shooter who knows the story you wanna share to your dear partner and relatives with every click, pan and zoom of the man of the hour who is truly yours who goes by the name Iyo.

Light to dark hues of black , photographs is nothing without storied art of anything. – Paquito 



Paquito Answer for the Day 09

Burned out and losing stand on everything else that matters is one of the biggest challenge a busy man could face in his lifetime, do we need to feel this way in order to regain the enthusiasm like we used to be during the initial stages of the circumstances? 

Feeling exhausted is a sign of telling you to recoup yourself or to regain the lost strengths and drive that you possessed to a certain situation you have. Many people work or dive into extreme pressures without any second thought, putting too much on their will to win that they seems to forget that  they’re no superman or have the superpower to do it all in a single line time frames. Have we forgotten that there are seven days a week that we should spare time to pause, chill, relax or meditate of all the past pertaining to the current challenge were facing.

It is the cheapest and easiest thing a man can do to find himself again and rejuvenate in a matter of hours by doing things that pleases or make him fulfilled of himself. Find time to  hit the park, sports club or eat what your hearts desire in order to regain the lost strength and drive you wish you have to close out finally a lingering task at hand.

No amount of downfall can change a man unless he knew right from the start the amount of energy he has to exert equally. – Paquito

Why Don’t We Eliminate the Mosquitoes for Good, to get rid of Zika, Malaria, Dengue etc.

I won’t be sounding like a scientist or a health professional here but tackle the practical things we might be realistically doing to help no one but us. They come in millions, billions population and has the shortest life cycle to propagate and to bite humans sucking our bloods to feed their appetite for proteins and nutrients it needs to survive and continue spreading mosquito induced diseases such as dengue, malaria and zika viruses. Almost all of anti mosquito defenses were made and being invented but still an alarming figures of fatalities and epidemic of disturbing proportions. Dwelled and borne out of bodies of water, we are well aware of its possible sources and due diligence we must do our share to stop it, stagnant water visible unto flower pots, ponded floors, open canals, water features, rivers, mangroves, ponded rooftops, gutters, septic vaults and a long list they can call home. The idea is to vigilantly do our share home by home, place by place and city by city. Getting every square meters of places on check of possible breeding ground of the dreaded disease-transporter seriously. Do we need to hear a law before we act respectively? Do we need to see our lovely child suffer the ailments and pay a hefty hospital bill before we put our actions accordingly? Being proactive is the key factor, rather than reactionary instinctively.

Starting inside our homes, offices and other places of work going out to public places such as parks, open fields, transport stations, malls, places of worship, health facilities, sports facilities and other public congregation places should be regularly maintain to get rid of eggs and larvae. Did anybody asked what will happen if we can totally eliminated, pulverized and destroy the mosquitoes for good? Will there be an imbalance of the ecosystem once we do it? They just evolve through microorganism like the flies from an improperly disposed dead animal. The mosquitoes are such a tiny living things but of colossal ill effects toward humans.  Does an invention of any herb formulaic sprays or misting mixture help reverse their behavior of biting or sucking bloods instead of sipping nectars the way their male counterparts do? Just asking.

Start getting rid of it by checking out your places, make it a habit the way we take showers everyday. Discipline and dedication forms part of the daily deal as we are truly outnumbered and being outsmarted for a thousand years inflicting damages through a seasonal comeback time and time again, moving places and spaces. Tropical countries like ours are the most prone to these varied diseases caused by mosquitoes.  And it is in finding its sensitivities to light, odour and other repellent we must improve the research to finally put an end to dengue, malaria and zika strains for good.

Odd it may look but fatal if we mislook, it’s not only about a clean environment but of actions of precautions. – Paquito