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Let’s Soar Higher

That was a great ride with hump and bumps, am sure you’re all heading to a level up sort of stance come after the last remaining hours of the current year. While we are in deep prep come the first hour of the new year, let us not forget the reasons behind the failures and unsuccessful attempts we made to certainties. Let’s soar higher is all we can do to have a better year ahead of us.

I’d like to thank you all dear readers who’ve patiently took time reading or dropping my blog site and I hope to see you again soon, and it would be better if we cant interact .. am inviting you to use the comment box and share your thoughts or two for a good.

Cheers to all of us , Cheers to 2018 ! Happy New Year !

Behind every difficulty, there’s a lot of opportunity. – Paquito


Thank you 2016 , Welcome 2017 

Time made us stronger and better, with the ups and down together with the laughter and tears. We can’t and will never can …. beat time. We’ve used it the most we could but it hasn’t stop to wait for us or walk with us. Its is always the biggest and brightest shadows of whatever our hands or life are into.

As we bid goodbye to another year, another unforgettable experiences we don’t know if it’ll come across again in our time. Only time knows when, but never a man will. Thank you all the 15,611 important people who came to drop and read, you’re all fantastic!

Welcome back my friend, I knew it from the start that it is still you, …. you’ve just finished the full lap of track in tracing your path back to where you’ve started 365 days ago and now you’re on the threshold of it again, willing to start all over again and give another chance to those who are not or willing to do it once more. Another time of trying and experience it may bring. This time as we’ve always uttered to ourselves … I’ll do it better than last year. Ready to rise and fall to every circumstance our humble life might bring and be kind enough to accept the fate. And explore the new and it’s beginning for in every aim we miss a lot but learn from mistakes it took for us.

May tomorrow bring us new hope, stronger faith to accomplish things we love and hate. Believe in ourselves that we can do it, no matter what the odds are… that we are all born to win and humbled about it. Happy New Year Everyone !

Play it simple and you’ll live a hundred lives. – Paquito