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Faith is defined as



complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”this restores one’s faith in politicians”
trust, belief, confidence, conviction;
strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
religion, church, sect, denomination, (religious) persuasion, (religious) belief, ideology, creed, teaching, doctrine “she gave her life for her faith”

It’s definition used the exact words such as “complete trust” or “confidence” in someone or something just like engines or machines for transport system maybe or to a systematic processes any situation or organization has. This clearly defines how a person put his “complete trust” in any process, rules, objectives and direction he gotta take ahead of him. Keep the faith so the song goes and the faithful follows what their heart desires.

Do you got the right faith in an un-ascertained situation? – Paquito


Expecting always the Un-expected ! BEATING FAILURE 101

Most of us rely on our instincts and always expecting the next day as good as today even the other day. We can refer this to our cars, stove top, freezers, mobile phones, laptops and everything made or invented in this complicated world. These all man made conveniences are presupposed to help us manage literally in a faster and systematize processes the tasks ahead. And the unexpected happen for no reason at all and we felt upset about it, isn’t it? Let’s start breaking the patterns that brought up these things inside our places either home, office and you name it.

  • We chose and bought things out after a tedious and leg breaking stroll inside the places where these things are available and we, as i’ve said take it or buy it.
  • We hurriedly drive home thinking not to miss that tv program or news event of the day/night.
  • And we start using the item we just acquire and it becomes a cycle, a little clean here a little dusting rub there.
  • All of these kept on running until one day we realized it’s broken, hanged, stop working or short-circuited , Now it needs the repairman or needed to book a schedule of diagnostic-repair-return-use process.

These are the turn of events we don’t wanted to be in, especially when we needed it most! So how we gonna avoid the trap? It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to avoid and be abreast of it at the moment. Going back to the four transcripts of events, we forgot to accomplish the after sales document which is the Warranty document, we got to accomplish and submit it before leaving the store. We tend to be lousy when it comes to this and let us admit it. It won’t kill you i assure you but it’ll be a problem in the making once you forget it. Expecting the optimum performance of anything is like taking care a newborn baby, treat it with utmost care and you’ll reap smiles along the way.

We got to act professionally even inside our homes when it comes to our facilities and things that are important to us. Keeping a small record files of anything somehow keep you track the performance records and the like. Just a small book of house things with write ups as to date of purchase, store name, photo of the store and receipt, return clause period, service center address, hotline platform telephone number or web address. And in doing so, we are aware when to dispose and get replacement respectively. Now we’re pretty sure that taking proper care of everything important to our system will eliminate the probability of getting the unexpected expectedly.

Lousy approach produce lousy results, let us be always prepared to obtain prepared results. Paquito