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Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush!

The people’s lack of anticipation or preparation clearly creating the mess we never wanted. If only everything is within our control, from schedule to finance… all might end well as we wanted it to be, ideally. Sadly, it’s not and that is the rush is all about, it became a yearly cycle and it will always add colors to the season everyone is anticipating traditionally.

People are full of energy that it makes them complete, whenever facing adversity. – Paquito 



5 Killer Tactics to Avoid Traffic Jams

Traffic is now like an air we breath that becomes a general part of our daily life, and it is causing millions of losses in terms of generated incomes accumulated per single day. Nobody will do something about it, to tame traffic for you… but you. Don’t let this ruin your day especially on this holiday season. You can’t help but join the thousand revelers trooping large malls and supermarkets to enjoy your well earned bonus. Let me share to you these 5 simple killer tactics to avoid being trapped in a horrendous traffic in the middle of the night.

  1. Don’t bring car instead hire an app based car service, in this way you can reach your destination without the stress of slamming your breaks every now and then due to bumper to bumper situation of the road traffic.
  2. Plan your trip to malls, what is the least crowded days you’ve observed in the entire week. Make use of it by sneaking past the highway during odd hours like mid-day to early after lunch time and you’ll surprise to find out that you owned the road back and forth.
  3. Is there any cheap hostel available within the vicinity of your favorite mall? Try to book a night and stay using those promotions they’re dangling for their customers and you’ll find yourself free of traffic stress and well pampered with goodnight sleep in comfy bed for  a night, you cant even experience the traffic since you’ll be leaving the hotel at exactly 12 in the daylight where people are mostly inside restaurants freeing highways of numerous cars.
  4. They say that the shortest distance is always drawn in a straight line. True ! Go to the nearest mall in your vicinity and you’ll end up appreciating the time solidly spent for your needs within the day. I bet the item you’re looking for is obviously available in that mall given the current boom in supplies we have right now due to  holiday high demand.
  5. This one sounds funny but , try not to leave your house and go shopping on-line instead for  a traffic-free delivery of your choices. Use the power of internet shopping and you’re bound to appreciate your home like you have never done before.

See , we knew the numerous solutions to our perennial traffic problem and it is just a situation created by people who choose not to be a part of it but ended up being a part of it in the end due to circumstances they probably unaware of.

People are a master of creating beautiful circumstances but also of ugly situation. – Paquito

Traffic, Clogged-Streets and EDSA short and long term solutions right in our nose

Morning rush hour they call it, noontime standstill some complains about and the after office home-bound rush drives these all made up the daily lives of the people the rich and the poor unless the rich opted for an aerial transport and landed safely in a high-rise buildings helipads. There seems to be some sort of immediate resolve that can be done with the perennial self-inflicted problems the society is experiencing, i say self-inflicted because it all needs a determined individual to start the rebuilding of a free-flowing roads, disciplined pedestrians and road guide enforcers and the correct imposition of make-up cost to those who made an un-intentional infraction. Lets break down and fragmentalize  the real solutions to our problems.

It’s D’ D’ and more D’s – Discipline of the entire community starting from the children above 4 years of age up to the vibrant 70’s seniors who are once in a while go out and do their chores or errands. Once someone go out of his home portal we should wear the badge of a ‘disciplined individual” without any exception to our status in life. In this manner the community will be filled with overflowing disciplined population respecting every common law and order and exceptionally move with grace and wisdom on the proper quorum or dealings above one self. How do we motivate people to be like this? is it through strong calls of harsh penalties and punishment? or somebody are suggesting to reward them an incentives but that is too remote to be done and put in the mainstream outside world. Another “D” stands for Determination, this character has to be running in all genes as this is free as in no single centavos to pay for to be as determined as you can be. It is in the exaggerated desire a man can reach the half of his wants and being determined means sacrifice in some aspect of desirability to do to follow and to unknowingly put into daily grind. We must include Direction to this matter to realistically make or strikingly smooth our pedestrian and vehicular segment of our environment friendly road. Getting out of our homes with a clear list to do and planned activities to follow get the people to be more productive in a sense that clutter thinking were eliminated. It is too important if you were driving a vehicle to achieve this as your  focal point to road is a must once you seat behind the wheel to avoid minor or major accident.

Defined Political Will – as the looming change in type of government hangs in the air, there is an urgent need to establish a well-defined local and national traffic by-laws with specific implementing rules and regulation in unison to all cities and adjacent municipalities to take control of the smooth utilization of major and minor roads in Metro and Greater Manila spanning as far as province of Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite and also the simultaneous implementation of the same traffic law relative to commerce controlled zone. An updated audit to existing fleet of long-bed delivery trucks and its end users common daily point of pick up and drop off points to map-out the sequencing dispatch time of every business model with a delivery of goods being as part of their backbone of business. We can’t find and feel the success of a certain traffic solution overnight, it needs tremendous patience from every user of road and public pathways from the immersion period up to mainstreaming the adjustment to be made and make the people’s lives easier and comfortable as compared to the current situation.

Descriptive de-sizing of existing franchises of public utility service providers will definitely de-clogged the 30-year-old roads as locally manufactured including the assembly type vehicles which we can considered unsafe of unfit for public use due to the absence of quality standard checks as required under the Lemon law. One great example of vehicle to road ratio is Cuba. It is quite obvious that it has the highest maintained old-fashioned type of cars which are still in good running condition as they have left no choice but to take extra care of their current load of cars due to embargo. Now that the long-standing political conflict have been ironed out we expect an influx of brand new vehicles to flood the Cuban streets but also we have to expect the phasing out or extraction of their old models vehicles to hit the yard to give way to a new and powerful one well within the environmental and mechanical standards set forth by the US Transportation Services. This has a great disparity in terms of culture when it comes to owning a car here in our country as compared to others since it’s the innate sentimental value character everybody have in his genes that also prolong the service of an old, reboot or resurrected vehicles to stay on the road thus making the vehicle-to-road ratio before we embark to a more expensive road widening option to support the program aiming to provide better use of road.

Deliberately revisit the existing ingress and egress of complex buildings accessible through major spine of the metropolis roads as these has a high impact in terms of increasing or decreasing the vehicular flow in specified time such as rush hours, commercial sales, events and others. Growing numbers of commercial buildings generally sitting right in front of these major highway are also the best option to temporarily unclogged a portion of it to prevent standstill while maintaining a running road. The idea is to make it a run even at a minimal speed of 15-kph to 25-kph day in day out. Another reason of slow-running traffic is the unfamiliarity to places connecting roads. This should’ve been avoided if everybody will plan their trip at its minute details to eliminate confusion and a lead to a minor or major incident waiting to happen within a tick of time. Our lives are easier with the advent of applications including navigational aspect to use roads, find places and learn or educate yourself what to expect in terms of road current traffic direction if it is two or one way giving us the best available option to reach a certain place. Replace all those small font written way directional signage’s, by maintaining a single standard applicable to the entire country. Make it user-friendly in terms of mounting height, place of positioning and illumination during night-time.

And then there was the truth as to how and why we are experiencing this horrendous traffic nightmare. What we need to do is to put our actions unto it, start it now not tomorrow nor yesterday but now. Enough of politicizing the issue as this will just prolong the agony and continuously battered our fellow countrymen who are losing precious time of their single lives and suffering from the problems it recreates. It requires us to do our part to achieve it even if it will be a sacrificial sort of thing to us we need to do it as we have all been aspiring to live a normal and comfortable life and be productive through the proper and ideal utilization of the most sought after traffic-free road outside our home.

Traffic will always challenge us to be at our most disciplined frame of mind character as it lies to every one of us the success of any system we will be using or chose to apply that we firmly believe will lessen the burden within. Systematize, Technologically controlled traffic lights, localize participation of road worthiness usages implementors,  user-friendly covered people pathways, safe and affordable public parking community to prevent street parking, stronger implementation of traffic violation citation tickets both for non-contact and on-road apprehension, elimination of all accident-courting temporary removable barrier to re-utilize the needed space it occupies, clean and clear way directional signage’s, round the clock road patrolling of the major roads to extend urgent help to minor and major road traffic accident, real-time or just-in-time traffic re-establishment of control to instill passable intersections and lastly implementation of strict adherence to RFID when passing a toll station to avoid the extra minutes spent just for a loose change.

These are just several suggestions available but still i believe that all of these will put to waste should we neglect to put Dedication to do it wholeheartedly.