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Adventure, Adventure and More of It – My 18 TDL

I wanna ask you something that am sure you got a thousand answer or just simply none at all since you won’t be interested depending on what age bracket you belong to. This has something to do with your desire to explore, learn, experience and more importantly to establish a chain of personal or professional attachment to those who’ve been enjoying those and happy about with it.

Given the chance, What adventure will you consider the very moment in time if your were ask to? Where you wanna go and see right before your eyes that kind of unbelievable experience? With whom you wanted to share it with, do you prefer alone or in group? When you gonna do it, is there a right time or prompt schedule to do it? and a lot more questions that got into your mind once you hear the word “adventure” ?

Life according to many is an adventure already. Have you had one? The very situation you are right now while  reading this piece of humble blog article can be considered an adventure! Wait, pause for a while and take a deep breath… are you happy with the adventure you’re having right now? no… then you can take a 180 degree turn and have some that’ll make you happier than you’ll ever know!

Let those fierce mind do the exploration and decide which adventure you gonna take that’ll give you a great story line worth recounting for. You have the best navigation tool upon you that no technology have taken over yet and that is your “decision” the beauty of experiences that line up across your horizon are a sure feat of surprises and happiness no one could’ve ever gotten into… everybody has their own ideas that’ll make them happier than what they have right now.

Look out, get out and have one, two, three or more… It’s up to you on how you gonna wanted to start it, but one thing I tell you… have an adventure, adventure and more of it. Not yesterday or tomorrow but TODAY…. think about it.

Våra förfäder har uppfunnit kompassen för spådom och äventyrsinstinkten ledde dem till sjöfarten och allas in i den. – Paquito

Our forefathers invented the compass for divination but the adventure instinct led them to utilized it to maritime navigation and everyone’s into it, aren’t you wondering how exciting it was for them once they’re back ? – Paquito


Travel – My 18 TDL

Wow,… can’t believe were keeping the steam and streaming the waves of promises. Everyone’s into this, going somewhere is a sure thing on your bucket list for 2018. Read on and dont’ forget to send in your suggestions as am looking for a place, a new one that I’ve never been to….. Study shows that most of the current generation of today are spending much of heir salary to travel, exploration, guided tours and what they brand as bucket list of places. Retirement according to millennials are a thing of the past. Rather than see themselves sitting on the porch and holding a broadsheet every morning as they reach the retirement age they thought that enjoyment found in leisure trips are far more practical and relatively more acceptable to them given their age and thirst for great things the world could offer.

As the world becomes closely reachable because of the social media it opened a new high for tourism and everyone’s taking advantage of it, airline bookings have reach its highs even with gimmicks of offering seat sale at a dime price just to accommodate the influx of passengers. Worlds famous places and even those never been reach before have been turn into attraction as people wanna experience exotic cliffs and caves to fulfill their desire to take selfies and groupies and post it to their social media handles.

Take it from them, join the bandwagon of travelers .. it’s not too late to experience something new, booked that cruise trip, luncheon trip and even moon above dinner date to add spice to your life and pile up that photo-grids, insta-stories and others. Get out of your lonely four corners of workplace. Use those VL’s as trip experience satisfaction is far better than paid up leave. Agree?

Chart your calendar, check those festival schedule of the coming month or weeks and explore a new world which has been there for a very long time yet left unlock by your senses. Travel the life of your happiness !

Natives saw fear into the sea but navigators see happiness unto it. – Paquito

The Power of Recharging and Everybody needs it

One last recharge and am off to a good start. How do you recharge, do you hibernate or go somewhere else? Or do you do something special to call it that way. 

As for me a good rest in a comfy bed and controlled temperature with an interesting view do the deal and keep me as young and conditioned for the next recharging time. A soak in a tub filled with warm water washed away the anxiety and troubled mind. To some traveling outside the country to visit a relative or see new things revitalizes them in a flash. Eating your comfort foods with trusted friends in an al fresco restaurant energizes and polarized things for you. 

The ideal way to recharge is to do it in a smart way where practicality is one of the option by being away while still inside the city. Isolation or hibernation to some is one of the best way to recharge away from the pressures and stress of work, family and friends as it is only you and Gods providencial spirit. Staying expressive of your goals and realistic to it needs a space that lets you relax and comfortable while doing your shares to promote environment of care. 

Sleeping without thinking of the next days activities is effective and proven by many buy travelers who get enough sleep whenever they’re resting with, on a plane, bus and even in an Uber Car. Once in a while we deserve to seek quantum solace and be the best we can be come sunrise time. 

At Holiday Inn Galleria they offer the best space for you and your several needs inside deafening sealed closed doors of every hotel rooms available. The elegantly designed hotel floor hallways leads you to an extra special home zone at an affordable prize. Strategically connected to the Robinsons Galleria Mall you have a wide variety of proper continuation of your normal life once you’re done with your recharging phase. 

Truly its proven that music soothes the soul while a great hotel service and space fully recharge the inner being in you. 

A Vacation that Simply Enjoyable and X’citing to you and Family

Many of us am sure are on a rush or in a panic not to buy school things for the kids but to booked a price down sale of rooms in any part of tourist destination in the country. This phenomenon always happen once these tourist spots are not yet able to reach their target sales for the summer months. Bright and favorable ideas comes up to filled their places. Even for those offering small rooms at single or sharing accommodation are up for sale. It’s truly amazing how learnings are taught from these situation given the parameters of challenging pressure to beat the last few days of summer.

Currently am staying in one of the simplest yet presentably clean and serving good food here in the downtown south to contemplate and re-immerse myself to the true results of the planned life aspirations ahead the next six months. Solitary stay somehow gave me the chance to be at my best productive state. Social media posts are full of huling hirit sa tag-init where people were able to bond and catch-up with their loved ones.

Seasons always creates the people’s mood to be productive, happy and extraordinary to whatever things they have in mind purposely. We are in for another wet season and it’s time to prep-up again the kids and the olds not to get sick and not able to enjoy the rainy season. Little did we know that the same tourist spots are offering the same blast of ideas and events but this time in a more subtle and formal way. Have you tried to spend wet season in the beaches? Mountains and even hot spring resorts? These same spots are more enjoyable and an apt place to sip coffee while writing those big ideas you have for your business and also the best place to re-establish family plans and expectations to the young ones as this is the best and easy time to tell them to focus with their studies and so on. As for those seeking their very first child, wet season makes our hormones warmer and livelier and haven’t you notice that women are also best viewed in their tops and pants even in jackets sporting their long and short hairs to compliment their lovely faces.

Tis the season to be jolly refers to all the season we have not only for when abundance is with us but must be all throughout the year. It’s the bondage and warmth of every member of the family that count most. How would you like to drink your hot chocolate after a window with the view and sound of a rain and the windy air kissing your face. Have a nice and enjoyable wet season ahead folks!