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Paquito Answer for the Day 37

From a regional menace to a global “threat”… this was how the current North Korea’s series of ICBM test or inter-continental ballistic test were being described by some observers from the around the globe. How are the world leaders are responding as compared before is an issue we should be well aware of., as the North Korea’s so called experts claimed that they’ve “successfully tested a Hydrogen Bomb” which was ten fold stronger than the Atomic bomb dropped by the US during WWII that wiped out more than 200,000 peoples lives in an instant.

Will the world superpowers allows this to happen? or Will they turn their aim to the North Korean peninsula to put plug to fast growing menace or a more diplomatic approach be extended with utmost patience for the sake of peace and humanity.

“Many times man have tried and failed leaving nothing but scars of regret.” – Paquito 


Paquito Quote for the Day 22

A change in command everybody commonly known as transition. Even before the civilized world a lot of change in command have transpired… some as ugly as you could’ve imagine, cities destroyed, millions killed and some were treated with the label as DMW or dead man walking. And a lot also transpired in a fairy tale like stories just like in those thick children’s book. The world has been fair to man, it was the man who’ve not been fair to world.

They’ve said that there is the starkest evidence of how the world is seen should we used the  wealthiest net worth versus the total number of population ratio and proportion comparison. With a 1% to 50% ratio, one thing popped up my mind. These one percent holder of the 50% of the populations wealth will continue to widened unless we start looking.. to learn how’ did they do it. A country like the America is already in that phase and pace, by electing for the first time in the US history an incoming leader… who is a billionaire. All are forward looking and all are very much willing to learn.

An experienced man need not to tell you what to do, just watch him do it and learn fruitfully. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 15

Why do people find it difficult to accept results ?… in a sports game, medical laboratory clinical and diagnostics, academic exam and especially an election results !…. the primitive notions and nomadic way of understanding always caught us whenever the results seem not aligned with our predetermined expectations.

Acceptance without any  resistance is the next highest act of a man, anybody could give to any predicament after respect. The chance to explore new things and the chance to build new aspirations as a nation through the framework of a new beginning somehow holds a future new hope… that instead of resistance why not throw the needed support of the ideals and prospects being laid and reach new heights of progression as one nation.

Acceptance eliminates resistance if given even a tiny chance. – Paquito