Originally Fake

The big question is, why do they keep on producing fake or replicated merchandises? From shoes to bags and even jewelries! Almost the entire household things can be equipped with it. Who’s to blame, the merchandiser or the buyer? I bet were all opposite with our answers, the best thing to do is to respect someones else’s choice or preferences then we got no problem to solve here.

There’s no such thing as Class A manufactured merchandise, it’s fake! Patronizing it is totally up to you. The question is why do people keep on buying it? There are some businessman putting huge money in that “fake market” ? Is it really profitable? does it  really give an ultimate model to earn easy money? Unscrupulous isn’t it? What’ do ya think folks?

One of the main reason there’s one brand keep on burning merchandise once get unsold is to protect its exclusivity in terms of owning one. You know, the pride that comes with it and the prestige of having one is an enormous showmanship of respect to the brand they’ve built years ago and that they’re totally banking on it. The rarity of their product.

Let us not judge people by what they have but by how they put respect towards others opinion. – Paquito


Assuming Up?

We tend to assume things or events out of our controlled emotions that in the end become the same reason of dissatisfaction or frustration. Being suspicious with the obvious thing always result to the  two sides of the coin. Agree?

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How do you gonna face it is what really important after being selective with the information you’ve just heard from the other side of the road. Do you like it when you were in a moment of exact semblance of an Oscar-Kilo result along the line and get dropped in a haste?

Think about it. Never assume based on your emotion but facts. – Paquito

Project Controls

There are no secrets anymore. The years of exclusivity of management control studies have been unlocked by the youngsters, newbies and aggressive professionals who’ve seen the beauty of managing a project. Training centers, special schools and even old school universities and colleges have joined the bandwagon of accommodating the pressing demand for professionals to get schooled about project controls. The question is, will it last? will there be bubble burst once an almost equal  supply catch up with the demand? How will the pioneers can stay in the competition where software operations are dominating the project management landscape? The exclusivity badge has been threatened, aggressively. Who are the aggressor, what are the advantages, why they’re obliged to double time the catch up pace to stay in hunt and be given a niche in the industry?

These are just the beginning of what used to be a dormant scenery in the field of project management. Join me as we slice up the tree of knowledge concerning project controls.

To be continued…

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Paquito Answer for the Day 46

It’s the ultimate tool you need, unbeatable when it comes to speed, super light and thin that float in air.. o’ c’mon that’s only to keep you ahead of the pack! most of advertising’s feed us when you open to browse the net to see what’s new and hot. Did it pull the same initial impression on you? Most of the people I’ve asked said yes but it’s the opposite here. We’re not saying its no good or relatively-less thing but for a fact that the impression were based on the needs and wants difference.

Our appreciation will always depends on certain circumstances where no ones alike. It’s an asymmetrical world when it comes to it… needs is totally different from what one wanted. The term prioritization enters the picture of essential use.

It’s a frenzy world out there and only your desired emotion will push you to see things clearly.  – Paquito